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  1. US 6” secondaries?

    Idk is 3rpm really that big of a difference when you can pack more bursting charge in a 6” shell? You have a larger area covered per shot that way.
  2. US 6” secondaries?

    Now I’m sad. A CA with 9 8” guns and like 12 6” guns would have been pretty cool
  3. US 6” secondaries?

    Specifically during WWII. i know most of not all BBS and CAs used 3” and 5” DP gun’s but did any ‘modern’ designs utilize 6” secondaries? like a Baltimore with Cleveland primaries for a secondary battery for example.
  4. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    US is eyeing a hypersonic missile design
  5. USS Wisconsin

    Wrong section?
  6. A serious question for all.

    Were they firing at the belt or firing at the super structure and hit the belt? id like you to cite your source with your answer as well
  7. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    China no longer invited to RIMPAC https://news.usni.org/2018/05/23/china-disinvited-participating-2018-rimpac-exercise
  8. A serious question for all.

    Could a 6” gun damage the super structure? If so then they had the means to resist
  9. A serious question for all.

    Professional means you get paid regularly to do something. The difference between a pro athlete and an amateur? One gets paid one doesn’t.
  10. A serious question for all.

    I don’t think you understand what the word professional means
  11. A serious question for all.

    So let’s see here youd take a destroyer with non-reservist, and an armed merchantman with reservists... lets see here neither had the armor to realistically survive, but the destroyer would have to opportunity to run and escape. one literally has the capability to escape and more use in the fleet and youd sacrifice that one vs the one that is literally an expendable ship type...
  12. A serious question for all.

    Reservists are professionals...they signed up just the same.
  13. A serious question for all.

    So you’re proud of yourself for doing what was necessary to ensure you’re own survival. youd still surrender to an enemy without a shot fired during a time of war.
  14. A serious question for all.

    Per wiki anyway https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armed_merchantman
  15. A serious question for all.

    Ok so you’re a total coward got it. chances are the crew would have turned on you and continued to run until fired upon or turned in to fight