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  1. madmax75th

    Game Pausing in Port

    This issue is STILL GOING ON! If only WG actually wanted to fix this I am SURE they could! They obviously just don't give a damn!! This started after the damn 8,0 CV update, as if CV's were not painful enough by themselves. Wish there was a fix!
  2. madmax75th

    Kleber the Batchat?

    Is this all the hard info re this very good question or do we just not have that many Kleber Capts thus far? I would really like to hear some actual user opinions for this interesting ship besides the CC U-tubers.
  3. madmax75th

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Thank you for this 1st step. I also agree with others that something needs to be done to save the DD players (which I am one) from being Perma-Spotted and rendered pretty useless. I saw only 1 DD playing in several Tier 10 matches last night. Personally I think reducing 1 CV per side, per match would go a long ways to help this. DDs need something to help deter constant spotting by CVs, perhaps greater AA percentage to ward off the planes or perhaps reduce Arial spot range of DDs. Just a suggestion. Thank you Max
  4. madmax75th

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    You are the reason we have so much controversy in the game. Sadly, you have NO objectivity within yourself. The fact that you think the EXPLOITS by iChase and others seems fine to you, speaks volumes. The Devs never intended the CV to be able to abuse the "F" key in that manner. If you need exploits and far OP ships to play, perhaps you need more practice. The game should never come down to 1 OP ship winning a match but rather many equitable ships being dependent upon player skill or teamwork to win a match. Sorry you feel the need to have an overpowered ship to enjoy playing. So you do not like the new hotfix..."OH WELL?"
  5. madmax75th

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Wanted to delete this part of post but just saw edit option.