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    Two humans and seven bots

    And here I thought it was just me. I almost sent in a ticket about it, but figured they would not give a damn. After a family tragedy, I finally came back and played 5 straight Co Op games some weeks ago, while there was over 15,000 players on.. 2 of the games were of the 2x7 type (even though every other game had full human lineups). I was trying to grind ships that were not great on Carrying. Both games ended with me on 4 or 5 on 1. And thus were losses. At that point, I played an Operation, and haven't really played since. I am here to play a game, with players, against Bots. (PvE) I am NOT here to play against a MatchMaker. ((P.S. I was told by a friend they were having a mission for a Kirov, and that the notes said even Operations would count!. Of course I logged on today and found that although Operations did count for 3 of the parts, 2 of the parts were PvP only. I should not have gotten my hopes up. Checked the Forums, and found out (again) I wasn't the only PvE player to feel this way))