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  1. WalkerSteele

    NA Server Crash Compensation

    Well Done World of Warships, Thanks!
  2. WalkerSteele

    Who have you seen in game

    saw some players in random was not unusual.
  3. having no CV in the Ranked that ends today should be an interesting diagnostic for WoW. If, as I suspect, having heard many player comments about it, that participation was significantly higher, then WoW, can find a way to implement CV and anti-CV aspects that, while you can never satisfy the vain whims of all keyboard commando's , will serve to increase player base and consequently the bottom line revenue which should be there primary goal.
  4. WalkerSteele

    War Movies

    Have to comment on "Tuskegee Airmen" 1995; this movie is divisive racist propaganda from front to back, I was deeply offended as a former naval aviator and long time amateur historian. My recently departed good friend Capt. Tom Hudner is more to the point of how pilots think and act in general. Never heard of him? spend 5 minutes on a search and find out. Do groups take time to resolve their natural insecurities and suspicions regarding "others"? Of course, and horrible crap like this does not help at all. You younger folks need to realize that movies like "Tuskegee Airmen" are attempts to create division, guilt, and lack of respect for the men who fought and won against the original axis of evil.
  5. WalkerSteele

    War Movies

    Nice thread, Thanks! How about "The Best Years of Our Lives"? Dana Andrews, Fredric March, and Homer Russell in Best Actor Oscar winning performance. A great depiction of the difficulties caused by the war (WWII) but ultimately a positive view of the incredible opportunities available in the USA for those who stay positive and are willing to adapt. BTW - if you enjoyed the "In Harms Way" making of, clip the USS St. Paul has an extensive dedicated and comprehensive exhibit aboard USS Massachusetts museum ship in Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA Just a bit surprised no jarhead cited "Sands of Iwo Jima"
  6. WalkerSteele

    Great Event at Battleship Cove

    Radar-X, I was happy to pay, and even more thrilled to find out it was comped and get the refund. The guys I spoke with were not unhappy with WoW regarding the tickets just happy to find out they could get refunded the admission. However it happened it only speaks well for WoW in my opinion. Was told the cards were $100 value, but surely you know better than I.
  7. Thank-you, World of Warships for a great time at Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts. Admission was Free (save $25.00) if you pre-registered with WoW, though apparently even WoW was not aware of this. Overhearing the clerk advise a new visitor of the complimentary free admission, while perusing the geedunk in the gift shop after I paid, I asked if their was a discount in conjunction with the WoW event, and she happily refunded me after showing my pre-registration. I was very pleasantly surprised, but have to say that I told several fellow attendees about this throughout the day, of the 6-7 , all but 1 were unaware, having paid the full admission. I am certainly not complaining, just a missed opportunity to enhance the event's positive karma and probably attendance as well. Battleship Cove is fascinating and well worth two full days if you are a museum hound. The February date meant we had no crowds and superb opportunity to linger over interesting items though you needed to have dressed warmly, unless staying in the mess area with the PC's and the snack bar. Warm weather is more comfortable but I preferred the unencumbered access. In addition, WoW was freely offering $100 discount cards for new players, or new accounts, this included some free lower tier ships, doubloons, etc. I will be handing out a couple to hope to bring more players. Special thanks to event volunteer Joshua for his good and thoughtful gaming advice. Thanks again Wow for a great time!
  8. WalkerSteele

    Your very first Premium was?

    Interesting, I never felt the need to buy a ship, but the Atlanta looks interesting to play.
  9. WalkerSteele

    Why is Bogue 1.5kts slower than it actually was?

    So I can torp it more easily, come on, fella.