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  1. I play using a rig full of porn viruses and causes late load ins and lag during the game 😢
  2. I didn't recognize the player, I was recognized in game yesterday. (Luckily it was the best game I've had in a long long time so I looked good on the score board )
  3. As I understand it video is needed to prove allegations against players. How many players do you really think are recording each game? You can check my stats and see I'm definitely not cheating but I've been accused of aim botting and general cheat when having the occasional MLGpro game and I'm sure many other players better than me hear the accusations as well so many more may be more hesitant to throw the word cheater at people.
  4. Do you complain about gun boats being bad at torpedoing?
  5. Does anyone have any idea when the next beta weekend will be? They released that sub chaser thing in a video so I was expecting that and at least one other vessel of similar style would have been available for beta by now
  6. I guess for me new bomb types and higher angle firing guns aren't new armament but a new tweak of existing armaments. Maybe something was lost in translation or a good translation but poor wording, but going based on what they said I don't think they were talking about adding to current weapons types. After all if they said the brits were introducing a new armament would you have ever thought an all new ammo type?
  7. It does not represent a distinction game mode. Oh no the mechanics are different oh no! Ways to defeat a carrier 1.have a carrier on your side(guaranteed) 2. Don't run off and leave the AA umbrella of cruisers or the few AA specific battleships. 3. Your argument is nothing more than you don't want to deal with it. Saying "I don't like dealing with CVs" is no different than saying "I don't like dealing with the mechanic of CVs" get over it.
  8. it's ironic because peons are uneducated and ignorant calling someone a peon implies the person issuing the insult is intelligent and educated, so yes calling someone a peon and misspelling it is ironic
  9. why not?
  10. Considering the kutzov was built in the 50's and had the Montana been built it would have likely not been completed before 1950 I don't think missiles are really that far off chronologically speaking if a TXI were ever to be introduced it pretty much demand missiles.
  11. the irony of misspelling peon while insulting someone
  12. Besides there aren't that many games with CVs anymore these days.
  13. So you're mad that a good carrier player can spot DDs and I'm not sure what your argument about cruisers and CVs is...yes a carrier can sink a cruiser, but it will take a lot what makes CVs good assets away. Unlike any other class CVs have limited ammo so to speak, so by focusing planes on a cruiser you're kind of just wasting your time. Early tiers CVs might be a little OP because no ships have any decent AA until tier 6 or so.
  14. If missiles had to be used in conjunction with the radar consumable, would that balance things out do you think?
  15. considering we already have at least one ship class that was designed in the 1950s and several that served primarily (or would have had they been built)in the game already as well as ship classes that were later upgraded with missiles I'd say we already have post WWII elements.