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  1. What is the Point of Bridges?

    a little story for you all... In the Royal Navy, there is a very firmly defined ranking structure and not all ranks are defined as equal.. In fact only an officer from the Deck group can command the ship at sea, unless none of these are left. The fact that there is a senior Radio Officer aboard means nothing if there is a Deck midshipman around. One of the ships my Dad was on in WW2 (a destroyer) suffered a catestrophic hit which wiped out the Skipper (Commander), the first officer (lieutenant) and the nav/flags officer (sub-lt) all in one hit along with around 4 crewmmen (Helm, flag, observers) (shell through the open bridge into the command/ nav area).. the only deck officer left was a middy who's station was down by the emergency steering gear aft with the damage control parties. 5 minutes later, a second hit started serious flooding and the ship was going down and the order was given to abandon ship. Now.. everytime a ship is lost in the RN, there is a Court Martial to determine circumstances etc. The middy, even though he was aft in the emergency steering compartment was the officer court martialed as he was the "commanding" officer at the time of the loss (for the last 5 minutes of the ships life). He was fully acquitted, but at the time, he didn't even know he was commanding officer. The radio officer who gave the command to abandon ship was reprimanded, because it was not his decision to make and lost a fair amount of seniority over the issue even though the loss of the ship was treated as an unavoidable loss under operational conditions.
  2. For all the losers, you're not alone

    I think you need some education. A patent is purely a formal document that outlines an idea that can be held to be unique. It does not, and never will reflect what is actually built, or could be built.. it is an idea. That idea needs to cover ALL possibilities and ranges to be comprehensive. Just because an idea is in a patent, doesn't mean it is used or it will be used in this particular implementation of that patent. This patent was written for tanks before ships came out, and although it can apply in some cases, it varies in many others and is obviously different if you play both games. Example from the patent :- "Vehicles of tier 1 may be entry level or novice vehicles, whereas vehicles of tier 10 (or higher) may represent well armored vehicles, very fast vehicles, vehicles with powerful ammunition, etc. If a player using a tier 1 vehicle were to compete against a player using a tier 10 vehicle, the player using the tier 1 vehicle has virtually no chance of winning the game session. However, a player using a tier 4 or above vehicle may be able to compete against some tier 10 vehicles " I thik you will agree that in WoWs, we don't have (anymore) T4 fighting T10.. again, an idea that is not implemented as written in the patent, and in ships, we don't have any direct tiers higher than 10. That is why there are so many instances of the word "may" in the document. This, of course, has been discussed ad-infinitum previously and is searchable on these forums, along with developer comments on certain areas and aspects that ARE used, rather than MAY be used, however some people take the one small section that states.. additionally player skill MAY be taken into account if so required and ignore the section that says "In the following description of the various aspects, reference is made to the accompanying drawings, which form a part hereof, and in which is shown by way of illustration how various features described herein MAY be practiced. It is understood that other embodiments MAY be used and structural and functional modifications MAY be made." and of course, those diagrams do not include balancing to 50% in any way or doing skill based matching.. in fact it specifically states that skill based matchmaking is almost impossible due to the lack of defenition of what skill could be used. It does, however, state that should the company wish to do so, it MAY balance by using crew skills or more advanced modules for balance and matchmaking, but not player skills. Having said all that, you will probably never truly find out exactly how Matchmaking is setup but one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that just because it MAY be mentioned in a Patent doesn't mean it is IMPEMENTED in this game. However, if you continue to need an excuse then by all means, keep on quoting something that is completely irrelevant such as the matchmaking patent.
  3. Was this destroyer really this lucky?

    Jervis wasn't a Tribal. she was a J class flotilla leader.
  4. This right here.. whilst I have many ships that are now just port decoration for various reasons, every single one of them has passed the "beer test" of providing more hours of fun that recycling an equivalent amount of beer for the cost :)
  5. Personally I think they should just stop making models of US warships. Every time there is a new one announced then someone has a hissy fit and the pitchforks come out and the NA forum erupts into whining and people who know how to run a company better than those doing it and constatntly making new posts about the same damn thing because.. my post is better than the previous ones. Lets go concentrate on all the other nations and that way perhaps some other navies will get some love and ships.. I mean seriously, why do we need YET ANOTHER American BB in ANY configuration, they all sink just as easily as all the others? <waving.. have fun all>
  6. In a way I agree, but it potentially opens the door for those who do mods to accurately portray the ship for those that do want to see them. It aslso opens the door for the imperial eagle and iron cross from WW1 under the same rules. From my point of view, I just thought it was interesting, and in some ways important, news in the industry. M
  7. Computer games featuring Nazi symbols such as the swastika can now be sold in Germany after the game classification body lifted the longstanding ban. A clause in the criminal code that allows such symbols to be used in a 'socially adequate' way will now be applied to games just as it is to films, the German Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK) said. It comes after controversy in Germany over the censorship of the shooter game 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus', which is set in a fictional 1961 where the Nazis won World War Two. Under the new ruling, such symbols must be for an artistic or scientific purpose or be used to represent particular events in history or historically accurate items or events. Until now producers whose games contained banned symbols could not even hand them in for assessment, Secker said. Now they will be able to hand them in - as long as they point out that they contain unconstitutional symbols - and the USK's independent classification committees will then decide on a case-by-case basis whether to allow the games to go on sale. 'Through the change in the interpretation of the law, games that critically look at current or historical affairs can for the first time be given a USK age rating,' said Secker. 'This has long been the case for films and with regards to the freedom of the arts, this is now rightly also the case with computer and video games.' Interesting :) M
  8. My Claim of Naval Service

    ahhh like this one in the channel in 1986 just peacefully trawling with ermmmm nothing huh during a British excersise? :) M
  9. My Claim of Naval Service

