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  1. If they give the ship the Lion's transom stern with 3000 extra HP, maybe 1.5 knot higher speed, maybe a better heal, a little better sigma and dispersion, and a 2km buff to the range, the ship would then be fine... No wonder people claim the ship is a paywall or free XP sink.
  2. That works if the enemies chose not to push towards your general direction, cause if they do, the Monarch lacks the speed to evade. In my video, I fought a fighting retreat while trying to get away from a Grosser Kurfurst. Technically I could've ceased fire and try to get away using my concealment. But his bigger ship is also faster and there's only so much of the map where I can go. To top it off, all my maneuvering killed off more speed and he closed in... If the Monarch can turn as well as the UK cruisers, its top speed would be less of a problem... Also if the enemy have help from DDs and CVs, the Monarch might be in trouble anyways...
  3. That poll actually was set up to allow multiple answers. So you are not limited to picking only 1 answer. And I think regardless of everything, the QE at least has decent AA, enough range, good AP shells. And most importantly it will never be chased down by a Grosser Kurfurst. The Monarch really has no chance when cornered by tier 10s. All of the tier 9 and 10 BBs are bigger, tougher, stronger, and ironically faster. Concealment doesn't seem to be enough to save the Monarch cause it lacks the speed to disengage when needed...
  4. That's how it should work of course... But it's rather hard to make it work if you are matched against mostly Des Moines, Minotaurs, and Hindenbergs on the enemy team... Sometimes it shows up as the alone tier 8 cruiser on the team.
  5. It's the Monarch that has problems. The Edinburgh just gets shafted by the top heavy MM... That's a different aspect of the problem of the MM being top heavy...
  6. The Neptune does have a higher ROF than the Edinburgh and Fiji. But how big its citadel is, is quite scary. About half of the hull is the citadel... The concealment vs. BBs is good. But then cruisers and DDs can often outplay you in that regard anyways. And it seems at medium range, half of your shells are gonna be way off target usually...
  7. Personally I actually prefer to not smoke up in the Edinburgh as liberally as I would in the Fiji. Cause the smoke cloud itself is like an invitation for trouble. Most high tier DDs can saturate blind torp your smoke quite easily. At tier 7 and below they usually don't know better to do just that, pls the lower tier torps are less deadly. Sometimes the enemies would blind fire into your smoke with guns and hit you anyways, and that's before radar is used. I probably won't get the Neptune, at least not right away. Probably cause that raised citadel, I've seen Neptunes dying in some of the most ridiculous ways. And of course the ships get expensive at high tier and I'm a BB main... The KGV is good. I wouldn't call it great though. In situations when you really need AP, it falls short. The AA set up looks decent but it won't save you. And the 25mm plating makes you vulnerable to AP pens... I guess that's more of a tier 7 specific problem... Ultimately I guess I'm working on the Monarch cause I do want a Lion and Conqueror. I'm a BB main and the American Line is the only BB line I have made past tier 8 on. It seems that the Lion and Conqueror are better than the FDG and GK or the Izumo and Yamato for me. I'm also working on the French line, and u nfortunately the tiers 3, 4, and 5 have been disappointing... I agree that the Orion is very strong and that the Conqueror has quite a reputation... And sorry I'm no poll expert. But some feedback is always better than no feedback...
