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  1. navyman47

    Some goodies for Twitch prime users

    After further reading I found that though I've always received Twitch drops with no issue, in Account Management I never linked Amazon to my account. You need to have both Twitch and Amazon linked on your WG account to receive this drop. I received the mission and Captain, after I linked Amazon.
  2. navyman47

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    It was trying to send me to the EU site and after multiple attempts, finally got on the NA site.
  3. navyman47

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Loot claimed, but not available for me. Logged off and back on several times. :(
  4. navyman47

    Dockyard and 9.5

    Disappointing that the sub mode is not included in the directives for the dockyard as a viable mode. The 5 daily missions for tier 6 battleships was a huge assist in grinding the New Mexico and Izmail for me, as I was able to grind both very quickly. Also taking the Arizona in sub mode for the 3 camos, when done with those grinds. The school bus camo is great for stacking elite commander xp on my Donskoi. (had enough xp for the Al. Nevsky. Tallin, Riga, and Petropavlosk still in early access. For some reason I thought they were coming out this patch to be re-searchable. Not until 9.6. Don't really care for the new UI for the combat missions. Something about having the graphics for the old UI made it more appealing and for now was easier, but hard to teach old dogs new tricks. I don't like the UI for the new armory either. Fair Winds and Following Seas
  5. navyman47

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    Thank you @foodprinter
  6. navyman47

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    Missing: Refund for anything purchased in the armory for coal, steel, or tokens? We will not compensate or reverse in-game (Garage/Hanger) actions (even accidental purchases) for the following: Spent Gold (Doesn't apply) Premium vehicles which have been in battle (Doesn't apply) Premium aircraft which have seen combat (Doesn't apply) Sale of non-premium vehicles/aircraft (Doesn't apply) Lost crew members (Doesn't apply) Experience spent on a new vehicle or module (Doesn't apply) Equipment or consumables purchased via the Garage/Hangar (Doesn't apply) Vehicle aesthetics (camouflage, emblems, inscriptions) (Doesn't apply) Ammunition (Doesn't apply) Premium time purchased over 24 hours prior to the submission of a ticket to support (Doesn't apply) We appreciate your efforts and desire to play our games and our team strives to take all of our players' feedback and concerns into consideration. We ask for your continued understanding in this regard, as virtual goods do have value.
  7. navyman47

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    What a bunch of hogwash....
  8. navyman47

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    Any chance these guidelines and policies can be shared with the community for transparency sake?
  9. navyman47

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    Sure would be nice to know these certain guidelines and policies. The "general policy" alludes to it is not necessarily applied to everyone the same.
  10. navyman47

    Great Customer Care by WoWs

    I guess unfortunately not all of us have had such luck. Being relatively new to the game (played a little in Beta and just picked the game back up at the beginning of the year), I erred with the purchase of a container. It looks like it depends who actually takes care of your ticket. Ticket: While watching a Twitch stream, it came to my attention that the 6k coal that I spent on the Rapid and Resolute container would not yield any daily container collectibles for that collection. Every collection that I've participated in the past yielded collectibles for the collection that you start in the daily containers. With the possibility of getting numerous duplicates, the cost could be more than double the minimum 96k coal that it will cost to complete this mission. If this is true, please refund me my 6k coal that I spent on the Rapid and Resolute container. Thanks, Response: Dear _____, I appreciate your time and effort for writing to us regarding this issue. I want to inform you that not all collections can be collected through daily containers. This collection can be completed only from certain containers. We don't provide refunds in such cases. I am sorry, but we can't help you in this case. Should you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. Have a great day and enjoy the high seas. Yours sincerely. Harold Jenkins Ticket was submitted either the same day or the day after I made the purchase with coal. Their choice. My choice not to open my wallet to WG again. F2P now.
  11. navyman47

    PSA codes