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  1. TuxPenguin56


    I agree. Seems so unrealistic to have ships have klingon stealth drives.
  2. Nothing like casually nerfing a great mechanic for punishing bad play feelsbad
  3. wow, i cant believe such toxicity exists here on the WoWS forums
  4. TuxPenguin56

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Stealth radar is perhaps the only significantly broken aspect of radar since it is so difficult to play around. Outside of those certain ships that have the capability (exempting YY radar since I think its fine), radar is fairly easy to play around and predict. Of course everyone gets screwed by radar every once and a while, but that's just part of playing the game.
  5. TuxPenguin56

    Time has come to help clean up the game

    Trash talk has been and always will be a part of online gaming, grow up and act like an adult instead of trying to go on some justice crusade.
  6. TuxPenguin56

    How Will WG Compensate for CW Split Rating SNAFU?

    imagine the dream if bravo rating wasn't locked behind an oil paywall :(