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  1. My Navy Days

    @Chaos_EN2 Time for some stories then I guess :) 1) I had to fly to gib to pick up my ship as I had been on leave. Our standard transport to Gib was a C-130 herc. now, flying from UK to Gib is around an hour and a half.... unless you are in the military.. because then Spain refuses to let military flights pass over their territory, so flying way out to sea and then coming into Gib turns that same flight into 5 hours plus. Like everyone else at that time, I was a smoker.. hey don't critisize, we got 40 ciggs a day free as part of our pay :) So about an hour into the flight, I joked with the pilot that i was dying for a cig break. He said no problem, but all smoking had to be outside the aircraft.. I refused on the grounds that I hate using a parachute, but he said no problem.. the AL (Aircraft Loader) attatched me to a harness and a steel rope and they lowered the back door and he said.. there ya go.. stand beyond the yellow line and you're in the smoking area. We spent most of the flight sitting on the end of the open door, legs hanging over the edge, smoking and chatting. Best smoking section I have ever been in on a flight. 2) I got a 3 day fine in Gib.. Went out for the night with the guys from the ship.. met up with a load of people (maybe even you) and got completely plastered at the end of the excercise. Now, the Royal Navy had this rule.. if you could walk up the gangplank unaided (bounding of the rails was allowed), turn aft and salute and say the name of the ship then you were sober coming back on board. So, we all queued up on the quayside. In Gib, we had moored third ship out from the keyside, so we were going to have to do this three times.. saluting on each ship and saying outboard before crossing the deck to the next ship. It came to my turn... staggered up the first gangplank and turned aft, saluted and said "outboard" and then fell on the deck.. that was fine... crawled across the deck.. stood up.. staggered across the gangplank and turned aft, saluted and said outboard... and then sat down on the deck... yep that was fine... crawled across the deck with the duty watch trying to tell me something.. but all I could see was the deck spinning so i waved him away... now it should have occured to me at that point, that if there was no gangplank, then there probably wasn't a ship.. but in the state I was in, I climed the guardrails practising saying Juno for when i stepped on deck and stepped onto the gangplank that wasn't there, because whilst we were ashore, they moved the ship to another berth. The next thing I knew was them pulling me out of the water completely sober after falling straight in the oggin. The following day, i got hauled up infront of the skipper who clearly explained to me that this was not acceptable behaviour from a nav officer, and even though I apparently correctly saluted and stated "Juno" when they pulled me out of the water into the inflatable, that he felt he had no choice but to fine me three days pay and he then thanked me for the laugh I had provided to the start of his day. The next couple of days were a tad more restrained ashore :) M PS I had a beard like that then as well :)
  2. What mods do you use and why?

    played vanilla since alpha.. but now I have one mod.. the one that removes Romas beercan and feckin stupid camo. Nothing else. M
  3. Blanket nerf BBs

    Actually, that would only be true of one Navy... you see the problem in full historical accuracy? Only the US navy started using BB's to only escort carriers at the end of WW2. So how would you ensure that? RN used cruisers and DD's to escort the carriers because of the threat of the Uboats rather than the threat of BB's, which were not so much of a problem in the Atlantic. Full accuracy is something that cannot be perpetrated in WoWs because of the disparity of the fleets and the combat areas they served in. Now you could do a lot more towards historical accuracy, but then it becomes a decision about Simulator v Game. WG were origonally making a product that was 80%Simulator/20% Game and they have publicly stated that they changed tack on that around the launch of Open Beta. They have also publicly said that they regret the decision to head towards pure 100%Game/0%Simulator, but it is now to late to reconsider that decision. M
  4. don't disagree with you in any way (except I would dispute slightly the USA being good with a smattering of others :) ), but I haven't seen a WoWs battle that even resembles anything rougher than a "not quite perfect" day on something like Lake Ontario. I mean it's basically flat calm in every battle. Even the US ships were designed for the Pacific Theater not the Atlantic and a number of them would have had some issues in the Atlantic battles. M
  5. Did the Alsace get a last minute Nerf??

