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  1. Today I attended the memorial service, just down the road from me in Devon England for this tragedy that took place during the second world war. I have attatched a brief history of the tragedy and the reasons behind it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This weekend marks the 75th anniversary of the Slapton Sands tragedy during Excersise Tiger on a beach now named Monument beach. To this day the beaches of the South Hams have a quiet, half-forgotten air as if time has passed them by. And one of the reasons behind that strangely nostalgic atmosphere is that the long sloping shingle beach at Slapton Sands was the scene of one of the most tragic single episodes in Devon's and WW2's history which was unknown for over 30 years. The full story of what happened is still not fully known and rumours still abound, but for days after the night of April 28, 1944 the corpses of hundreds of young American servicemen were washed up along the entire Lyme Bay coastline. It happened during Exercise Tiger - a week-long dummy invasion practice for D-Day. Until that April night everything had gone smoothly. The first stage began the previous year when 3,000 people in the small villages around Slapton were given six weeks to evacuate their homes, farms, pubs and shops leaving ghost towns. Then in the spring of 1944 the Yanks arrived in their thousands. These were the GIs who would mount the assault on the beachheads of Normandy during D-Day. But the whole operation was shrouded in the utmost secrecy. And first there would be a dress rehearsal at Slapton - with its steep shingle beaches resembling the conditions the invading forces would experience on one of the Normandy invasion beaches, Utah. The story has been told many times of the two major invasion practices which took place on Slapton Sands during the spring of 1944. It was the first of them – Exercise Tiger – which turned into a disaster which was kept secret for 30 years after the D-Day landings. That night German torpedo boats hunting off the Devon coast picked up on Allied radio traffic and spotted eight boats sailing in a line in Lyme Bay. The nine German E-boats had also been spotted by the flotilla's only escort, the Royal Navy corvette HMS Azalea. But because orders given to each landing craft contained a typographical error the Americans and the British Navy HQ ashore were on different radio frequencies and they never received warning of the terror approaching. The landing craft had been part of a convoy which had set off from Plymouth for Slapton Sands to rendezvous in the middle of Lyme Bay before “attacking” the beach-head. But the E-boats had stumbled across the exercise in the dark and within minutes destroyed two of the landing craft, which had been loaded with gasoline and explosives, with hundreds of men aboard. The exercise had been dogged by misfortune from the start. One of the intended guardships was rammed by a landing craft in Plymouth harbour and a replacement arrived too late. The Cherbourg-based German E-boats had been spotted on radar by a destroyer on patrol off Portland Bill. Their position was reported to Plymouth headquarters, but they could not relay it to the convoy because of the radio mix-up. The death toll from Exercise Tiger in the early hours of April 28, 1944 was more than the number of casualties sustained in the taking of 'Utah' beach itself. In the confusion US commanders ordered all their the remaining vessels to scatter, contrary to the RN officers ordering the fleet to close up and head for the beach who were overriden by the US command team. But the order left many men floating in the cold sea to die of hypothermia. Once in the water many soldiers soon sank, weighed down by sodden clothes and kit. Others were killed by life jackets wrongly worn around their waists instead of under the armpits, turning them on to their fronts and forcing the men's face and chest underwater. Survivors said the scene that night in Lyme Bay was horrific. One said: "You could walk to the beach on the floating bodies." said one survivor. And the GIs who made it to the shore tell of a further disaster which has not been acknowledged to this day by the Pentagon. They claimed that as they staggered on to the beach the men come under shell fire from British cruiser HMS Hawkins and "friendly fire" from beach gun emplacements. Instead of dummy ammunition, many claim that they were "mown down like ninepins". A further 300 were said to have died at the hands of their own side's gunfire when it was ascertained that many of the US troops were issued live ammo instead of the dummy ammo approved for the excercise. A British observer from the Royal Engineers said: "We later found out it was a mistake. They should have been using dummy ammunition but they just carried on shooting." The truth of the friendly fire claim has never been proven. Former radio man Steven Sadlon, from New York, was on one of three ships struck by torpedoes: “There were flames everywhere and the poor guys were screaming to death,” he recalled. Steven spent over five hours in the water and at one stage passed out through hypothermia: “The last thing I thought of was being held in my mother’s arms,” he said. “Then I found myself on a mess table in the ship that rescued me. I was covered in 14 Army blankets and this sailor told me I was a lucky guy.” Mr Sadlon was one of more than 130 men plucked to safety by LST-515 whose skipper, Capt John Doyle, had disobeyed orders not to go back for survivors. “If he hadn’t I would not be here now,” he said. William Hicks, from Michigan was a ship fitter on LST 507 which keeled over and sank in just six minutes. “I was blown into the water for ten hours, before a British destroyer picked me,” he said. Exercise Tiger even at the lower, official death toll figure of 749 men was still far higher than the number killed on the storming of Utah beach on the real D-Day. It was the worst loss of life to befall American troops since Pearl Harbor. What really happened on Slapton Sands was kept secret at the time. But stories began filtering out of bulk deliveries of coffins arriving in Devon. The men were buried in the American cemetery or shipped back home to their families. Former radio man Steven Sadlon, from New York, was on one of three ships struck by torpedoes: “There were flames everywhere and the poor guys were screaming to death,” he recalled. Mr Sadlon returned to Devon in 2004 at the age of 80 and recalled how he spent over five hours in the water and at one stage passed out through hypothermia: “The last thing I thought of was being held in my mother’s arms,” he said. “Then I found myself on a mess table in the ship that rescued me. I was covered in 14 Army blankets and this sailor told me I was a lucky guy.” Mr Sadlon was one of more than 130 men plucked to safety by LST-515 whose skipper, Capt John Doyle, had disobeyed orders not to go back for survivors. “If he hadn’t I would not be here now,” he said. William Hicks, from Michigan was a ship fitter on LST 507 which keeled over and sank in just six minutes. “I was blown into the water for ten hours, before a British destroyer picked me,” he said at the age of 79 when he came to Slapton to remember his fallen comrades in 2004. The rear-admiral in charge of Exercise Tiger, DP Moon (U.S Navy), committed suicide soon after the disaster - one of several bizarre incidents in the story. Despite the horrific loss of life, Exercise Tiger was apparently considered a success because the troops were trained in the proper use of life-preservers and a procedure was devised to get men out of the water more quickly. And after Exercise Tiger the Allies ensured all radio frequencies were standardised so communications could not go wrong. And D-Day was to become a turning point in WWII. Now all that remains at Slapton Sands is a corroded Sherman tank, dragged from the sea by hotelier Ken Small who was determined to use it as a proper memorial to the bloody events of that night in April 1944. Slapton Sands beach today. Slapton Sands memorial Tank taken today at the service. Regards to all.. M
  2. MaliceA4Thought