  8. Hello everyone, I've recently purchased the HMS Edinburgh and HMS Monarch. My experience in these ships have been a sort of a revelation and I've produced a youtube video about it. It seems that perhaps certain things within the game will need to be adjusted or addressed. There are 2 different yet overlapping reasons behind my struggle... The Edinburgh by all account is a good ship. It handles well, has good consumables, and is overall a solid step up from the Fiji at tier 7. But it suffers terribly in the game environment it routinely faces. It seems that the overwhelming majority of the games it gets are tier 10 games. When it's bottom tier, often doing as much as you can possibly manage isn't enough to bring the team a win. It's not hard to do your part in the Edinburgh. But doing just that isn't so relevant or decisive when the higher tier ships on your team fall short or outright fail. For some reason most friendly tier 10s seem to be either too passive or too reckless. They tend to either patiently tunnel vision or hide/camp til we lose, or they over extend and get focused on and blown up. Also AFKs and bots seem to be particularly common at tier 10 for some reason... Meanwhile the HMS Monarch seems to suffer essentially all of the ills the pre-buff USS Colorado had, simply at a tier higher. It's got the perfect trifecta of #1 low HP & #2 low speed & #3 short range... The HMS Monarch has the least amount of health for any tier 8 battleship, yet it lacks the super heal some British BBs have. (Conqueror, Lion, Nelson...) So its theoretical staying power is lacking and it's by default the most vulnerable of all tier 8 BBs in terms of survivability. The 18.5km range (with upgraded fire control) for its main battery is also lacking for its tier. It might be workable against tier 8s, but against tier 9s and 10s, the Monarch is often out-ranged by enemies and gets shot at while not being able to reply. (Using a spotter aircraft isn't exactly a solution to this problem since: #1 the plane is easily shot down, #2 using a catapult fighter instead is often the better choice when playing against CVs, #3 The main battery's accuracy is already iffy at 18.5km and will get worse at extended range...) Even some high tier cruisers can shoot at you while remaining safe from return fire. So taking plunging fire onto your deck and HE spam into your superstructure while not being able to shoot back is the worst case scenario that ironically happen all the time. The Monarch is superficially a fast battleship, but the 28 knot top speed it carries over from its tier 7 counterpart the KGV, is on the slow side of things. This doesn't sound too bad until you realize that pretty much all of the game's battleships at tier 8 and above, particularly and especially the higher tonnage battleships with greater firepower are faster than the Monarch. So when facing a stronger enemy that is determined to engage you, the Monarch couldn't really disengage and withdraw. Being chased down by the likes of a Grosser Kurfurst is not fun. (this happened in the video) Sure the Monarch has a decent main armor belt, a submerged citadel, and has much of its plating upgraded to 32mm. At the same time, its large superstructure is vulnerable to cruiser and DD spam, while its small HP pool is more vulnerable to both fires and penetrations piling up than its peers. Ironically I find the semi reliance on HE shells to do damage and the iffiness of short fused AP shells to not be too much of a problem and perfectly workable... I'm thinking since the Monarch already features a speculative late war/post war vintage lattice mast and modern AA set up, maybe its best hull can feature a HMS Lion or HMS Vanguard style transom stern that gives it a little more health and speed. Maybe a upgrade to its propulsion system should be made available on top of what's been carried over from the tier 7 KGV. Last but not the least, 2km of additional range with a small buff to accuracy and sigma isn't too much to ask. Ultimately giving the ship's 15 inch main battery exactly the same range as the KGV's 14 inch main battery made no sense... Please feel free to chime in on your experiences with these ships and perhaps what can be done about them. And oh, I can always use more views, likes, and subscribers.
  9. The HMS Leander

    So effectively the Perth is a premium that's simply superior to its tech tree counterpart... This seems to be a thing WG has been pushing, strong and competitive premiums... And unfortunately I think nowadays at times the teams would be should I say incompetent enough that one would know how it would work out fairly early on... After owning the Montana for a few days, I've already had many high damage losses.
  10. The HMS Leander

    See the key is to have decent DDs on your side. But sometimes that's too much to ask... Well it's true that the British cruisers below tier 6 are utter trainwrecks as they are mostly made of citadels. I suspect ranked is somewhat of a different environment than pub though. In pub sometimes a ally put you in a bad spot and there are too many enemies that can focus fire on you.
