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  1. So much for their design emphasis on armor and the price they paid for it. But then in the end a bunch helldivers, avengers, corsairs, and hellcats ruined it. Off topic, but in that movie, 50 cal machine guns apparently did pretty bad things to the crews of unarmored Japanese 25mm AA mounts...
  2. Eh interesting. I guess some damage models can use some adjustments depending on game balance. Perhaps before that happens I should not grind the UK cruisers. lol But still it doesn't explain why the carriers have such a high and exposed citadel. Do their propulsion plants actually go up to that high or there's simply insufficient subdivision and internal protection to keep their citadels low or they were made more vulnerable for balance's sake? It seems like a lot of trouble to have a destroyer's armor yet have the ships set up to vulnerable to citadels. Destroyers are spared of those high rolls.
  3. And I have the whole Bismarck vs Yamato incident on video if you click that youtube link.
  4. You guys have really souped up rigs... This is what I have: OS- Windows 7 Professional 64bit Processor - Intel i7 6700K (Skylake)Motherboard- ASrock mini ITX forgot the modelMemory- Corsair DDR4 32mb RamsVideo Card- Gigabyte AMD R9 390Primary Drive- 1TB Samsung 850 EVO SSDPower Supply- EVGA 650 watt unit (forgot the series)Case- Cooler Master Elite 130 (it's a little guy I can travel with)Monitors- 2 Samsung 21.5 inch 1080i LCD monitors (I owned a curved 24 inch unit that got lost when I moved)Game Mouse & Game Keyboard- cheap stuff lol
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeeIJPHfcsY&t=2782s A couple of days ago a salvo from my Bismarck rolled for over 50k damage on the mostly flat and above water portion of a Yamato's citadel at relative close range with 4 citadels and 2 normal penetrations. It was a surprise as I would assume the Yamato's citadel is essentially immune to penetration by a 15 incher. How much luck and RNG were in my favor when this happened? It also made me wonder why the Yamato has a above water citadel in game and if it's historically accurate. I recall that the Iowa and Montana also had chunks of their citadel above water until fairly recently and used to get freakish citadels regularly... Is this something that's based on historical blueprints and diagrams or more of a flexible parameter that can be adjusted depending on in game performance? Recently I also found out the hard way that when my Ranger is discovered, it essentially have a very short shelf life and would take extreme damage from everything. it's too slow to really run away, and its hull and superstructure is apparently so thin skinned that HE will pen; and since for some reason it has a raised citadel, HE can also citadel it. Is there even any legitimate reason to designate that part of the ship's hull citadel? As I look more into this, I found out that the Midway also has a above water citadel armor belt, which for some reason is designated as just a regular armor belt of the same thickness when it's below water. Is this even something that corresponds to the design of the actual ship or just a thing to balance a ship in game? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  6. I remember that fire prevention used to be either 1 or 2 point skill and I had it then. But now I don't know if the numbers still add up... And my Bismarck isn't a full secondary build. The secondaries have a range of 8.8km. Doesn't manual secondary would only open fire on the 1 target you designate and even when there's another enemy on your other side to shoot at, the secondaries on that side would remain silent? Also maybe I've been playing the NC too much like a mid tier BB and brawling a lot, I don't know if CE would still help with that meta...
  7. Hello all, I can use some input and advice. Currently I have 4 spare commander skill points each for the captains of my North Carolina and Bismarck. They already have the same 4 skills: Preventive Maintenance, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, Advanced Firing Training. I'm not so sure about which additional skill I should use that 4 skill points on. Manual secondary and AA seem to have their own limitations. I've heard that inertia fuse is worth it for the Bismarck due to its secondary guns. I had basic firing training when it was a 1 point skill, but I don't know if it's worth 3 points now. Meanwhile the 6th upgrade slot on my Iowa is currently empty. I can't decide if it's better for me to go for target acquisition or concealment. I went for target acquisition for my tier 8 BBs but for a tier 9 the meta seems different. Feel free to share your thoughts on this.
  8. Usually when I record a surface ship replay, worse comes to worst I will just let it run by itself. But with CV the recording sucks if you couldn't follow the planes.
  9. Hello everyone, I ran into a bit of a technical problem earlier today and am wondering if anyone else's experiencing it also and if there's a remedy in sight. So I wanted to record a replay I got with Bandicam as I've done before. It's an Independence CV replay. Once the replay starts to run I realize that the shift key along with 1, 2, 3, 4 keys all no longer work. I could no longer jump to the perspectives of my air groups or get a non bird's eye view of anything. I tried to figure it out and ran it multiple times but just couldn't get it to work. Unfortunately with the way things are, the recordings are gonna be quite boring... Let me know. Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone. I run a small time youtube channel and have recently produced a video with 4 replays, including a ranked battle replay in the Nagato, a replay in the Myoko showing how to counter DDs in smoke, and two hard fought albeit noobish games in the Bogue. I can use some feedback, likes, and subs. So here it is. Thanks.