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  1. I know this is old, but the "imagine having ammo counters for ships" logic just baffles me. Sexy Lexy had an average air wing of 110 aircraft, give or take. Missouri had, on the low side, 100 rounds per 16" gun barrel (900 rounds in total for those of us slow on math) Like somebody said, at least let the repair party actually "fix" AA mounts. I think that would be a perfect "counter", it isn't OP against planes but it still allows ships to have some sort of decent defense. PS: I'm sorry to the OP who said this, you deserve a medal sir.
  2. I'm gonna go straight to the point. Carriers have unlimited planes. You could say "oh but they regenerate in the hangar"; have you ever seen a carrier having a full factory on the hangar? Let's be honest, CVs are annoying a good amount of players, as to which much are taking hiatus to see if something improved. TL;DR: Give CVs a fixed amount of planes so they don't just suicide them because "they can make more" They can keep the same mechanics but they'll actually have to "think" about which target to attack and avoid. Sincerely: An old player who reached his limit about CVs "reworks"
  3. Lagadema

    Is MM fair?

    I stopped playing for about a year, just getting back on the reigns last couple of months. Ignoring the changes to skills and all that, was there a change to MM? I'd risk to say 80% of the battles are completely one sided. One team wipes the floor with the other. Don't know if there's a correlation with the skill rework but it has become incredible frustrating to be paired with a team that just gets steamrolled by the other, and at the same time, it's kinda boring to just roflstomp the enemy team. Before I left MM felt more balanced; yes, some battles were complete steamrollers but I'd say it was about 20% of the battles instead of 80%. Maybe it's just me venting my frustration during the last month, I'm just an average player but this, really, makes me want to take another break to see if there are modification on the MM to try and match "skills statistics" balanced between the teams. Anyway; cheers & have a good one.