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  1. GiN_nTonic

    What am I even supposed to say?

    What do you mean? I thought it was very informative and its clear why this new line will want to be played. Who doesn't want a salsa dance in their pants?...i mean ship.
  2. GiN_nTonic

    Matchmaking to stop win or loss streaks?

    The players with win rates in that upper threshold will also have high division % with other like players. If you can control the skill and coordination with 3 solid division mates that is huge - especially when you factor in complimenting ships.
  3. GiN_nTonic

    Matchmaking to stop win or loss streaks?

    I don't understand your point. It probably takes the system less then 1 sec to sort based upon the MM algorithm.
  4. GiN_nTonic

    Matchmaking to stop win or loss streaks?

    I don't think "rigged" is the right word. I think "designed" might be more appropriate. The only disingenuous thing is when WG staff don't know themselves and swear something isn't the case. WG should be straight up with it...and I really don't understand why this seems like an issue. Over in WOWP i win nearly 80% of the time - some whole days not losing at all - and it gets boring as (self-edit).
  5. GiN_nTonic

    DD vs Sub

    Just curious what the best way for a DD to destroy a Sub? I'm only back playing for ranked - so I don't have a ton of anti-sub experience but I understand depth charges are a primary method - but when subs are so fast and you can't catch them it almost makes BBs better sub chasers with their planes. Seems completely backwards to me.
  6. GiN_nTonic

    This is just too much WG! Ridiculous!

    Well, I see population of servers going down right now at a far clip. Also, when WG ignored players in WoWP that game died very suddenly with a bad update (1.5)....so it could happen here.
  7. GiN_nTonic

    Matchmaking to stop win or loss streaks?

    We don't know for sure. However, if i'm missing peanut butter cookies from the jar and my son says he didn't take them - but has peanut butter all over his hands - i have to assume he did unless there is a logical alternative explanation. I've had this conversation in the past with WG staff and this is when they go back to ask Devs but then never respond affirmatively either way. They learn themselves whats fact but they don't want to confirm or deny afterwards. Personally, I don't really care too much. I think the better you are the more you should be challenged. Makes sense. If you want to win beyond 55-60% then you need to division up with good players.
  8. GiN_nTonic

    Matchmaking to stop win or loss streaks?

    Respectfully, then your telling us the patent Wargaming has on Matchmaking isn't what is used in the game? The patent on file makes it clear Wargaming does control match setup based upon the factors you mentioned above. Patent 8425330B1 Some things to consider from the Patent: and (added: sorry, i just noticed someone else posted about the patent). Maybe they aren't using this system for MM - but its what they have on file.
  9. GiN_nTonic

    This is just too much WG! Ridiculous!

    WG deserves this if they find it acceptable to put such a product out there. I personally like it when this happens as I hope WG starts feeling pain in their pocket books which is the only reason they'd fix it.
  10. GiN_nTonic

    Anger management

    [not really]
  11. GiN_nTonic

    Too many planes

    I've seen those players in RTS that dominated too - but they seemed to be far and few in-between. Also, even the best RTS players still had to contend with opposing fighters, losing airplanes to AA, and there was typically a land/relaunch break between squadrons. The continuance parade of planes in todays game is over the top in my opinion....and still makes CV impact on the game much worse.
  12. GiN_nTonic

    Too many planes

    When I started playing WoWS I came over from a clan of 100 and we had about 60 of those folks play this game. Now, I think only 2 of those players are still here...and those that left were mainly frustrated over the CV rework. Its the only relatable data metric I have - but do know the server populations aren't very healthy. Subs and homing torps would have probably made them quit as well - so i can't lay it 100% at CV rework. Maybe WG is getting new players that replace the old....i would argue its not happening at the same rate as them losing players, so its a net loss.
  13. GiN_nTonic

    Too many planes

    If you're trying to match real life with this game - i don't think anyone argues carriers took over naval warfare from a historical standpoint....but that doesn't make for a good game unless WG wants to merge WoWP into this game and we can all start playing a hybrid game (like [edited]). That said, I feel AA in real life actually worked better than it does in this game - and losing planes meant something.
  14. GiN_nTonic

    Too many planes

    I mean we can play that game with all the ships in this game (game).
  15. GiN_nTonic

    Too many planes

    Do yourself a favor and find a new game - WG isn't going to change until they start to panic when their spreadsheets starts indicating there is a massive problem. By then, it will be too late for the game (like WoWP) anyways.