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  1. They (WG) just don't consider it a useful skill because 'battleship'. It still functions the same, so no worries.
  2. A couple of the American standard battleships are missing a small amount of barbette armor. In game, the New Mexico and Colorado have 320mm thick barbettes, while the Arizona has 330mm ones. In reality, they should all be 330mm (13") above the armored deck.
  3. Just curious, but when you say that, are you taking into account the normalization of impact angles that wows uses? Don't BB shells ignore something like 6* or so of impact angle (so a 6* plate and a 0* plate would count the same)? IRL angled belts were far superior to vertical ones, but in game I think a lot of that is negated due to normalization.
  4. 28k was the MT design speed. I would take the speed loss in exchange for adding back the missing armor any day.
  5. I would fork over cash for a T8 WV with decent soft stats.
  6. I would be in to buy both a T6 Maryland (1920's white camo would be awesome) and a buffed T8 '44 West Virginia, but I won't buy a T6 WV that kills the option for the '44 version. The refitted USN standards are just too cool not to include in the game.
  7. Surprise in Co-op

    The percentages may be skewed since more people play PVP, and I'm sure you'll see many PVP'ers with 101 premiums. That said, coop'er with a ton of premiums reporting in!
  8. Do DOTs need a rework?

    I think part of this is that flooding is so nearly a death sentence (especially in higher tiers, since for some reason, more advanced ships flood worse) that the mere threat of torpedoes will cause people to save their DCP just for that purpose (I know I do). A single fire may burn for its duration because risking flooding is a terrible idea. If flooding did the same damage per tick and duration as fires, but could still be terminated with a single DCP charge, I think you'd see overall flooding damage go up, and perhaps fire damage go down as people would be more willing to risk DCP on fires. In this case, perhaps flooding damage could be normalized across the tiers like fire, have multiple zones like fire, but unlike fire, have torpedo hits guarantee flooding to the sector they hit.

    I don't think any of us asked for co-op bots to run away more.
  10. Yeah...3 games in and I'm done for now. If I was interested in camping gameplay, I'd play randoms.
  11. Just played a T10 match...the enemy Montana ran for J10 and the carrier just sat there while I shot it. That isn't an improvement at all. The gameplay is just worse.
  12. I'm not happy with it either. I've completed it before, but it was more work with no real rewarding feeling. I really don't think that bots that outnumber us should also receive commander skills and flags...
  13. US BBs

    Tall citadels are a terrible tradeoff and make maneuvering and closing distance very dangerous. Taking away maneuvering options would make US BB's less interesting, not more interesting.
  14. US BBs

    The main guns are fine. The 5"/38's need their proper ROF and shells though. Leaving them short range shouldn't affect balance really.