    LOL Apparently the commander of the sub we "sank" was radioed to be told he was out of the excersise whilst we were listening on the radio. He radioed back "Oh Glub" and that was it :) We met up with them afterwards and they all bought us drinks and warned us we wouldn't be so lucky next time :) Just found this as well from the US point of view of Teamwork 80. (Can't see the pennant number on the opening scene but we may be the RN ship.. if so we had the AA/AS mounts up, but it may have been one of the other frigates. Resolution is too bad to firmly identify. I thought we stayed in AS mode the whole time but it's a long time ago to remember :) ) I remember that russian plane shadowing the excersise and watching the tomcats "escorting" it :) M
  10. My Claim of Naval Service

    Hey Chaos :) any of these look vaguiely familiar? We spent our time chasing bloody subs and trying to break through temperature gradients in that freezing water to get lock ons :) I don't know if you are in one of the top two phots (The top one appears to be USS Comet T-LSV-7 from my notes.) but I was on the ship in the last phot (HMS Juno) as part of the ASW division. We did get a confirmed kill on a diesel boat though using heli launched torps, so we were quite chuffed. It was fun watching your marines using Sea harriers as per phot 3 during the excersise. I regret that I cannot remember the escort carriers name :( M
  11. Lert's state of the onion address

    Happy Birthday @Lert Hope you're having a good day:) I will try to get onto Discord later if my stupid internet will let me :) Been away for a week or so at a reunion for that 1982 affair, but I am missing our chats and our games :) M
  12. Royal Navy no in both world wars and also no in Falklands war.. however, there were documented cases of women on board Aircraft Carriers in WW2 on North Atlantic Convoys where the carriers were delivering new aircraft made in Canada to the UK. A lot of the delivery pilots in the UK were women (although not allowed to fly combat missions) and often times these women went west with the carriers and then on the return trip, flew the unarmed aircraft off and delivered them as soon as they were in range of Britain to save time on the delivery. A number were lost in those transport flights, although none were recorded due to enemy action. Now if you go back to Nelson's navy, then it would be true to say there were women on board ships in combat, just not doing main fighting duties on deck (mostly). The nearest they got was as powder monkeys and surgeons assistants (during combat at least) :) Although there are documented records of some of the more (shall we say argumentative types) wielding cutlasses when defending the ship against boarding actions.. but deffinately unauthorised combat you might say and not on any crew lists. M
  13. You missed the other main reason..... Seperation for the flyboy officers and ops from the Naval ops.. stops all those flyboys dropping coffee on the chart table when the ship moves ever so slightly and restricts them to their own ops zone away from the real work :) M
  14. Historical Ammunition Levels

    agreed, for in game carriers. To my knowledge, only one carrier type has never cared about wind direction and that was the british carriers in the Falklands with Sea Harriers.. however even then they preferred "into the wind launches and landings" as it cut down on the amount of fuel used if they could "ski-jump" off rather than go vertical and "bounce" land rather than vertical. However if tactical considerations made an "into-wind" operation unadvisable, then they "could" steam in any direction.
  15. Argentina Confirmed!

    Gentlemen.. Greetings and o7. As a falklands veteran (Royal Navy) I salute you for your candour and openness. Also as a veteran of that conflict, I agree it is best for the survivors of a ship to have a say in it's representation in a game. There are still many survivors of that conflict who are still alive. People on both sides did what they were told.. no survivor of the conflict should bury that past.. they should remember the people they were proud to call friends and comerades. The reasons behind the war were (as always) political.. that has ZERO bearing on the feelings or emotions of those that actually took part. For those that have never served in a conflict, you have no realisation of what the young men of both sides went through during any conflict. For those parents who saw their sons go to war, there is no comparison to loosing someone who was sent to die by a politician. I recently (well a few years back, 2007), travelled back to the Falklands for the 25th memorial services to honour the dead from BOTH sides. I met a gentleman there, and I stress gentleman, who as we chatted we realised that he had shot at me and I at him. He was an Argentinian Skyhawk pilot. We held each other close and cried together during the memorial service to ALL the dead and to this day we exchange emails. We are the people that went to do what we were told to, no matter the side. We did what we were sent to do, as did the men from Argentina. I also met survivors of the ARA General Belgrano and they bore no animosity towards us brits, as we bore no animosity to those that had attacked us in Skyhawks or by other means. Would I want my ship that was sunk in the Falklands in this game... yes, but it's too modern for the game, but I would like it to honour the memory of those that died aboard it who I called shipmates and friends. I cannot answer for other people from other ships. My father, who served on Warspite was so proud when he saw that ship in the game. However, there is an undercurrent of reaction and internet types who would make too much of the ship (IMO) exspecially with a british ship in the game called HMS Conqueror and I have NO DOUBT that the so called jokes would be rampant in the game from those with little to no sense. So again.. I salute you for your candour and look forward to seeing Argentinian ships in the game, but as you say.. ARA General Belgrano may just be a few years to soon at this stage, but perhaps there could be a solution were HMS Conqueror to be renamed.. that might just open the door for this ship and her people to be remembered. Regards M