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    Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant

    I just got this in a Santa container last night. I have to say I'm finding this ship way more capable then it's being given credit for here. Maybe it just fits my play style but it's an awesome spotter and ambush attacker. Low detection 6.0 when fleshed out properly, the torps hit like bricks and and what destroyers get damage from their actual guns. All smart destroyer players set fires and run. (Yes Khab, I know I know...) 9 games today, no losses, no deaths lots of carriers today even. Not claiming g to carry many games, I have 1 with 75k damage but spotting, capping, ambushes galore. First time with individual torps and I love them. Sneak in and find 3 ships in range. Launch 2 at each and run away and hope at least 1 ship doesn't turn. Although I will say the guns do seem to ha e a harder time starting fires then the numbers would suggest. Maybe it's the angle and I'm not hitting as often as say my Leningrad .