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  1. Badges Are Frustrating

    I actually like the badges.. the style of them is very much like the ships badges that actually existed, and the basic ones are pretty much like the insignia worn on naval uniforms. To me that adds a sense of immersion in a convaluted sort of way. As to having them shoved in your face... so what? If it upsets you that much in a combat game then perhaps there are other issues you should be looking at. Is it sporting? yes and no. It's no worse than being at the Olympics and having to stand on the second place on the podium while another countries anthem plays for the gold medal for the person standing above and next to you. The only way to turn it off right now is to either win or to play Co-Op. I don't think you will ever get an accurate response on the forums as to whether this is good or bad for most people, because as usual, there is a very vocal group and then a silent group, and a very vocal forum minority can make it seem like that is a majority view and that is what they rely on. For me, I think it's just another fun thing to do while playing a WAR-game I like a great deal and as a combat game, if it winds up someone on the enemy team threough their own hate of it, and makes them make just one more mistake in their game then thats all to the good. M
  2. More Ships per battle

    Look, seriously.. it's hard enough to get 12 ships in one cap all at the same time, there just isn't room for 15 M
  3. Can you....

    Actually.... (always a good start) I think the new badges add a sense of immersion.. they are very like the style of badges that were on the actual ships and also the badges worn on uniforms of navy people. For that very reason, I think they are an excellent idea and a good addition to the game... oh and as to maps... the only map that adds immersion to the game is Ocean, and that is so rarely seen now, it's a joke. M
  4. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    The biggest diversity of ships is at tiers 3/4 it's just that the tiers require so little exp to get through most just don't even realise it. Virtually every single ship at T3/4 requires a different playstyle to do well in it. Many of the players at T9/10 would do well to play T3/4 more often.. they may learn how to play those big ships that they are so fond of planting behind an island just prior to being deleted in them and learn how to mitigate things like fire damage rather than just whining about it. M
  5. Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    Yeah, AbysmalDiffid wanted another ship to call crap to feel better about himself again :) M
  6. Can you....

    for the record, it was not actually meant as a jab, the sympathy part is real but as stated, for a very small minority, which I accept you may well be part of. For me, even with similar circumstances (I am guessing here but problems with bright colours and flashy sparkly objects and finding the explosions rather painful but acceptable) I haven't found the badges a problem yet and I think they are an excellent addition to the game. M
  7. Can you....

    You have no idea what I have been through, I just don't drop it in every forum post I make. EDIT :- also I fail to see how stating that for a few I sympathise was a jab.. unless you were looking for jabs. M
  8. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Yeah the AA is bad, but it's made up for... I got mine today ( since I had way to much FXP sitting there doing nothing so it was free) and there is nothing like taking 2/3 the health of a Bismark in one salvo with 2 cits at 19km in the first salvo of the match and getting torrents of abuse back about ptw players.... I can put up with being hit with a lot of torpedoes for that. I am not sure, right now, which was better, the damage done or the torrent of salty chat. M
  9. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    From recent polls a lot more care about the lower tiers than the tier 9/10 gameplay and tiers. That's why WG is having to desperately push things for higher tiers at every opportunity. M
  10. Can you....

    Well I for one will do all the missions for the badges and patches because of the other rewards gained whilst doing them. Secondly, I shall get as many as I can because with WG's history, I am sure that at some point in the future, they may well have a purpose and allow you to do other things or have more options. Thirdly, I would almost guarantee that the programmers and artists doing the designs for collections and badges etc, are probably given this as a first project on entry to the company and it's a training excercise for them, that way you can bring on more people to do main game stuff quicker. However, I am sure that many will not want these on their screens because it is change, and change is always bad :) For the very few that it really does cause a problem to.. ie more than your screen exploding when your ship is sunk, or fires going everywhere, or flashes of gun barrels.. which already exist and are way brighter than the badges.. then you have my sympathy.. but I feel that would be a very small number. For those that don't want it because it adds nothing to gameplay.. see my point above and then look at ALL the other things that don't add to gameplay, like maybe models of ships. M
  11. My Luck

    Good news and hope your wife feels better. I am also suffering the heavy/cold / bronchitis thingy right now and can confirm it is not fun :( Your story about getting stuck at work.... So here we are, late 79 / early 80 on HMS Juno.. got into Portsmouth early on the 24th december with a quick refuel... skipper made a fast run (damn the fuel costs) with a few cut corners on the nav from me, to get us all home for Xmas... I head home to see the wife for a few days leaving the ship at around 3pm.. leave was until 27th December. 3 AM 25th December.. phone call... bloody russian cruiser sighted in North Sea.. fleet scramble to cover and escort... stayed out until 1st January on cover then straight back on excersise. Didn't get back home again until March. Sad part is.. if skipper had kept to origional timeframe, we would have docked midday 25th and missed the scramble due to needing to refuel. Oh well.. such is life in the real floaty boates :) M
  12. Explosions during Sinking-REMOVE

    You see all those little men crawling over the bow of the ship when the det occurs? One of those was my Dad who had just got out of A turret and stepped onto the side of the ship as she was rolling, who got flung off into the water and was picked up by HMS Hotspur sometime later. The Video was taken from HMS Valiant. According to the official board of enquiry, which my dad saw no reason to dispute... the torpedo hits triggered a fire, which spread as the ship rolled to the 4" magazine which ignited, also setting of the main magazine for the 15" guns. There was no direct magazine hit, the ship exploded from the fires reaching the magazines. After his recovery he went on to serve on HMS Warspite for the duration. 4 Torpedoes were fired of which 3 hit and exploded virtually simultaneously. M
  13. If Belfast gets powercreeped in this game then theres a hell of a lot of other ships that will need desperate help before Belfast does. :) M
  14. Because it's another freebie? I mean what else is there to do with all that FreeXP? I have Missouri.. never play her... I have Nelson.. play her a lot.. and I'll probably get Mushashi because like the others its free and I already have way to much freexp out there even though I will probably only play her a few times for sh%^ts and giggles.. M
  15. Still love my Belfast. Play style is very much don't get seen and certainly don't do anything other than swerve wildly when targetted. She cannot take a hit of any kind, but she can burn a BB to the waterline in almost no time flat if you find one in open water. Love that ship and it's now got to the point that if I get a sub 60k/70k damage game in her, I am dissapointed. M