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    Soviet Aircraft Carriers In the Armory

    At least the Soviet Navy finally has a working air craft carrier! I know we play a game full of fantastical and paper ships, where accuracy isn't an issue, but I think the Soviet air craft carriers planes should have have very short range or a proper weapons load, but not both. That would lend some reality in comparison to today's Russian cvs.
  2. TAI_Von_Budd

    VERY ANGRY Angel.

    Thank you. Noting some typos and I appreciate the upvote.
  3. TAI_Von_Budd

    VERY ANGRY Angel.

    Core strategy for any DD driver at any tier. Ultimately if you go in, have a plan to get out and then adjust your game plan to focus on new objectives. If you can't contest safely, you can always spot, harass, or linger just beyond their ability to see you and lob torps. Sometimes if all you do is to get an aggressive bow-in ship to dodge your torps, you open an opportunity for someone to delete them with a broadside. You don't even have to get them to turn drastically as the angle they bow in means they may only need to turn a few degrees to expose soft stuff to one or more of your teammates. Also, "potential" threats means paying attention to the Minimap and RDF if so equipped or ask if anyone is getting RDF alerts that suggest someone may be lurking that can delete you. If you don't know who may have radar, make a list or put the current ones available in your bookmarks. Then push in at your own risk as the ship that deletes you might also be well beyond any team member's ability to spot or shoot.
  4. TAI_Von_Budd

    VERY ANGRY Angel.

    I like my DDs and my cruisers. Playing both under the current META has me settling into ignoring the calls to suicide my cruiser that needs an island to survive. Watching the map is key as a supporting cruiser. When DD is on whatever CAP, he may have cover from crossfire and only deal with identifiable "angles of vulnerability". A cruiser better be looking at areas adjacent to the caps because focusing on a threat on the cap could lead to deletion from 17km+ and beyond. Even with all the rudder shift in the world, there are guns that can simply delete a cruiser or do so much damage that an opportunistic red ship will finish the job in one salvo. Aslo, as mentioned, Radar has drastically changed the game. At the same time you should not count on a cruiser for radar if you decide to contest a cap. It is pretty simple, for a cruiser to put radar over a cap it has to either get so close it is well within the guns of BBS all over the map or it is up against an island that blocks its guns. I hear it all the time in my higher tier cruisers, "you hid behind the rock and didn't help me"? Excuse me, you yolo'd into a cap, they have several ships challenging and a few BBS that can reach way over the cap and obliterate damn near any cruiser and how was I suppose to help? Wait, you wanted radar to see that DD in the smoke or did you want my guns? There are not to many situations where you can get both from a cruiser. Then there are the DDs that persist in pushing a brawl on a cap with another DD because they read the forums that say "your DD can eat other DDs". Stop drinking that kool-aid unless you are an expert at gunning down a DD with another DD and the scenario is clearly in your favor. MM and RNG may not favor your presumed advantage. Also that DD that you are brawling probably has spotted your supporting ships for ships way beyond your ability to see, but your cruiser will reap the punishment. It boils down to DD drivers knowing what the capacity of the cruisers that appear capable of supporting them have. Assume the capacities of Minotaur or any cruiser that can choose to not be a radar ship is a huge mistake. I swapped my Mino to Smoke just so I can chance dodging out into the open take some shots and hope I can darken up before some BB or AP slinging Cruiser can delete me. While cruiser radar is super helpful for pushing late in the game, I have to survive to the late game. Also, while many cruises can easily shoot over fairly tall islands effectively, if that island is bordering a cap, they have to target ships beyond the cap. Also, some cruisers just are much better at tanking in while others are better kiting. Consider that in your cap planning. Where I will find a safe place to machine gun opposing ships in my Brit, higher tier USSR and some mid-tier US Cruisers, I can consider tanking in with my upper tier US cruisers. I can wiggle in with my Nurnberg in certain situations, but expect that to change to run for my life kiting if I get cross fire. In the Roon I am now grinding to get my Captain skilled up, I expect to wiggle and kite, but that ship won't last long going bow in. I expect to work the flanks or caps on the Flank because while the Roon is laid out similarly to my Nurnburg, (2 rear turrets), the differences beyond tier are start. Nurnburg is nimble and can wiggle in, switching what side it is putting all turrets on a target. Roon doesn't have 360 degree turrets, but has to get a good angle to bring the rear into play. I expect to work where I can not get crossfire to my bow. Again DDs need to know and coordinate or ask and coordinate. At the same time, Cruisers can offer coordination, but it is on both parties to either step up or alert that something is changing and then react/change instead of plowing in till deleted. DD players need to either play cruisers enough to offer some support suggestions for specific ships and then WATCH the map to see if it happens or risk looking up from the aiming reticle to find themselves all alone right before they are deleted. Note that if you were to see anyone in COOP heading straight in, don't expect that same behavior in Randoms. Two different strategies, two different missions. Like a previous poster said, it isn't always smart to start by contesting a cap. In fact I'd argue that in most cases, a DD is better off lurking beyond it's visibility range near a cap it wants to contest and spot. That helps a cruiser (who you might reach out to), find a good place to set up helping you. As to the META, yeah, I agree that it is hard to count on anyone. I see DDs run back lines with Cruisers, CVs just park after being spotted and BBs and Cruisers take their guns and run away from any fight just because they took some damage early. Every time you leave the fight to someone else in your team, you also allow the other teams players to focus fire and sooner or later, it will be you getting cornered and quickly harvested. I am pretty damn average and used to play very aggressively. I still play certain mid-tier ships like my Murmansk, Shiratsuyu, Nurnburg, E25, and some UK cruisers aggressively but with caveats. I drive my cruisers using speed and rudder to dodge fire or find cover. I look for a sucker to kite with my Nurnburg and I scout and spam torps with my Shiratsuyu. Lower tier stuff tier 4 and below, I am probably just aggressively harvesting to work off some frustration. Ultimately it is about having fun, playing the games you want and remembering beyond the game, life awaits sans the ranks, stats, and last awesome score in the game.
  5. TAI_Von_Budd

