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  1. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    do you know if it's only 1 SAM per launcher?
  2. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    that is interesting, but it's consistent with taiwan's history with SAMs to be fair. so the weapons are 100% defensive then, but i'd still call an LPD like this with this level of armament a helicopter cruiser. especially since it seems they have room to put ASMs or more of those slanted SAM launchers up there.
  3. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    large caliber gun system? what appears to be ASMs? ladies and gentlemen i think we have a helicopter cruiser :P
  4. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    reports of russian navy harrassing US fishing vessels in the US' EEZ https://www.nbcnews.com/now/video/u-s-fishermen-report-russian-navy-aggression-off-the-coast-of-alaska-110056005602
  5. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    iranian spy ship attacked. culprits and method still not known for sure. https://navalpost.com/iranian-intelligence-ship-saviz-was-attacked-in-the-red-sea/?fbclid=IwAR1U2jUkmBm1Lx-0yN8QD1Dpyx591jV9ckWYwPWoBzg3OAl9rLjrHfBKVaY
  6. JohnPJones

    corvette vs missile boat

    yep, the roussen i think are the sort of vessels that kind of blur the line between missile boat and corvette lol fairly large, dedicated AAW system, DP gun, and ASMs. regardless of that though, i do like them. they'd be a good option for replacing the cyclones if the USN ever decided to actually replace them.
  7. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    i'm replying at about 1am central time, and this is 3 hours old, but i saw hours and hours ago that she had been freed.
  8. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    also a story from 2019 that wasn't immediately released. on 4 separate nights 3 DDGs were shadowed by up to 6 drones for at least 30 minutes, and as far as we can tell via FOIA requests no one knows crapabout who operated them or where they came from. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1611065292284356/permalink/4016863201704541/?comment_id=4018564061534455&notif_id=1616584407196838&ref=notif&notif_t=group_comment_follow
  9. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    200k ton container ship lost power and steering in the suez canal and is now stuck, apparently aground blocking the entire canal at the south end. https://mobile.twitter.com/jsrailton/status/1374438210315513864?s=21&fbclid=IwAR3uQDQyBSj823ouMKK54kAKL1b6IBlKumLqUXsJ_b90zS3RFEDBhWyBM9M
  10. JohnPJones

    Naval Legends: Bespokoyny.

    the last definition here mostly fits if we swap person for ship. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/legend?s=t
  11. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    sounds more grimdark 40k than star wars.
  12. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    anyone heard any news about sea shepard operating against chinese fleets around the galapagos?
  13. JohnPJones

    quick reference radar topic

    That is so much more helpful to us dummies lol.
  14. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Greek vehicle carrier rocked by at least one explosion believe to be from a limpet mine at this time. https://m.facebook.com/groups/154207918529335/permalink/780162059267248/ edit isreali owned my bad
  15. JohnPJones

    how do you make a modern ship out of a WWII DD?

    lacking the SM loadout i suggested. they do have some issues with that still.