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  1. Disabling Arpeggio Iona voice

    Because for some reason, they think that all people who play Games have a "hard-on" for Japanese culture and find Japanese Characters, Cute / Sexy / Funny / Adorable / Endearing (delete as applicable). As a middle aged man, I give zero ****'s about high pitched whinny fantasy girls, driving military machines and shouting a in foreign language....But hey that's just me... If you are into it, good for you. I just wish, WG gave us all options to turn off or on and not have to run mods / rename files to trick the system into giving it to me "Vanilla".
  2. Warspite now

    I think she's a Beast.....The only time she suffers, is when you push out with escorts, and the escorts go down quick and you have a "Fight to the death" or "Run away Bravely like Sir Robin". A Sierra Mike Signal flag helps, as it pushes her towards 25kts. I tried a Concealment Expert build and Secondary (which does work!) - But I seem to get more success from 4pt Fire Prevention Build, which means I ignore HE Spammers, etc, and get more mileage out of the Heals (3pt Boost for Superintendent gives me 5 heals a battle using the Heal II). Things she lacks.... Speed, Gun Range, and probably AA (The spotter plane is poor, with a like 2min 30 cooldown)...Turrets isn't a issue, I run secondary battery as her turrets are good enough, especially if you use your rudder to assist and plan ahead. The adrenaline rush is good. I've played 56 battles Averages are going up..The key for me is to optimise every salvo...Go for the target you are most likely to damage even if you hold off firing. I am more of a disciplined shooter, i think that came from IS-3 in WOT, with the 13s reload, you've got to make your hits count, or you leave yourself open for 13s. Better to take that 0.5s extra and aim at the weakspot than just fire. Warspite Battles 56 WR 46.43% 48,560 DMG 955Xp kills 1.2 I've had great games every 3rd or 4th game with her! Some my defeats have been epic I love the damn thing, if they buff her even slightly I'll be over joyed, I just have some natural affinity with this - Like my IS-3 in WoT - It just clicked, in a way it never did in others.