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  1. Tried Public Test NA and get to main screen with warning to choose region before going into the game, but only option is a rectangular box with PUBLIC TEST and if clicked it loops back to the same screen???????
  2. Wh1tey55

    Unable to sign in to NA Public Test

    I tried the Public test NA on July 21, 2021 and loading screen says select region but only button available is a rectangular one with public test and if you click on it it loops back to this same loading screen????
  3. Wh1tey55

    This game is junk now

    Use to love this game but lately they have totally screwed it up, changing to Pay $$$ or you wont get anything for a long time. got to level 11 on shipbuilding the Hizen and now they have taken away combat missions and if you want your ship pay $$$$$. just [edited], In coop the AI are so accurate and when 1 hits you they all hit you, in random it looks like aim bots are now in the game when you can be hit every time by certain players.
  4. Since the last few updates, in Co-Op the bots are 100% accurate in shooting or firing torpedoes. Bots automatically all turn and fire if 1 ship hits you. Realism is being replaced with arcade style gaming. Getting to the point it is not fun to play anymore. you survive longer in Random. Bring back the World of Warships that has authentic ships and ships don not dissapear at 5km oncce your guns are turned on them.
  5. Wh1tey55

    0.9.10 PTS Bug Reports

    On the last 2 weekends I have experienced ships that suddenly go to ghost and you cant see till they kill you
  6. My test server says its out of date, HOW do you update it