  11. The HMS Leander

    Hello everyone, I've recently finished the grind to the Fiji in the Leander. It's been weeks since I first brought it, as I've mostly only been playing it just to get the daily bonus. Originally the ship felt very challenging and difficult to play, despite being an obvious step up from the British cruisers found from tiers 3 to 5 (with their thin and huge citadels). The Leander seemed fragile even when hit by the weakest and smallest caliber enemy weapons, and its ability and ideal method of doing damage seemed weird if not weak by conventional standards. Towards the tail end of my grind, I've become able to have fairly decent and fun games in the ship, although my frustration with the ship's strange specialization and traits remain. In practice, even the slightest mistake in this ship could be fatal. Your life seem to flash before your eyes when an enemy battleship sneezes. As it seems the ship's advantages include: - The availability of heal, hydroacoustic search, and smoke. All 3 are highly useful but in practice don't seem to help enough. - It loses almost no speed in a turn allowing you to dodge enemy shots and torps. - Its concealment seems to be good. Although it isn't much consolation for someone who enjoys aggressive brawling. - The 152mm guns and their semi AP ammo seem to do solid damage to broadside on enemies of all ship classes, especially if they are distracted. - The torps do decent damage and have good arcs and okay range. The single shot or spread torp system offers some flexibility. - Aside from the citadel, the rest of the ship seems to get overpens when hit by heavy enemy shells. Meanwhile the ship seems to suffer in other ways such as: - The guns have a high arc, slow shell speed, and a mediocre 13.2km range. This minimize your ability to damage enemies from inside a smoke screen or damage maneuvering enemies. - I cannot start fires with my main armament due to the lack of a true HE ammo. This is a lot of trouble when engaging bow on enemies, DDs included. So many harmless bounces even off the superstructure. Ironically I've seen my 102mm secondaries starting fires... - The very very thin armor found on the ship everywhere other than the citadel is highly vulnerable to the typical HE spam encountered in pub battles. They tend to roll high, destroy modules, and start fires. - While the ships turns well, its top speed of 33 knots often isn't fast enough for you to get out of dodge. (vs. DDs and some cruisers) - When not using smoke or terrain cover, the Leander feels outgunned by virtually every other same tier cruisers, especially if they fire some HE. - Battleship secondaries, gunboat DDs (especially US and Soviet) are very dangerous to the Leander as it's vulnerable to fires and solid damage by small caliber enemy rounds. - The Leander seems to have no meaning torpedo defense system in place. Usually 2 hits with Japanese torpedos is enough to send it to the bottom. - It seems to have a very bad RNG when receiving damage. Sometimes the majority of your health evaporated in the blink of an eye. - The ship is often agile enough to avoid being hit by air strikes, but its AA (especially without defensive fire) is nowhere near the degree of potency needed to frustrate a well planned attack by a CV. - Even with the superintendent skill, the number of smoke and heals available remain insufficient in some games. - When firing at enemies in smoke, you often need friendlies to spot but they often don't. Also the relative window of safety in terms of engagement distance between your 13.2km maxium range and a range at which the enemies can neutralize you via torp spam, blind fire, hydroacoustic search, radar, secondary guns tends to be small... I've produced this YouTube video featuring 2 of my better replays in the ship. Please feel free watch and let me know what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong in the ship. Suggestions and recommendations on how to better utilize and equip the ship are always welcome, especially since I've researched the Fiji. In a sense I wish if the ship was less situational and can stand its ground better in a conventional gun fight. I've thought about a couple changes/buffs that might help the ship: - Increase the official thickness of the plating on the bow, stern, and superstructure of the ship to give it some resistance against HE hits, fires, and overmatch autopens by AP rounds. - Buff or improve the consumables it carries. (longer smoke duration and better heal) - I think the semi AP ammo the ship's main battery uses was designed to penetrate the thin plating of unarmored or under-armored enemy targets and they do carry some explosive filler. Is it fair and realistic to say that they can and will never start fires? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BL_6_inch_Mk_XXIII_naval_gun#Ammunition Please feel free to chime in. And oh, I can always use more subscribers too.
  12. Done. The ship is equipped, although I'm now broke. Had a few games in it already. Mostly losses due to reckless or incompetent friendly DDs.
  13. On the Iowa, for the tier 4 skills I picked AFT and fire prevention. Needed AFT for protection against CVs, and the ship seems to burn a lot... Those 40mm Borfors are nice with boosted range from AFT and the AA mod in slot #3 I think... So with that in mind is concealment still worth it? I'd imagine that the Montana isn't as good of a brawler as the GK at tier 10.
  14. Well since I got the ship, now the question is: should I get the concealment upgrade or the target acquisition upgrade?
  15. Ok I got the ship. Looks like the permanent camo is necessary. Although it wish it came in a prettier pattern. I don't think the Montana has the Colorado's winning combination of low speed, low range, and low health though. When I first got the NC it was a breath of fresh air vs. the standard BBs. People seem to get left behind in them...