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  1. MaliceA4Thought

    Seal Clubbing.

    well for me, the complete destruction of an FDG with my Nelson made it a good game for me points wise :) I set him on fire with first salvo.. he never used a damage repair and I just kept up the BBQ from range with upto 4 fires on him pretty much constantly. He shot at me about 4 times and missed every shot from about 15km away sailing broadside to me all the time. However, whilst he was a total detriment to his team, it gave me no satisfaction either because there was no challenge. Frankly, I expect an FDG to marmelise me in a one on one, and it should do, but to get away with no damge and the full health of an FDG to my credit was frankly boring as hell.
  2. MaliceA4Thought

    Seal Clubbing.

    Theres no reason apart from WG's desire to make Money. I was playing yesterday and found someone in a T9 ship with 180 games. I asked him about it and he said he bought a Tirpitz on day 1, then bought credits and got a FDG. he has 2 ships in his port other than the T1 cruisers.. Tirpitz and FDG. His win rate is 28% and his average damage in the FDG is 8k. He is hoping to buy more credits this week and get the T10 ship. He has no modules, no flags, his captain is 3 pts. He isn't even aware of things like modules, captain skills and flags as he hasn't played enough battles to open up those options. Oh yes, and he was aware that Tirpitz has torps, but wasn't sure how to use them. He was complaining about the cost of the battles and the fact that each week he HAS to buy credits to keep sailing his ship :( The problem is, that WG has made it far to cheap to play at high levels.. theres no requirement to learn how to play the game, and anything can be bought for money in the shop.
  3. MaliceA4Thought

    What happened to my Steven Segal Captain?

    Correct, the term was origionated in the 1300's in England and remains is common use via English legal documents such as a John Doe injunction or a John Doe order. "If an unknown person has possession of confidential personal information and is threatening to disclose it, a 'John Doe' injunction may be sought against that person" Since then it has been used world wide to refer to any unknown person or persons.
  4. MaliceA4Thought

    What is your lowest-point T10 captain ?

    All my 19pt captains are in my tier 4 - 7 ships that I play regularly which is about 8 - 10 ships of the 185 in my port. Some of my T10 ships don't even have a captain. The only reason I even have any T10 ships is because a year or so ago, WG said that you only got birthday gifts for owning T10 ships or something like that so with 3-4 billion or so of credits just lying around I just bought all the t10's. I think I have played a couple of them a few times but theres some t10's I have that have never been played, even in Co-Op. Not interested in the t10 playstyle or that period of warships.
  5. MaliceA4Thought

    WG I think your matchmaking is......

    I agree with OP, and have also noticed the changes recently made seem to be putting more T9 matches including some T7's which is awesome. Nothing beats putting 3 citadels in a Mushy with a salvo from a Nelson :)
  6. MaliceA4Thought

    Tier 7 in Tier 9

    Don't need to adjust MM, just make the cost of fighting T9/10 what it used to be so you can't spend all day just fighting T9/10 and not loose money. That would force many players to lower tiers to make enough money to sealclub in T10's as top tier.
  7. MaliceA4Thought

    I miss Submarines

    A better test would be jump into a training room with 8 bot subs in a CA or a BB without ASW weapons. Now tell me how much you think these could be balanced after 20 minutes of running around doing sweet FA.
  8. MaliceA4Thought

    Why do the British cruisers not have HE shells?

    hmmmm okay some clarity here.... The SAPBC shells on Belfast are only there to show size. They "may" have dated from the 50's but generally are later. When Belfast was made into a museum ship they needed shells to put on her and only SAPBC were left in stores and are not what she carried (or any other RN cruiser carried) during the war. Whilst some websites, notably wikipedia, will say these shells were from WW2, they wern't as my Uncle who served on Belfast can attest. Whilst they were available in extremely limited numbers post war, most cruisers, including Belfast continued to carry CPBC. SAP shells were available during the war, again in very limited numbers, mostly going to the heavy cruisers in WW2 but SAPBC are post war. CPBC shells had a solid nose and a percussion fuse in the base rather than the common shell's nose fuse. The. solid pointed nose was considered suitable for attacking shipping but was not armour-piercing it was an HE shell with a different fuse type and a hardened case.. in WoWs terms read IFHE. Some cruisers also carried some basic HE shells for shore bombardment but these were not anti-ship shells. In the period of WoWs, British cruisers (as currently in the game) did NOT carry AP shells. The whole issue of WoWs RN cruisers carrying only AP is an invented gimmick with no base in reality.
  9. MaliceA4Thought

    Rigged MM

    and in some ways there is the problem. Playing T9/10 is so cheap that you can play all day. The costs of playing those ships is extremely cheap and almost non-existant.. it's pretty much impossible to loose money. When the rates for playing T10 were hammered down, then it meant anyone could play those tiers without issue.. before that, people were forced into lower tiers to make money to play t10's. Therefore, more people at lower tiers, less issues with MM. Now you get all those that just like top tier easy mode sucking up cannon fodder from lower tiers to make their dreams come true. That's why, over the last year, I've been seeing more and more old timers playing tiers 4 through 7 to enjoy the game.
  10. So I guess RNG smiled on me. 6 crates... Mass B Atago B 2 x dubloon crates so 2500 dubs 20 black camos 10 type 59 camos. For me, thats good enough and I'm happy with my gamble.
  11. MaliceA4Thought

    Can we PLEASE get regular ops back?

    totally ignored everything to do with the halloween event. Not interested in subs at all. Spent the time doing other things and training captains :)
  12. MaliceA4Thought

    Fighting Friday - Super Sub Challenge

    hmmmm cant wait for anti-sub loops with remote controlled minefields to get into the game, after all, that is ASW around islands and in channels which is what our battles are about. These loops and mineields sank more U-Boats than U-Boats sank warships, so seems fair :)
  13. MaliceA4Thought

    Infuriating health drain

    I get SO upset if I have no fires burning on my BB because it means no marshmallows this battle :(
  14. MaliceA4Thought

    Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    more ww1. In fact, I would adore the game being split into WW1 and WW2 with 10 tiers in EACH game and allowing you to choose which major conflict you sailed in and removal of paper ships, even if that meant a particular line only went from T1 to T8.