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  1. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    Ya, it’ll be great for us if no shipping companies or owners wants their ships any where near the US, or it’s bases or that of their allies...
  2. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    Ya the Marshall Islands ant stop us, but then we’re not really any different than Russia or China bullying people just because we can and it’s beneficial to us
  3. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    We already discussed that, and the US has a significant lack of ships under our flag. factoring in losses not nearly enough.
  4. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    Give the yards a bunch of rust buckets to get up and running again sounds like a good start 😝 get them doing that then get them started on new hulls
  5. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    I don’t see the US stepping on toes to get ships. At least not early on. if China were on the other side then ya we could probably get a lot of prizes for sure. too bad prize money is no longer a thing
  6. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    We managed to have a large merchant fleet and MSC from WWII all the way up to the end of the Cold War, so ya we actually can... 1960-1995 we had over 500 ships...now we have less than 200...per my previous link
  7. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    You understand that most of the world’s merchants aren’t owned or flagged in the US or Europe right? most or owned and or flagged out tiny islands with low safety requirements....it seems like you came into a topic with little of any knowledge of the subject and are now just trying desperately to find something to cling to. sure assuming no enemy subs or ships are hunting merchants and MSC ships then the US and European merchant vessel and MSC in combination with airlift could do it, but that’s unlikely so...
  8. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2019/01/16/facing-a-sealift-capacity-collapse-the-navy-hones-in-on-a-strategy-for-new-auxiliary-ships/ https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2018/11/12/us-army-warns-of-crippling-sealift-shortfalls-during-wartime/
  9. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    That is a major issue. A lack of ships is just as big of an issue as a lack of manpower. not to mention basic training for civilian sailors wouldn’t require much training...
  10. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    ...wow...you really haven’t actually looked at the issue have you? just because we have bases in Europe and allies in Europe doesn’t mean we don’t need sealift capability to Europe.
  11. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    Which is almost non-existent and I believe already included in the current assessment of US sealift failures since there’s an executive order that already give the president that authority. not a very big fleet for sealift in the event of a major war https://www.bts.gov/content/number-and-size-us-flag-merchant-fleet-and-its-share-world-fleet
  12. JohnPJones

    Solution for US sealift failures?

    A major airlift is very small compared to a small sealift... you cant transport that level of equipment, food, ammo, or troops at all via airlift.
  13. How much work would be necessary just to get mothballed ships running and interiors opened up to be converted to improvised transports? obviously they’re not going to carry massive numbers or amounts of anything but I don’t see many other options for quickly increasing sealift capability. Say if WWIII popped off next week not a real they should do this thread just a topic to get some discussion going.
  14. The Omaha and her class existed...if I’m not mistaken an Omaha engaged in one of the last naval artillery duels...
  15. JohnPJones

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    I’m not completely against some conversion to the merchant fleet, mostly just prestage the points where plug-n-play systems can be mounted like phalanx/SEARAM and mk38 as a basic self protection measure that might justify a slightly smaller number of escorts for a convoy if 3-4 ships have their own air defense and small boat defense