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  1. schmidt1096


    I would love to be a pirate
  2. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    Have you seen the BB Wisconsin in Norfolk yet?? She is a beauty! and Yes seeing the BB NC in Wilmington is also a must see...I hope you will be able to travel soon...This Pandemic is killing me and my travel plans!!! lol
  3. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    not Somers...Sumner...different DD
  4. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    I think thats a good list to have.... I have been doing that for the past 20 years... Last ship i was just on was the USS Constitution in Boston... i think its awesome that she is still an active ship in our Navy.
  5. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    If you haven't been to Patriot point in Charleston its a trip worth making!! The USS Yorktown is there as well.and the USS Clamagore submarine
  6. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    Yes took the Wife to Charleston last year...The Story of the Laffey is a really cool!!
  7. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    google is a wonderful thing...lol
  8. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    lol...guess my dad was wrong...lol well he is 80 years old he was thinking of the somers.... but he was on a sumner class
  9. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    Sorry i beg to differ on the torp tubes...My dad was on one and says they had 3 quad tubes....Maybe the Yue Yang had twin quad tubes but the US Sumner class had 3
  10. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    i agree
  11. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    The reason I ask this is that my Dad was stationed on one of the Sumner class Dds when he first joined the Navy.
  12. schmidt1096

    Sumner class DD

    How come this game doesn't have any Sumner class DDs they were built from 41-45 .....5 of them were made.....and no not Somers class Sumner class The Sumner was after the Fletcher...had double rudders which made it more maneuverable than the Fletcher...also had 3 twin turret guns and 3 quad torpedo tubes. Just curious to see thanks