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  1. I essentially have the -7% dispersion mod on most of my ships. Obviously some of my ships need a turret rotation speed buff more than an accuracy buff, meanwhile some ships like the US BBs could not take that mod...
  2. Ah looks like I missed you there... I suppose WG didn't have a huge booth like some of the more mainstream companies out there?
  3. I will be there working as an enforcer. I suspect I should not desert my post and duties. But it's good to have you guys there, especially considering I don't recall seeing much of a Wargaming presence at PAX West...
  4. Result from my first Musashi game. The guns are amazing and go through everything like hot knife through butter... Bow on amagi? Bam 22k. Freddy at 17km? Bam citadel. Angled Hindy? Bam citadel... I would've hit 250k in damage if we didn't cap out.
  5. Well I just made rank 1 and now have enough coal for the ship...
  6. Well the fact that the way the ship had become available is seen as a mistake by WG is news... I can look into that. Although my tier 10s seem to make a profit without premium in pub cause they got the premium camo... See the whole "whatever might be coming down the pipe" thing is what makes me hesitant... I think the AA is more than slightly worse... The whole set up kind of resembles the AA suite found on the A hulls of Japanese BBs like the Amagi or Nagato or Fuso... I think the WW1 vintage A hulls we had to grind through back in 2015 and 2016 have all since been removed... Sigh I brain farted for a second...
  7. I currently have about 200k of free xp, which's nowhere near enough for the ship... I also use my free xp to get upgraded modules. Looks like the CV situation isn't as bad as I thought. Although apparently the CV plays like WOWP thing might be true...
  8. Hello everyone, Looks like I have a decision to make soon. I'm currently less than 5000 coals away from being able to obtain the IJN Musashi. For a non clan and most solo pub player, it took me awhile to get to where I am (in regard to the coal situation). I've heard that the Musashi will become unavailable soon, and I'm on the fence about whether to go for it while I still can. The class of ship that I play the most are BBs, so getting one of the largest BBs ever commissioned seem like a worthwhile goal with the excellent performance of the 460mm guns being a major bonus. Meanwhile the prospect of the ship becoming unavailable kind of make me suspect that the ship might become a sort of a rare limited edition item like the USS Missouri or the type 59 in WOT. But on the other hand, the Musashi doesn't quite fit my playstyle as a BB player as as it seems to have mostly been played as a long range bow tanking camper sniper in game, while I tend to prefer mid ranged flanking brawling type of BBs. I suspect the ship's raised citadel and hexagonal armor layout very much renders it vulnerable to close ranged alpha strikes, thus it incentivizes people to play it more passively... To top it off, I suspect the ship's relatively clumsy handling (slow turret rotation speed, slow to turn...) further specializes it into that role. The ship's questionable AA might also be a major problem moving forward as the new CV meta might be disastrous to a large tier 9 with a tier 5's AA. Obviously there's always gonna be trade offs to every ship. But at the end of the day I suppose whether or not I should go for it lies with the possible availability of alternatives (tier 9 premium BBs that can be brought with coal) moving forward. The Kronshtadt isn't quite my cup of tea due to its thin overmatchable plating, large citadel, and poor AA. So it isn't really an option even if it becomes available for coal. At the same time the Jean Bart comes across as too much of a trick ship that relies on excellent soft stats and specialization to thrive: also not my thing... Plus the Jean Bart has a significantly higher purchase price. So given the circumstances, is the Musashi worth the coal? Would it become a classic keeper or a vulnerable target moving forward? What are realistically my alternatives when it comes to tier 9 BBs you can buy with coal? Feel free to chime in. Thanks!
  9. I think there's already a Soviet version of the Nuremberg in game. Also I think a version of the Hipper class with 12 150mm guns was under consideration. It would've kind of been a German CL Mogami... Might be an interesting ship to have in game also...
  10. The preliminaries for the Myokos must be from the 1920s. Back then the Japanese had a thing of overloading their ships with weapons without an appropriate increase to their displacement or beam. So some of the ships became top heavy. I'd imagine quad turrets won't help with that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4th_Fleet_(Imperial_Japanese_Navy)#The_Fourth_Fleet_incident I think if we are looking at cruisers with DD caliber guns, maybe the British Dido class and similar ships should be introduced first as they were real and in service. They might work out like a hybrid between the Leander and Atlanta with 5.25" guns...
  11. That Italian design looks beautiful. If you look at the drawing on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyon-class_battleship That's the configuration of the Lyon I was referring to. It can bring 8 guns to bear forward. And speaking of the 90mm DP guns the Italians have, I suspect they are next to useless for surface combat cause they shoot HE and gets 1/6 of caliber pen? So essentially they become weaker than the 100mms on the Alsace. From what I've read, the Japanese seemed to like the 100mms so much that the Shinano and later BB versions of the Yamato got those instead of the 127mms. Their good AA apparently made the Akizukis well liked later in the war. I think the torp boat DDs the Japanese had didn't work out too well for them after 1943.
  12. I've always wished that the French tier 10 BB had a 4x4 380mm setup. I don't know if WG would be willing to do a line split at tier 9 for it they way they did for the WZ111 5a and 113 in WOT. Also I wish if the Lyon had 2 super-firing pairs of quad turrets rather than having a middle one like some drawings suggest.
  13. If the turret farm style CL have to essentially be a WG fabrication, then the situation is less than ideal. But putting the CL44 at tier 6 might make sense as WG sometimes would make the speculative or unrealized variants in as tech tree ships while the historical version shows up as a prem, like what happened with the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. And I think the Japanese essentially didn't employ 6 inch armed cruisers as front line units they way they did with the heavy cruisers in 1942. Their CLs seem to be more like destroyer leaders or command/headquarter ships for submarines and such...
  14. I've always thought that the Tone would be introduced as an all forward mounted 8x203mm CA with an unique aviation set up, which might be similar to or a trail run of how WG might wanna introduce Ise class BB/CV hybrids. But I think the Agano would be undergunned at tier 6 with 6 152mms vs. the Dallas' 10 and the Budyonny's 9. Even the Leander has 8 guns and it also has excellent agility, single torps, hydro, and smoke to help it... I doubt the Agano would be as fragile as the Nuremberg though, which tends to randomly blow up when someone sneeze near it. Splitting the Mogami might also be a contentious issue. Also the Japanese seem to prefer CAs over CLs, so anything beyond the Mogami are paper ships? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_Ōyodo This might work better than the Agano at tier 6.
  15. The problem with the IJN Cl line is that the Agano and Oyodo both only have 6x155mm or 152mm guns. The oyodo seems to have a significant float plane facility. I think the 2 might work out okay at tier 5 and 6 but no higher than that. Sendai and Nagara classes before the Agano class were fairly similar to the Kuma with an fairly exposed and thin citadel and WW1 style single gun mounts. I doubt these CL can be made to work at above tier 5. Unless WG wanna revisit the Kitakami idea. The Italians did not have radar help when it comes to AA. Their AA weapons were probably not nearly as advanced as the 40mm Bofors or American 3"s, or other late war or post war AA systems like the 6 barreled Bofors on the UK ships, 55mms on the GK, or the early cold war era stuff the Soviets have... The concern is that they might end up being as vulnerable as a high tier Japanese ships that relies on their 25mms for AA DPS. (I know the Zao has 40mms) Apparently the Littorio class had fighters without floats available and they had to land back on land after launch. From my experience the Kongo's secondary don't seem to do much even with AFT. The Konig seems to have the best secondary set up in practice at tier 5 for a BB. The first Japanese BB with secondaries that you can rely on seems to be the Nagato...