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  1. At the end of the day the entire WG gaming eco-system is about certain ships (tanks/planes) being designed to counter another type. In WoWS the kryptonite for a CV should be a cruiser or another CV at the least....but WG has disabled the aspect of counter-play the game was designed for since AA has basically been made next to useless. The CV play as we have today feels like the CV basically gets to tee-off on everyone else until the end of the game. Heck, if you played mostly CV's the kill/death ratio would be insane. WG has introduced a game mechanic that is inherently broken to their doctrine of how the game should work.
  2. Yeah, but you'd have to admit the RTS had far more counter-play options. I mean the RTS version had to aggressively conserve planes and could make a couple mistakes that left them crippled far easier than the current version. I'd also say the RTS version pitted CV against CV far better - and again AA was a major issue to contend with. The current CV play was dumbed down a lot, and in doing so WG also had to nerf AA to allow the genre to be easier to play. RTS wasn't ideal either, but it was far less annoying in my (and others) opinion. The current meta is just straight up frustrating.
  3. I don't think the game is doing as well as you think - though I agree its not tanking in population. I played regularly with about 20 or so players who all quit the game as I did over the CV rework. Did WG pick up 20 to replace those players due to the CV rework??...that i don't know. By any rational measurement based upon just how disliked the CV rework was - as voiced continually by contributors like Jingles and others - its hard to imagine this was a good thing for WG. However, I am not in the know for whatever stats they're looking at.
  4. I'm not sure what WG uses for its success metric, but objectively this chart shows this game isn't growing and is actually sliding downward in population #s. Interestingly, the game was picking up steam before the CV rework and now is slipping (albeit slowly) to retain and get new players.
  5. Its the "with impunity" part which makes it frustrating. The fact the only counter-play WG gives players against CV's is being (1) a Cruiser, and (2) AA-build does nothing to actually counter that ship type is what is frustrating. There is a good reason why this game is losing popularity and i'm just highlighting what is often expressed by the top players in the community. I'm not alone in condemning the CV rework. In fact, its probably the most "main-stream" complaint against this game by its core players.
  6. Don't worry, I just came back briefly for a little jab is all. I'll be leaving soon again I promise.
  7. Personally, i don't even classify it as an "OP" thing. There are lots of OP ships that can be dealt with. Its the fact you're doing battle with something that you simply can't strike back at, or have sufficient counter-play to which is frustrating. I liken it to World of Tanks and arty, except that imagine if arty could go spot on its own by use of drones or some absurd mechanic. CV's are the most poorly thought-through addition to this game. The old CVs, devastating as they could be in the hands of a good player, at least had proper counter-play between AA spec and fighter defense.
  8. No, its not the Russian Bias - its the "first part of the video" dealing with CVs.
  9. I've been wondering if WoWS was worth looking at again - i used to love this game. However, the first part of Jingles new vid out gave a quick end to that idea. (1) World of Warships - Significantly More Russian - YouTube Edit: To clarify its the CV aspect to the video.
  10. GiN_nTonic

    There is something funny going on.

    I think what makes it "more" probable is the fact we have a far better chance of being a potato than we do Unicom. Good players fight the odds to get more Unicom-ish, but to be a potato comes naturally.
  11. GiN_nTonic

    There is something funny going on.

    I don't know if its all in my head or not, but I find you have to listen to the streak god in this game. When I know i'm in a positive streak I need to jump into as many games as I can until it ends. In a negative streak you need to quit the game and come back later. Playing on when you "feel" the god is angry is a good way to tank. ...but i readily accept i could be nuts.
  12. GiN_nTonic

    Ok, I can take a hint, WG

    Being there is MM protection for tier 4 - yes, I am saying that. You're tier 6 can meet tier 8's regularly.
  13. GiN_nTonic

    Hatred of CVs and why it is silly

    My biggest complaint about CVs is the near perma-spot ability and that there is no counter-play. Those two factors alone make the current CV meta toxic. I easily play 80% less WoWS than I did before the CV rework. I know right now WG has a COVID-19 stay at home spike, but the CV rework is going to hurt them in the long run. Add this to what's coming with Subs and i'm not sure what life as a DD will even look like. They just continue to add elements in the game that are in conflict with previous meta builds and its becoming completely disjointed.
  14. GiN_nTonic

    Ok, I can take a hint, WG

    ....are you saying seal clubbing in low tier OP ships is easier to win games in? That's not a new concept.
  15. GiN_nTonic

    Bad Idea WG

    Not sure...that's actually a tough call.