    I think you will find that the diagram that you linked was for one of the origonal concepts after they had reworked the guns from 38cm to 34cm and based on an interpretation from stats. Because they also decided, during construction to use the electro-hydraulic gear on the turrets, the amount of space at the bow precluded the use of superfiring turrets due to other stuffs being added in that area (in fact if you look at the stern guns, you see theres a LOT of space between the turrets bercause of that same issue.. there just isn't room at the bow for the same).. so the arrangement on the model is in fact correct for what was going to be built. As to secondaries, she had 24 138mm guns in doubles and quad turrets so the secondaries are good and accurate (to the design drawing that would have been used). I actually think WG got the design pretty much spot on for what was going to be built, although, like a lot of WG's ships.. they never got beyond final design stage.. something called WW1 got kinda in the way of that. M
  6. You raise an interesting point... with regards the stability.. they were deliberately designed to have lower stability, but my understanding was that it was to introduce a "slow" roll to improve gun accuracy, which it certainly did.. the R classes always outperformed the QE's in gunnery trials. Perhaps that "design" issue could be used by WG to decrease dispursion or increase sigma to make up for the other shortcoming because of the problems in upgrading the ships in later life. M
  7. USN in Hermes

    The same could be said of the USA really :) M
  8. Anyone remember this legend? *UPDATE!!!*

    I travelled on the RMS QE2 on it's longest ever non-stop voyage which included a refuelling at sea getting back to the UK on 11th June 1982 after sailing 14,000 miles non stop. (i think you can guess which trip :) ) RMS QE2 was one of the last V shaped transatlantic hull designs.. today only the RMS QM2 is a V hull ship, all the others are flat bottomed cruise ships which is why the RMS QM2 is now the flagship even with a new Cunard ship coming in 2022 to become the 4th passenger ship in the fleet which will be somewhat larger than the RMS QM2.. Thank you for the history of this Cunard Ship. Post 1982, I sailed on her again a few times, but in a little more luxury than my first trip. PS, don't forget, SS Atlantic Conveyor and SS Altlantic Causeway were also Cunard ships in 82. For Conveyor, it was her last voyage. M PPS not being picky, but this famous ship was actually the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2... the RMS is kinda important and special distinction :)
  9. As to numbers.. enough to create a situation and led to a number of Supertesters resigning. Let me quote you some posts (names of posters removed, from that period although a couple of posters on this thread may recognise their posts. )... I just picked a couple of threads.. there were a lot more. 1) Multiple people have already stated they are going to TK ST's. I will feel slightly bad about focusing down any Bamas I see, but there won't be that many of them around, and they won't be played for long, so I won't feel too bad. 2) Sink and TK all 'Bamas on sight. 3) Great idea, but wn8 is all that matters, not win%, so focus Aabamas down and crush them on both sides who cares, u killed an alabama!!!! 4) You can believe any Alabama I encounter is getting the full compliment at the beginning and until it sinks regardless of the consequences to my stats or the match outcome 5) If they get upset enough over enough TK's, WG might offer a compromise. And those were ones that wern't moderated by WG. People were even posting videos on YouTube of their "Bama Kill". Now, how much don't you want to characterize this community? M
  10. Yes. As a Supertester at the time, I was TK'd 5 times in a row by certain people who were raising the @#$%storm about it on the forums (none of whom actually bought the ship when it was released.) They knew we were testing and were hanging out at T8 waiting to see one appear. Now, whilst it's quite normal to get TK'd once or twice when testing new ships on NA, that particular one went way beyond the usual.. oh look shiney.. get out syndrome. M
  11. Obviously Warspite for the warship (I actually have a small piece of her from my Dad.. part of the gun alignment mechanism of X turret :) Theres no other Warship in the world with anything like a similar history in combat and in so many regions of the world, until you go back to HMS Victory which is still in commision. As to Ocean liner.. I would probably go for RMS Mauretania... first of the transatlantic greyhounds and holder of the Blue Riband for 20 years and sister to the Lusitania. M
  12. Happy Birthday LittleWhiteMouse...

    yayyyy Happy Birthday, and many more to come. Enjoy and have fun. M
  13. Wait... you can get patches in containers?

    Patch notes are SO OP :- Distinctive Insignias Decorative parts for your Patches will now have a chance to be randomly included in your Daily Containers as an additional item. These Patch parts will be assigned their own separate slot in the Container; in which they will not come in place of other rewards. If a player receives a duplicate of an already owned Patch part, compensation of 15,000 Credits will be issued per patch. You can view player's insignia in detail on their profile page. To do that, just go to the player's profile and click on the Distinctive Insignia. M
  14. Earning the rest of French Portraits?

    Careful. it says SHIP torpedoes.. carrier ones may not work. M
  15. All the best Niko, thank you and may your guns never misfire :) M