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  1. WWII44

    CV's suck so bad now

    Yet another a salty Battleship Sailor who can't deal with the Rise of Naval Airpower.
  2. WWII44

    Suggested CV changes

    I found rocket planes to be awkward and difficult to use in most situations and rarely use them unless I have used all my other aircraft(the exception being with British Carriers as they seem to have more effective rocket planes). A well aimed Dive Bomber or Level Bomber attack will make short work of a Destroyer or one can simply spot the Destroyer and have the team take care of it for you.
  3. At the very least we need the Battleship Potemkin, which play a part in the 1905 revolts.
  4. Revised list with the removal of teir 4
  5. I actually did a post proposing possible Teir II Battleships.
  6. This is my thought on what would make a good lineup for the submarine branch of the tech trees. Japan: Tier VI: Kaidai-class Tier VIII: Otsu-class Teir X: Senkou-class USA: Tier VI: Sargo-class Teir VIII: Gato-class Teir X: Tench-class (GUPPY II conversion) USSR: Teir VI: S-class Teir VIII: K-class Teir X: Whiskey-class Germany: Tier VI: Type VIIC Tier VIII: Type IXC Tier X: Type XXI UK: Tier VI: V-class Tier VIII: T-class Teir X: Amphion-class (Post War Streamlining) France: Teir VI: Minerve-class Tier VIII: Redoutable-class Teir X: Aréthuse-class Italy: Teir VI: Fluto-class Tier VIII: Marconi-class Tier X: E. Torricelli-class
  7. WWII44

    Co-op battles ending abruptly

    I didn't know tat reducing enemies points to zero was a victory condition, I honestly thought it was some kind of bug in Co-Op.
  8. Has any one been playing a coop battle and suddenly have your team win despite not having met any of the Victory conditions(Like destroying all ships, capturing the enemies base, or reaching 1000 victory points)?
  9. WWII44

    Kaga build

    Personally I use the Flight Control Modification.
  10. WWII44

    Kriegsmarine CV

    I'd like to see the Germans have their own carrier line too.
  11. WWII44

    CV's suck so bad now

    They really need to bring back Teirs 5,7, and 9 back but only god knows if they'll do that.
  12. WWII44


    There is a bit of stigma connected to the Special Attack Forces(of which In addition to Kamikaze Planes also included suicide subs, speed boats, and divers) of the Empire of Japan so I highly doubt that would be added.
  13. WWII44

    CV's suck so bad now

    I think big issue is that the Match Maker dumps Carriers in matches with ships two teirs higher than the carrier.
  14. I was trying to remove the name plate from the Gorizia but when I tried to open the bumpmap in GIMP I got the following error. Opening 'C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA\res_unpack\content\gameplay\italy\ship\cruiser\textures\ISC019_Gorizia_1935_Hull_n - Copy - Copy.dds' failed: DDS image plug-In could not open image I also tried opening it in paint.net and got this error Application version: paint.net 4.2.1 System.FormatException: File is not a supported DDS format at PaintDotNet.Data.Dds.DdsFile.Load(Stream input) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Data\Dds\DdsFile.cs:line 479 at PaintDotNet.Data.Dds.DdsFileType.OnLoad(Stream input) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Data\Dds\DdsFileType.cs:line 229 at PaintDotNet.FileType.Load(Stream input) in D:\src\pdn\src\Data\FileType.cs:line 482 at PaintDotNet.Functional.Func.Eval[T1,TRet](Func`2 f, T1 arg1) in D:\src\pdn\src\Base\Functional\Func.cs:line 158 So how would I go about opening the file?
  15. I was attempting to swap out the D4Y3 on the Shokaku with the D4Y2 having followed the tutorial to the letter, on deck it works just fine but when they take off they turn invisible. Does any one have any ideas on what could be the problem? My guess is that it has to do with the model animations but as I lack the expertise to properly trouble shoot. [EDIT] I figured it out it was the actions and animations for the bomb bay I had messed them up while replacing JAD703_D4Y2 with JAD707_D4Y3.