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  1. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    Can it be replicated? A one off accident doesn’t really mean much except be careful
  2. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    lmbo, you’re trying to compare a few skirmishes, largely between forces with seriously disparate capabilities, to a major war between peer or near peer naval powers? that’s like comparing a few fights between UFC fighters and high schoolers, to the sabaki challenge. literally trying to compare a war between the US and China to Russia vs Georgia is extreme stupid. and you used operation mantis while completely ignoring the fact that engagements in that conflict used both guns and more rounds in each ship than were in the ready racks. And there will be follow on engagements unless of course you win the entire naval war in a single battle. Against a navy like China or Russia there will be follow on engagements. you unload all of your missiles in the first fight and you have no other effective weapons, then you have to leave station to reload. You may or may not be able to get replacement ships in position before the enemy, in which case you’re surrendering that portion of the sea you just fought a battle to maintain or gain control of…
  3. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    i'd love to see your source that no fight in the modern world will last long enough to reload. literally no one said anything about 'round two' nor do you really seem to understand what a replacement vessel means.
  4. JohnPJones

    Refit Just In Time to Decommission

    vicksburg has been saved from the chopping block... ya'll really need to stop believing the navy is going to decommission major ships before it actually happens. https://www.stripes.com/branches/navy/2022-06-07/navy-ships-retirement-plan-congress-6262625.html also, there's the fact that decomming doesn't equal scrapping. a ship scheduled to be decommed in 5 years shouldn't be denied updates and modernizations, if it still has more years of service before it's projected decommissioning date, but it also means that if the navy needs to recall the ship to service in the future, the update or modernization will have already been done, rather than delaying the reactivation to do the modernization.
  5. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    wait...so depth of magazine isn't important, but it's important to have more missiles than the enemy has effective countermeasure uses? seems a bit contradictory. the USN is going to 57mm gun for small combatants, large combatants will remain with the 5", that's an extremely disingenuous argument to try and make. LCSes and FFGs are not ships meant to fill those roles. as for replacement ships...really depends on who the enemy is. iran? no, not may replacement ships. russia? they have a few. china? yeah they'll have quite a few replacement ships, barring one massive mahanian battle where most of their fleet is damaged or destroyed...but such battles have been rare because of that exact risk.
  6. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    Bro the discussion here isn’t about trying to replace missiles, or make this a one or the other 0 sum type game. the navy will likely never build a ship with out a large caliber gun again, so it makes sense to make rounds more effective, if it can be done cost efficiently, and depth of magazine for effective weapons is possibly the most important aspect of modern naval warfare.
  7. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    Also mk45 5” guns are mounted on fairly small vessels as well, so far I see as small as 2300tons, so it would benefit a lot of different ship types to have guided gun rounds. however I don’t think it needs to be a one or another issue either. as it is now, once you expend missiles you’re effectively unarmed from an offensive perspective. Guided gun rounds could provide some sort of feasible offensive capability allowing a ship to stay on station until a fully armed relief ship arrives.
  8. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    Weight of mount is kind of irrelevant ive never heard of RAM having a surface mode, so again an irrelevant talking point. How many rounds to equal a missile in damage, is again irrelevant. Most missile cause serious overkill. I’m not opposed to overkill at all, I’m all for it, however if you can get a mission kill cheaper I’m all for that too.
  9. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    Pretty sure you can fit a 76 on most anything that qualifies as a ship, and get much more depth of magazine than you could with any surface to surface missile of similar or greater range for most of the smaller ships.
  10. JohnPJones

    Cheap guided gun rounds

    Would a cheap, low level likely several decades old seeker design inscrease gun accuracy enough to justify the effort, while remaining cheap enough to really justify not just using a small missile?
  11. Some of those aren’t even in service any where as far as I am aware.
  12. I mean it’s not even true that modern 5” guns have longer range than a 16” gun lol
  13. Generally what I was thinking. basically the first stealth ships coming into service is where the cut off would be.
  14. Currently every ship and naval topic between roughly 1950-2022 is discussed here. however the cruisers converted to missile ships still had more in common with their original designs, and WWII contemporaries than they do the a Burke, or a zunwalt. so should a cold war or similarly titled and focused sub forum be present?
  15. Have you guys not realized the dude with the weeb profile pic, name, and no correct information is a troll? or is everyone just bored and feeding him because they have nothing else to do?