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  1. Keep or remove harpoon launchers now?

    Wiki shows the hydras as 4.9 miles compared to hellfires at 5 miles. is that wrong? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydra_70 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/AGM-114_Hellfire it also shows the hydra having some warheads that are comparable to the hellfire’s
  2. How small can the USN go?

    Who said terrified? personally I think tornado has a tendency to under estimate our potential enemies and over estimate ourselves. Do I believe we have the best missile defenses in the world? The evidence would say yes, but that by no means we’re untouchable barring overwhelming attack. his statements fed your own confirmation bias and you’re applying his thoughts and beliefs to others.
  3. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Found if anyone is interested here it is https://influenceofhistory.blogspot.com/2018/02/modern-naval-battles-2016-missile.html?m=1
  4. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    A while back someone posted an analysis of the Houthis missile attacks against the US, and stated that a third attack that was never confirmed was confirmed by some congressional documents if you read between the lines. any way does any one remember that or still have that link?
  5. How small can the USN go?

    What lie?
  6. And the joke was killed -_-
  7. How small can the USN go?

    Ok, but that’s largely irrelevant since a combat ship-ship missile launch against a warship has never happened beyond gun range. missiles have had max ranges far beyond any gun used in warfare for decades yet every launch has occurred at a range of 15nm or less so what makes you think that will change?
  8. Keep or remove harpoon launchers now?

    I looked at the armaments section, so ya I guess I missed that. but it seems like you’re focusing on the wrong point here. Which would be better for stopping small boats? Guided hydras or hellfire? i don’t know the cost per round, but the hydras bring more rounds at a time if I’m not mistaken.
  9. Try finding an old jane’s or a reprint maybe
  10. Keep or remove harpoon launchers now?

    Ya didn’t see anything about hellfires for them, but like I said if we’re going that way then maybe the guided hydras would be better?
  11. Keep or remove harpoon launchers now?

    I thought I stated for older ships or something similar in the original post and I know I did specify USN which doesn’t currently have any ASMs but ya obviously not taking something that was never on a ship off to replace it.
  12. How small can the USN go?

    Considering the navy doesn't put sailors on masts as look outs visual range for a destroyer is about 15nm, but that common sense might undermine your argument
  13. How small can the USN go?

    I’m all for armor on ships as well, but no ships have armor to deal with that level of weapons, so that’s not going to happen. everyone knows that? Funny because every ship-ship missile launch has been within gun range so not exactly useless.
  14. How small can the USN go?

    The US doesn’t have a single vessel that can withstand an auto cannon or a 14.5mm gun in the first place. now you see we’re really not that far off except I’m going with a 57mm main gun and just adding two racks of harpoons (might as well get some use out of the inventory we have since the NSM is supposed to phase them out) you keep focusing on pirates as the only threat so why do you want a 105-155mm gun? Wouldnt a 105-155mm gun be looking for trouble as well?
  15. Keep or remove harpoon launchers now?

    Googled STRB-90 and the vessel coming up in the results has a different designation and Wikipedia doesn’t list hellfires on it so do you have a link? otherwise, I’m not totally against it, but I was thinking that with mk38 it would be quick and easy since the only deck penetration required is just for some cables. otherwise not completely against an idea like that but what about something more like being able to pop hydra pods on a launcher? If I’m not mistaken they now have guided versions and might be cheaper per round.