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  1. zhu41141358

    Who have you seen in game

    I bet you guys never seen me. I'm just like a hiding Vietcong in the forest.
  2. zhu41141358

    CV mains: What do you like from playing CV?

    I like to play CV is mostly because I like planes more than guns, especially the story about Enterprise is what the most I like out of ww2 history. *But I do play IJN the most since I'm typically a showa player.
  3. Yeah apparently those things are going to be giving out free if you participate
  4. Yeah there's no more 3CV in each side of game anymore, is back to maximum of 2CV per match.
  5. zhu41141358

    Waifu PC Cases

    I actually do like it, but I rather do it myself.
  6. zhu41141358

    You know what this game needs?

    I will say have a small town and such allow players to walk around and social to each other like RPG games does.