    About the Furious WG.

    Looking forward to how they promote the Premium UK Carrier which only has rockets and bombs :)
  3. MaliceA4Thought

    The furious not soo much

    I'll be interested to see how they try and sell the British premium Carrier that only has Rockets and Bombs and has no Torps based on the fact that the only british cv weapon worth having is torps.
  4. MaliceA4Thought

    CV Tips and Tricks

    Just to add.. it's also possible, given the right circumstances to fly "through" an enemy fleet by using islands with rocket or torpedo planes... pick a channel with no ships and fly through it in attack mode... you don't have to release the weapons, but it drops you below the island height which can protect from a lot of the AA, and in a lot of cases tempts the ship to use a DFAA when they can't hit you. This often means you can attack from the "wrong" side where they have depleted their AA by focusing on the other side
  5. MaliceA4Thought

    CV's need to go killing the game.

    Actually no they haven't ever.. what they actually said 2 years ago was that most players that have an interest in CV's do not want to play CV's in RTS mode, but something more direct and dynamic. You keep misquoting that in the same way as people keep misquoting the amendment to carry arms or the unlimited aircraft rubbish. It makes for good confirmation bias, but it is a complete misquote. The poll based around this in 2017 actually showed the following (official poll via email not forum poll).... (Actually there were many polls and questionaires.. I kept this one for reference, but figures were similar across all polls and all servers.) 53% stated that the CV RTS gameplay had no appeal for them 56% stated that they thought there should be more CV's in the game with another 22% not worried one way or the other 42% stated that the biggest problem was that RTS encouraged a skill gap and they were put off playing CV's because of failing. 62% felt that Carriers could not be fixed without removing RTS mode. The only aspect of this that comes close to your endlessly played statement is the majority not wanting RTS mode for carriers which is not what you say.
  6. MaliceA4Thought

    So what is happening with submarines?

    Subs will only be introduced after they have confirmed that DD's will not be spottable by them, or be attacked by them, but can kill the submarines with depthcharges. Any other news is fake news. <innocent smile>
  7. well heregoes :) two things were changed on rockets... longer aim and higher dispersion.. remove one of them. All ship detectability was decreased by 20% across the board allowing for stealth AA in many ships... Reduce detectability on DD's by 10% put other ships back to where they were. These were the two biggest stuff ups slightly over the top nerf bats (IMO) of 8.0.3 A few other things that i think should be looked at. Introduce the scaling of AA bubbles as threatened. Clarify what the aim of a CV is in the game so we, the players have a clue. Tell us now many passes you expect planes to have on a target, which will then tell us how much damage you are expecting carriers to do.. example, if you are balancing this game to the potential damage of three passes of aircraft, then it's no wonder things are all pear shaped, because the carriers are only getting one pass :) Please, please, please stop balancing T4/6/8 carriers with blanket T10 nerfs because people won't sit there and fight through those levels to get to t10.. it is killing carriers at lower levels. Now the radical stuff... Look into splitting AA.. if two carriers are attacking the same ship, or a single squad is attacking and launches fighters.. AA should be scaled back across ALL the planes, not have full AA against the squadrons and full AA against the fighters.. Using the fighters in this way gives the CV an option to counter the AA and gives them a mechanism to do so, so with work and effort, you can try to attack the heavy AA ship. With the limited health of fighters, it's a short opportunity but it is one a player can control. Look at the scaling of all three of the following, because with double tier difference the current line is too steep which is what makes it so deadly to play 2 tiers lower. If you amend these three to be more of a slight incline than a mountain side, the two tier difference won't matter anything like as much and changing these three factors will have zero impact on the current surface to surface balance... Plane health Damage from planes AA Finally a really radical option... make all surface ship player choose how their DP guns work... allow them to either shoot ships, or shoot planes, but not both at the same time with the DP weapons with a cooldown on changeover and remove the automatic sectors stuff.. This will be of much more use than playing with sectors and allow the surface ships to have greater control of their destiny, which they keep asking for... yeah this will get me thousands of downvotes, but what the hell :)
  8. MaliceA4Thought

