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    So if you torp a friendly at 9K is it really your fault?

    Black yesterday, Yugamo today at 11 k, Our bb behind an island hitting their broadsides, I torp into a group of 4 enemy ships. Force 2 cruisers to turn broadside to the BB, and he pulls out and takes the torp at 11 k.
  2. At what point do people need to take responsibility for their own actions. Pay attention to the map people.
  3. LaughingLupine


    Nothing in your post was anything I don't know. Your wrong on every account. The 4 flags was some sort of award to something from warships. it took me like 12 minutes to open containers, and there was a total of about 26 items. Rediculous waste of time. I'm not asking the devs to eliminate the graphics. There are probably a few people who enjoy this task, I'm not one of them. I'm asking for a checkbox to bypass them. I Select Flags everytime, as I'm an avid ranked player. Typically used to save those between ranked seasons. You wont catch me flying those in random. What I'm asking for in the second post is to not have to select that for every box and also default to flags if I don't collect them at the end of the day. I have limited time to play WOW and would like to maximize my float time. Also you clearly are not exNavy, as you would have recognized that I was trying to be humorous, and not rude at the end.
  4. LaughingLupine


    Let me add a default selection on your prefered box type would be nice too.
  5. LaughingLupine


    When this first came out eons ago it was really pretty cool. However, the novelty has long ago worn off and I now just find them kind of irritating. It's not getting the free stuff, who doesn't love free stuff? I have the slow ridiculously time-consuming act of collecting them. Please give us an option to skip the graphics. Yes, I know if I let them build up to 3 you can open them all at once, yes but then you don't know what came from what type of box. To make things worse I just opened 3 boxes that had 4 flags in each box.
  6. LaughingLupine

    Reset of cruiser line

    If I reset my cruisers now do I lose my Moskva?
  7. LaughingLupine

    Help - Crazy Plane Behavior

    All the time, every game, sometimes multiple times, nothing quite like making a bonsi run into heavy level 10 aa, and having your planes decide to spend extra time there.
  8. LaughingLupine

    Tashkent — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    This is my second trip through the Line and I have to say UGH! What have they done to my poor DD line. this line used to be a blast, not it sucks most of the way through. Only a couple ships were fun and good for their leveel. Tashent was one of my favorite ships to play the first time, now it's crap. BAD crap. the rudder is slow as hell and gets knocked out way too easy. The guns used to hit like bricks and now your outgunned buy 2/3 the dd's in the game. Even at range where you can no longer turn fast enough to dodge anything. And before someone says you need to change your captain or mods I've tried everything from no concealment to max, full gunboat to protect the rudder, and maximum health...doesn't mater you gert hit heal hit again your doing circles for 10 min. I got my rudder knocked out 3 times in a row by 3 hits from a Kagero today. [edited]...outgunned by a Kagero.
  9. LaughingLupine

    Which Path to Take at the IJN DD Split

    The Main line is the way to go end game, Harugamo is very challenging, I'd actually say the Kit is better then the Harugamo. The Shimi still shines in ranked and Random, can't go wrong with the main line.
  10. LaughingLupine

    Khabarovsk — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    I agree the current Khab is good in ranked, but ranked with the limited number of enemies gives you far more flexibility to chose your battles on your terms. In Random this ship is crap. The rudder nerf means it can't dodge anything and it's always spotted. The AP no longer does crap for damage, and Cruisers just laugh when you come after them, they nerfed the fire starting capability. I find the Groz to be far more effective in todays Meta.
  11. I just asked them to Delete all my DD's and find a way to reimburse me for the 100's of hours I invested in 18 DD's. So fed up I might be done. Radar on every ship sucks. Planes that travel at light speed suck, Planes plus Radar is not playable in a DD. I'm about done for good. I left once before, I'm damn close to quiting again.
  12. LaughingLupine

    Radar is Overpowered

    Also my Moskva can radar 1/2 of most of the maps...it's ridiculous.
  13. LaughingLupine

    Radar is Overpowered

    The problem is not simply radar, it's that every ship has radar. And the planes, I have 18 DD's 4 are level 10, I've played this game for over 2 years, between the planes and the radar I'm ready to quit. I play every class, and DD's are unfairly targeted in the current game, the planes can cover way to much area way to fast and spot dds way too easy. It's ruined the DD's for me and they are my favorite class. I have a Midway and Shokaru any I can tell you it's way too easy for me to find DD's. DD visibility from Air should be halved. Also radar should be damaged by HE. They are mounted at the top of the ship, easy to damage.
  14. LaughingLupine

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Gallant

    I just got this in a Santa container last night. I have to say I'm finding this ship way more capable then it's being given credit for here. Maybe it just fits my play style but it's an awesome spotter and ambush attacker. Low detection 6.0 when fleshed out properly, the torps hit like bricks and and what destroyers get damage from their actual guns. All smart destroyer players set fires and run. (Yes Khab, I know I know...) 9 games today, no losses, no deaths lots of carriers today even. Not claiming g to carry many games, I have 1 with 75k damage but spotting, capping, ambushes galore. First time with individual torps and I love them. Sneak in and find 3 ships in range. Launch 2 at each and run away and hope at least 1 ship doesn't turn. Although I will say the guns do seem to ha e a harder time starting fires then the numbers would suggest. Maybe it's the angle and I'm not hitting as often as say my Leningrad .