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  1. upgrade the USCG capabilities?

    You mean Vietnam...and no the mothball fleet is unusable. It’s too far gone at this point. Oh look a cutter using its 5” gun to provide naval gunfire support in Vietnam https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Barataria_(AVP-33)
  2. upgrade the USCG capabilities?

    That second paragraph seems to be the point many are missing.
  3. upgrade the USCG capabilities?

    What are you calling hyper weaponizing the USCG? as was mentioned in the article the USCG (or their predecessors) participated in combat operations of every major war for over 100 years. This is nothing new. The NSC is already way over armed for the peace time duties of the USCG, but is underarmed for actual combat which they may see if the US gets into a naval shooting war. under design it says the NSC can do defense operations and military/naval missions assigned by the USN. As it stands now, what such missions can they accomplish? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend-class_cutter while I’m by no means old, I can look at history and understand it, but it seems that the primary push back against preparing the USCG for real warfare is simply ‘that’s not the mission they’ve done for the last 20 years!’ Which isn’t really a very good argument at all
  4. upgrade the USCG capabilities?

    Let’s go with them shiny new NSMs instead
  5. upgrade the USCG capabilities?

    During peacetime operations their main duties are law enforcement and SAR, during times of war their main duties are supporting the navy.
  6. upgrade the USCG capabilities?

    Thread-o-mancy seems I wasn’t the only one with this idea, while my idea was more defensive in nature this proposal is more offensive in nature. https://m.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2018-09/distribute-lethality-cutters
  7. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    I think I got laughed at here for proposing this idea... https://m.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2018-09/distribute-lethality-cutters
  8. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    Idk about the worst, but I recently learned several older DDs from mid-late WWI were supposed to be given 2 37mm guns for AA work, between the decision not to do that and not replacing the .30s on them with oerlikons after they were available I think the USN missed an opportunity to give older DDs a new life and a chance to be more useful. i don’t think that would have done a huge amount for the war effort over all, but who knows what better AA armament on some of those thousand tonners might have allowed them to accomplish
  9. Japanese DDs dunk by 20mm Fire?

    Ya I was always open to flukes like some how detonating a torpedo or similar, but if you have to choose between a pair of 25s and ammo or 2 100lb or 4 50lb bombs for attacking ships who in their right mind is picking the 25s?
  10. Japanese DDs dunk by 20mm Fire?

    Even that seems like a long shot unless the pilot was using something real big
  11. Japanese DDs dunk by 20mm Fire?

    Just covering my bases but someone is claiming that a few Japanese DDs were sunk as a result of .50cal and 20mm Fire.(he provided no supporting sources) ive never heard of this happening even once but just want to see if anyone else had information
  12. First space force vessel

    Then then other ship will rise while on your underside. why not just put guns on the ‘bottom’ and not have to worry about it?
  13. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Truxtun is my old ship, I hope she weathers the storm without any major issues. as for the Zumwalt it seems like they just keep finding ways to make her more and more a waste of money
  14. First space force vessel

    Because her underbelly looks unarmed and space is totally a 3 dimensional battleground. Just ‘dive’ your space ship below it and blast the helpless belly