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  1. I would just like to see a Tier 8 scenario return, and implement a Tier 9 scenario!!!!! BUT, to the original post, how about RADAR on TEXAS or something like that for some of the Premiums to grind to???
  2. JP2008

    Research Bureau Seasons

    If you're referring to the calendar above, that's not very useful since that particular calendar doesn't even contain all the Anchor's Aweigh dates.....and nothing as far back as I can see that says anything about Resource Bureau seasons.... If you're NOT referring to the calendar above, please define ☝️, because nothing above describes when or how the Seasons are announced.....unless I am missing a link in one of the articles/posts above. Thanks.
  3. JP2008

    Research Bureau Seasons

    OK, so how are seasons announced? Is there a calendar of sorts?