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  1. And............... the class was designed and build using the USN category CC or "Battlecruiser" . However, the USN chiefs of staff didn't like the phrase Battlecruiser and so invented a new classification CB and called them Heavy Cruisers. This caused an issue with the naming and so their provisional names which would have been States were changed to territories, again a new classification as Cruisers were named after Cities. Which basically brings us back to.. looks like a Battlecruiser, smells like a Battlecruiser, is a Battlecruiser no matter what it's called.. M
  2. BB: Nikolai, 234 games, 68%, 51k dpg CL: Iwaki Alpha, 202 games, 68%, 42k dpg DD: Gremy, 126 games, 63%, 30k dpg CV: Langley, 18 games, 33%, 31k dpg M
  3. Double post removed M
  4. HMS Barham.. see page 2 and 3 of this thread for details :) M
  5. the only bad addition to this game was the OP. M
  6. HMS Antelope, Falklands 23 May 1982. We were patrolling the entrance to San Carlos Water and got attacked by 4 Argentinian Skyhawks dropping bombs. One 1000lb bomb entered the ships starboard sifde but did not detonate and another penetrated the deck but also failed to go off immediately. Various Bomb disposal teams came aboard, but whilst working on one of them, it detonated. As it was directly beside the missile store, the whole lot went up and broke the ships back and she sank later that night after a few more secondary explosions. For the ships crew, we survived with only one dead.. but the Bomb disposal teams were not so lucky. The Royal Engineer team lost one, one badly injured, and from the Navy helper team.. all were severely injured, but we all survived to get home eventually. If you are interested.. hers a tribute vid about the ship. M
  7. anyway sorry to take your thread sideways, but coming back to it.. I have to admit, sorry for your detonation, but for my own reasons (as you can probably guess) I prefer them to stay personally.. but I have a subjective and fairly uinique view on the topic. This was the one I survived... M
  8. well when you put it like that, I have to agree:) M
  9. This forum is interesting.. we discoverd a year or so back that @dseehafer Dad (I think it was) was on a German ship that my Dad was in an engagement with my Dad on the other side. Both survived and I am sure both would have loved to have met each other after the war, but again. History etc etc. My Dad and I seem to have had a tradition of surviving explosions of ships that we served on in combat zones :) Not perhaps the best of family traits to have M
  10. no, I have no issues with it, after all he survived it:) I have a copy on my machine that I watch every anniversay of his death. It's part of History now and it happened, so it's fine with me, but thank you for the offer:) M
  11. And one of those people on the bow in that picture was my Dad. He was one of the 337 people recovered by HMS Hotspur. He was in A turret when it happened. There was a friend he had who came to visit a couple of times a year.. we discovered later that the friend was from Hotspur and had helped him out of the water. After a short time in recovery, he went on to serve in X turret in Warspite for the duration. The explosion and the gunnery lost part of his hearing for the rest of his life. We only discovered his history after he was dead in notebooks kept in the loft of the house and from his friend, he had lots of fun anecdotes about his time on Warspite during the war but the Barham part was never spoken about to us. M
  12. yes.. we need natural ice for the scotch.. tastes so much better that ice made from tap water :) M
  13. well, since the pattern of climate has gone from cold to hot and back to cold then hot again and ALL well before man even existed on this planet, and the current cycle is for it to get hot again as we slowly climb out of the last ice age, and that 500 years ago with the mini ice age changes happened there was no human intervention again then, and that the last 10 - 15 years have had significantly LESS hurricanes than normal, even though it's getting hotter and ity was predicted the number of hurricanes would increase massively but failed to and now ex politicians and failed scientists are looking to make money from persuading people that there IS climate change... I would say that to believe in climate change is just another conspiracy theory manifested by people wanting to make money. When he who invented the Internet claimed a couple of months ago that he was responsible for allerting the world to climate change.. that's when it became an obvious money ploy to sell books. Oh, and by the way.. one volcanic eruption puts more of the gasses into the atmosphere that create warming than the the whole population of earth (including the cows) does in 5 years and even the climate warming conspiracy theorists haven't yet found a way to link volcanic action with global warming. M
  14. Yeah no issue.. that class of ships was crazy for the detail diffs :) But then again most UK ships were all over the place with class differences:) TRacking a lot of this stuff down is really hard sometimes for specific dates and options :) EDIT.. btw, Fisher (who signed the pic of Warspite) was Captain of Warspite 40 - 42 and then went on to Arctic Convoys before becoming Rear Admiral Pacific in 44 finally becoming a full Admiral. The nearest date I can get to the Warspite photo is post March 37 refit and pre start of the war in 39 because of the paint scheme. The model of Warspite in game is post 1942 when the swordfish floatplanes were replaced by Walrus floatplanes. Again. mini differences. M
  15. The whole history of this class is a myriad of details in the refits and the time periods. QE got the 20 x 4.5" but so did Valiant. The only "easy spot" difference between QE and Valiant was in the masts and a sternwalk on QE. QE had a tripod mainmast, Valiant had a single pole mainmast. Also, QE had a sternwalk because of her status as a flagship which Valiant never had. QE and Valiant became the Valiant group of QE class BB's because of this. The rest of the class were different, and actually so was the AA armament in small but interesting detail :) As stated above, Warspite retained the 6" but a reduced number to reduce flooding of the lower decks in rough seas with different bridge structures. Pic enclosed for comparison. All pics post rebuild. Whilst the Warspite phot is dated 41, I believe the date the photo was taken was late 30's but just pre-war because of the very light grey (almost white) colours and the coloured flashes on the turrets.. certainly it's taken on entry to Malta harbour. (PS would love this camo in WoWs :) ) IN fact, WG got the basics of both Warspite and QE absolutely spot on in all cases in this regard for the ww2 period. M