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  1. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    He had wonderful insight into all things naval and his posts on warships were always a joy to look forward to. Fair winds and following seas, dseehalfer.
  2. I don't wish to disturb the naval architecture discussion this topic has inspired, but I just wanted to remind everybody that they're not at all concerned with such... Engineering over at WGSPb. According to them, Scharnhorst's powerplant can propel the 80,000t Kurfurst up to the same 30 knots. (If you prefer to turn your nose at fictitious designs, have instead the 70,000t Montana deriving 30 knots with Iowa's "stock" powerplant.)
  3. No worries - I'll simply have to find some other way of comparing the size of Sumner class to other T10 destroyers.
  4. Thanks for making another one of these! France is truly massive for a ship with only 2 turrets. What sort of software did you use to compare them side by side?
  5. Garbage ships at mid tier

    You've chose a rather inefficient method to be crap, unfortunately - all the "fast" Tier 6 xp racked up won't mean much, when you can't afford the credits for the next ship in line. Real crap players would have the courtesy to bring out their wallets and skip straight to the Tier 10 ship they fancy. /s
  6. I didn't make that - thank @LittleWhiteMouse for testing them and putting it together!
  7. Conqueror Analysis

    Great analysis, this really puts the Conqueror nerfs in better context. Although I do wonder if the conclusions hold true against other ships in the line, such as Orion, KGV or Lion which all have even higher statistical advantages over their peers. I only hope that the balancing process will be as nuanced as Khabarovsk's numerous nerfs, and not heavy-handed as we have seen for Japanese destroyers.
  8. Clan Battles news!

    If CVs have too much power at T10, why limit its size to 7v7, instead of 9v9 like most competitive matches? If 7v7 is supposed to be easier to match-make, why rent out T10 ships to players who don't have them? In fact, these rentals can't even be played in Random Battles - if uncamoflaged T10s with low spec captains and modules aren't allowed in Randoms, what makes them okay in an even more competitive gamemode? Lastly, if T10 is not accessible enough that such measures have to be taken... Why not just leave it at T8, where most competitive matches are held? I desperately hope to hear the reasoning behind these decisions, as we have for clan size restrictions.