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Boring and insane. $70 for camo is nuts no matter if it adds up to playing for tokens, Doubloons, or some combination of the time and money spent to get either. Thanks for those that responded.Comprehension is fundamental to reading.
  6. TAI_Von_Budd

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Maybe I am missing something beyond Wargamings expected economic shenanigans. Pacific Tokens and Stars 'n' Stripes bundles each have Pacific Tokens and Flags or the USS Missouri. If 500 Pacific tokens are included in those bundles, it would seem that someone could purchase as few as three of those bundles, get 1500 Pacific Tokens and use the ones earned to have the 3000 to buy the Missouri outright. Forget all the jumping through hoops and burning of Pacific Tokens for other items. Save them, buy the balance and then get the Missouri. My unknown is if the amount of tokens included in the 1500 Doubloon bundles varies. If 500 tokens is standard, that means without playing one mission, you buy the Missouri for 18,000 Doubloons or about $70 US. My wallet has been closed for a while and I don't increase my game time to chase promotions either. I don't appreciate being served smoke and mirrors in exchange for my money.
  7. Same here, I see this message today, dated today, but the code is expired. Apparently if you frequent the forums you got a heads up on the 30th. This little things chip away at my willingness to open my wallet across WG's platforms. I used to not have a problem to spend my money if I wanted something to play as opposed to jump through some tiny hoop a zillion times. I won't be ditching my cell phone carrier, no binging to win a ship I can grind whenever, and certainly I'll need real reasons to spend a dime for something that will likely get devalued, I mean rebalanced later.
  8. TAI_Von_Budd

    PTS 0.10.7

    With the resets, PTS is a total waste of time to get some feel how subs play and earn a reward for participating. You make Gold, then get demoted and now that people have wised up that you can rank out fast, they play CVs and Yolo in Tier 8 games. I don't get why they even make you jump through hoops to get the Tier 8 and 10 subs if the idea is to test them. It is more like they are testing the testers. There is zero point in making testers, who volunteer to test and then offer feedback. It surely isn't about the rewards. You might take a hint Wargaming that there are many more comments in "Notes and Feedback" than in the Bug reports. Hint, the biggest bug is the triathlon grind to get to a point where you can test the subs. Another hit Wargaming? Looks like the deeper we go into this PT, the more bots you need to get games. Grinding for rewards when you have to rely on a majority of some of the dumbest bots is also a loser play. What's the point of so many hoops to play all the classes of subs available? Grind for nothing over and over. There is a reason I quit the PT circus and this version has just as many rings.
  9. TAI_Von_Budd

    PTS 0.10.7

    About those subs... NVM I see punted back down to Bronze. If we are getting punted back down from Gold for the sake of testing, where are all those new Flags? (50 each per the post on PT 2)
  10. TAI_Von_Budd

    PTS 0.10.7

    Yeah, I am trying to figure out where to spend as much coal as I can. Basically you can burn it on the Upgrades and some flag packages. You could take a chance on some containers, but that would be a total waste of time.
  11. TAI_Von_Budd

    PTS 0.10.7

    Thanks for the tip, it was pretty painless to get back to Gold this evening (PST). Mostly Bots. I am running various "ultimate" DDs I don't have in my inventory. I should have this finished up in a few games. DDs with hydro are handy, but guessing has yielded terminal depth charge attacks as well. Apparently I am the only one that made Gold and got punted back several ranks in Silver.
  12. TAI_Von_Budd

    PTS 0.10.7

    Has anyone made it to the Gold League and gotten a game in? Also, if you made the Gold League, did you stay there? I made through the Silver League and was qualifying for the Gold League, but never got a game. Folded for the night and then went back in the next day and I am Rank 3 in Silver. Granted we are testing in Beta and none of this means anything except for those awards you get for completing stages. I gave up on trying to qualify for the Gold League after a 35 minute wait watching two to three players wander in and out. Outfitted a Tier 10 CV for the Gold League as well, came back into the game with the CV in Port but the game telling me only Tier 8 allowed. (Silver League)
  13. TAI_Von_Budd

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    Message sent. This post is technically off-topic, so I expect you won't get many responses unless it is moved.
  14. TAI_Von_Budd

    Technical issues on ranked play

    Server crash, it don't matter what you are trying to play.
  15. TAI_Von_Budd

    Removed from queue....

    Started about 15 minutes ago for me with the message. Logged off and then got a server error. A few minutes later I was allowed to log back in, but getting the same message.