    WG address the tier 8 CV problem

    no its not.. with perma camos and reduced and fixed costs, it is possible to play T10 with profit every game providing you are not complete rubbish. The old days of t10 were much more severe and even with premium there was almost no way you could make any money unless you were top of the winning team and had a stunning game. T10 economy now is easy mode, which is why so many play nothing but t10 because unless you are afk on the loosing side, you won't loose enough to stop you playing T10. A return to the old days where even a win on premium gave you a loss on credits, would materially affect the tiers being played.
  9. MaliceA4Thought

    Fantastic Friday!

    So my vote is HMS Incomparable... a paper ship but designed by Jackie Fisher in 1915. She was the ultimate extension of the Battlecruiser ideal, Fast, low armour, big guns. Her main armament was 3x2 20" guns, with 5x3 4" dp secondaries, 9x1 3pdrs and 8 above water 18" TT. Speed 35 knots... armour.. belt 11" decks 4", Displacement 46,000 tons (about the same as HMS Vanguard) but in 1915.
  10. Greetings all, I was working on some calculations based on for myself and getting ready to post it, when this great post cropped up on the EU forum doing the same... Now, some of the options chosen may lead to a small discrepancy in the figures, all of which have been rounded for simplicity.. however what this shows is just how many ships can now primarily stealth AA. I decided to repost it here for all carrier players so you can be aware of what the 20% stealth nerf did across the board and hopefully warn you about the survivability of your planes and to urge caution in spotting, and the Cruisers to be very aware of if you see them in the red line up. Many many thanks to Fubucky on the EU server for the formatting etc and the slog through the data which I know can be a little mind numbing :) https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/113966-most-cruisers-can-now-stealth-aa-wg-nerfed-cvs-too-much/
  11. MaliceA4Thought

    automate DD gunnery

    You are dazed, bewildered, trapped in a world with no time, where color collides with sound, and shadows explode. You see a sign up ahead. This is no ordinary forum message This is "The Twilight Message" This message may be monitored or the topic followed, though likely not answered, for quality and training purposes. If you don't wish your response to be monitored or referred to, then please refrain from posting.
  12. MaliceA4Thought

    Ideas on how to lessen the abuse DDs take from CVs

    The ONLY way you can get multiple hits with bombs (well there is always RNG but mostly) is to bomb down the length of a ship. That means one of two things.. either the DD is moving in a straight line at a constant speed thus allowing the line up to be made early to get the reticule narrow enough to even get most of it on a DD, or its a stationary DD. If a DD turns, even a little bit to prevent the stright line drop, then if you are good you may get one hit, if you are lucky you may get 2.. if for any reason you got three, I would be abandoning the game and running out to get a lottery ticket :) The DB reticule for aiming never gets down to the size of a DD, and RNG will ensure that misses happen. Smart DD's also know that lining up with an AA ship means that if the CV pilot does manage to get an inline drop on you, he will then overshoot into an AA bubble after dropping, before he can turn, which means that a second drop from the same squad is extremely unlikely. With the visibility of A/c to DD's against the visibility of DD's to A/c, a small change in direction is often enough to take a DD out of view completely... especially if he has AA off.. keeping AA on in a DD is a Cv's prayer being answered because now you can find him by his AA LONG before you can spot him as a spotter and if he is in smoke, you can drop on the AA and usually get a hit if you have just a little luck. :) In one battle last night, my carrier spotted a DD closing in before the flight that had just taken off and I swear flew right over him but never spotted him.
  13. MaliceA4Thought

    Wouldn't carriers be easier to balance if...

    Preach it :) Exactly the solution that is needed.
  14. MaliceA4Thought

    8.0.3 CV results

    Hi, I am not tex, but I'll give you an answer from today post 8.0.3.... Here I am in my T8 carrier... start of match, trying to spot in rocket planes... I have 6 planes. Have spotted one BB so far, so i turn to move down the line and suddenly my entire squadron dissapears into the sea. Never saw the ship.. never got a spotting flag, never got a ship showing on the minimap.. a little later in the match, it turned out it was a mino. Just for info :) M
  15. MaliceA4Thought

    Some Information about CV Rework (Current and Upcoming)

    Carriers have a fixed hangar capacity.. how you use that capacity is down to the individual carrier driver, so lets just say that carriers have a fixed hangar capacity with a max of xxx planes per game whatever xxx is which is actually less than pre-rework. However, I don't think that will satisfy some people. Or, we could just stop saying that anything in this game has unlimited anything, because it's not true for any class, be it BB, CA, DD, or CV.