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  1. Captain_Eremiyah

    Help required (again)

    nope. even if I open wows directly it still does this.
  2. Captain_Eremiyah

    Help required (again)

    sooooo sometimes my WOWS decides to "oh hey, lets be annoying and close the game client while the match loads!" I'm expecting to be mass reported for being afk. like usual. but I'm trying to figure out what causes this so I can prevent it, but it happens at random times so I can't really do much about it without knowing. The game simply decides to close without any error message. I don't have any mods installed atm either
  3. Stuff like Battle of Midway, Battle of Philippine Sea, Layette gulf, Coral sea, etc. I'm also curious about what tiers they would be if they were to be added. lol
  4. Captain_Eremiyah

    regarding the second wave captain pack

    Hey, then azur lane can add Montana, hakuryu, minotaur, Grober kurfurst, one of the russian BBs, etc.
  5. Captain_Eremiyah

    regarding the second wave captain pack

    Or when the third wave bundle appears and they finally add warspite, nagato, north carolina, bismarck, zeppy, Tirpitz, etc.
  6. When will the Second wave captains be sold without the signals, doubloons, camo, and credits? I want to complete my collection but I don't want any of those extras.
  7. Captain_Eremiyah

    When will the Enterprise return? etc etc etc

    I read about something about the camo being removed in some notes with a doubloon refund so you can rebuy it Not sure if it was limited to the public test or it applies to the actual update. That's why I was wondering about the camo
  8. When will the Enterprise return? Will it return during the CV rework, or later on? Will the Azur lane camo remain available for re-purchase even if I buy the Enterprise later on? How long do I have to repurchase the Enterprise Azur lane camo?
  9. I don't have the Enterprise (yet) due to funding, but I got the Azur lane camo for it so when I do get it, I can equip it and it doesn't become unavailable before I manage to get the Enterprise. in the patch notes, it mentions "Special permanent camouflage for Enterprise (Azur Lane Enterprise) will be removed from accounts. Its full cost in doubloons will be credited to player's account. If you wish, you can buy it again for the same amount of Doubloons." Will you be able to buy it back even if you don't have it? Or will I have to purchase the Enterprise and hope the camo isn't removed due to a contract expiring or something before I have the funds for it? Though I'm expecting it that I have to buy the enterprise before I can buy the camo back-_-
  10. Captain_Eremiyah

    Question on the CV rework

    nah since the Worcester is lightly armored, I try to stick by Battleships soooo it be nice if I could still slap planes out of the air before they get to launch torps/bombs on said battleships, unless you are refering to the CV. As long as that CV is on the enemy team, if it keeps planes off allies fine.
  11. Captain_Eremiyah

    Question on the CV rework

    For those who tried, how good is the Worcester AA with an AA spec captain in matches in the public test? Will the Worcester still rekt planes as they do now, or will a few planes be guaranteed to get past its aa screen and torp you anyway?
  12. Captain_Eremiyah

    Why is the password/email wrong?!? CV TST server)

    Yup. it says TST on server.
  13. Sooo I recieved an email saying I was accepted into the CV test. I typed the email and password in and it says "incorrect email address or password" I typed the exact email and password on my email. Any ideas? Earlier it only said the server was down.
  14. Captain_Eremiyah

    Regarding the CV test

    okay wat I entered the correct email/password and I'm now getting an incorrect email/password error
  15. Captain_Eremiyah

    Regarding the CV test

    Didn't they say 15:00 UTC? it's about 20:00 UTC now