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  1. GiN_nTonic

    Bad Idea WG

    Not sure...that's actually a tough call.
  2. GiN_nTonic

    Dear WG, what is this?

    Its Russian programming at its finest. They make better hackers.
  3. Having a patent that indicates they want to muck around with matchmaking results is strong evidence that even if this algorithm isn't being used exactly, something is being used. I highly doubt the people at WG who answer that question are truly in the "know" - nor do I think WG's main corp could be trusted with giving a straight answer regardless. All other things being equal Ceteris paribus, the assumption should be something is under the hood of the MM.
  4. There is no guesswork needed in the matter of MM - as WG filed its patient on their matchmaker system. You can read it all here: https://patents.google.com/patent/US8425330B1/en There are a lot of interesting things to note, but MM is indeed controlled and manipulated for certain results so players aren't "frustrated". Here is a key section: That is, if extremely experienced players are paired with complete novices, the experienced players may quickly become bored, while the novice players may quickly become frustrated, causing each of them to stop playing the game altogether. Thus, the matchmaking server(s) 106 determine how to assign players to an instance of a virtual world so that every player is challenged, without getting frustrated. Specific algorithms and techniques used for matchmaking are described in more detail below. There is a lot of data on MM in that patient that makes it obvious things are very much "controlled" by WG....but i think it makes sense to do that. Perhaps they could always improve their MM but leaving it totally to chance might be worse.
  5. GiN_nTonic

    Mmmmm Smolensk.

    The Russian navy sucked during this time-frame, so WG wanted to honor a reality that didn't exist. I mean with WoT they had an argument for great tanks, but in WoWS its just a wet (as in ocean) dream.
  6. GiN_nTonic

    Please, can we limit 3 CV matches at T.IV?

    Wargaming has to be one of the worst gaming companies when it comes to listening to players. Until their spreadsheets tell them they're losing players (aka $) they won't change a thing. I've invested so much $ and time into this game ...so I keep playing it. However, I promise I'd stay as far away from any WG product in the future I can. #SALTY
  7. GiN_nTonic

    What are European DDs Like?

    I just tried the tier 5 ship and i wouldn't play another game in it. Ill admit i was bottom tier, but landing those torps are just so unsatisfying considering how difficult it can be to position in this ship. I mean if the enemy isn't running towards you, and you're in a CV game....good luck. I never thought there would be a ship where i am jealous of the DPM of low tier Japanese destroyer guns. Upper tiers in this line start to look far more decent. As a side note, adding the Prem/Free Xp ships the way they did seems ultra discombobulated for captain training. The ships are virtually nothing like the main line.
  8. GiN_nTonic

    Mac Version

    Thank you. I'm actually trying to go through Steam's install for WoWS on Mac. I have it downloading right now, but it got me to thinking why others aren't doing this. Does anyone know if this works or not??...i guess i'll find out, but I hope this does work. Just to report back: Thru Steam its the same thing for me....not good, heck not really even playable. Perhaps a non-laptop Mac is whats needed.
  9. GiN_nTonic

    Mac Version

    I appreciate the guidance, and I dowloaded and installed - but i've tried it and for me it was horrid. The only question i am left with is how to uninstall to get those massive files off my system.
  10. I tried this, and its awful - i mean wow. How do i delete?
  11. Can I ask how you guys are even installing WoWS on the Mac? I get this message.
  12. GiN_nTonic

    Mac Version

    I am without my normal PC for a week or so, and I went to install WoWS on my MacBook (new 16" version top line GPU) and the installer says "World of Warships" needs to be updated - wee below for image of error message. Does anyone know what this is about? I have the most recent Mac OS...does this mean WoWS doesn't work with the most recent Mac OS? That seems odd and I hope i'm missing something. Thanks!
  13. GiN_nTonic

    AA Attrition vs CV Plane Attrition

    Here is Flambass making nearly the exact opposite point:
  14. GiN_nTonic

    AA Attrition vs CV Plane Attrition

    Thats not a bad idea.
  15. GiN_nTonic

    AA Attrition vs CV Plane Attrition

    By that logic, every ship has a set number shells they can fire per game if you take their fire rate and run that against the 20 min. game time - yet its commonly viewed we have "unlimited" ammo in WoWS.