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  1. Hello, I am trying to find good captain builds for my Alaska/Aegir/Azuma/Yoshino/Kronshtadt and am having minor difficulties. CE and Superintendent and standard on everything I play that can take them. The heavy AP shells skill seems good, as well as Grease the Gears and Adrenaline Rush. Is there any advice out there for good builds?
  2. Dmarvin

    Atlanta and Flint post 10.0

    True, perhaps a slight concealment buff for Atlanta and Flint instead of slot 5?
  3. Dmarvin

    Atlanta and Flint post 10.0

    The Minotaur can stealth radar and rip DDs to shreds. I know HE vs Improved AP is not that comparable, but the Atlanta will still be at risk of getting blasted apart by the red team for getting that close.
  4. Hello, I just had a weird thought about how to address the Atlanta and Flint post commander rework. What if both of them gained access to equipment slot 5 so they can choose rudder shift or concealment mod? I know other ships can do this, so why not those two?
  5. Over all, it is a nerf to secondaries, it may seem like a buff to secondary builds, but is still a nerf to secondaries. AFT, MS used to cost 8 points which is now only 7 at the low cost of a severely nerfed secondary accuracy. I guess you can now pick up IFHE for 2 points now instead of 4 if that really matters. BFT became 4 points instead of three with an added main battery reload buff as well.
  6. I am going to agree with you on this one in particular. Being able to firing secondaries off of both sides of the ship is not worth going from +60 to +35. The dispersion bonus may be cut in half, but it feels like the hit to actual accuracy was far far worse. An extended brawl in a Bismark against another BB at 5km should be be closer to 100 hits and not 35. This is even more noticeable against DDs and am no long afraid of being in secondary range of BBs in a healthy destoryer..
  7. Dmarvin

    Z44 Torpedo Spammer

    @IfYouSeeKhaos The Z44 as I have it is 6.1, the shima is 5.4 I believe
  8. Dmarvin

    Z44 Torpedo Spammer

    It cannot, but I can hit targets far more consistantly and deal more damage in the long run. I use the 12km torps on my Shima, sometimes the 8km. I get better results with the Z44.
  9. Dmarvin

    Z44 Torpedo Spammer

    Which is a shame because that is what the ship is about... Maybe shorten the torp detection range? I know they had nerfed that stat years ago, but maybe they could undo it?
  10. Dmarvin

    Z44 Torpedo Spammer

    Hello, I recently bought the Z44 for coal after deciding against the Pommern and Thunderer and do not regret the decision. The monster is a better torp boat than the Shima and I wish I had not passed on a discounted Benham during that event. I have a screen shot of captain skills, equipment, and a recent game. The games seem to be fairly consistent so long as I do not get jumped by a dd or radar. The torpedoes are reloading in 65 seconds before AR, go 71 knots, and seem to be hard to dodge with my current build. I am planning on getting expert marksman to help with the turret traverse, but it does not seem to be necessary. I am thinking the Shim needs a buff to help with consistency...
  11. Dmarvin

    Commander Skills Update

    Hello forum denizens, I remember when 18 points was the realistic limit for captain points and they modified it so that 19 was actually achievable. If I remember, anyone that had a 18 or 17 point captain had those captains automatically set to 19 and other captains gained a point or so. It would be nice if they did the same thing here and increased the points on current captains a point or two. Cheaper resets would also be welcome so that we can play with builds from ship to ship since not every one in a line will utilize the same build. For the most part, the new skills seem kind of meh. Some do not make sense, as in, why would anyone choose it? (HE/SAP damage for concealment nerf or AP damage for DOT duration increase) Others, like the one that decreases dispersion, seem detrimental to the team or promotes bad positioning. Supercruisers probably need access to the BB skill tree just because of their size. I am not a fan of the nerf to the manual secondary skill. Sure, now all guns are firing, but that is not a common need in exchange for the dispersion bonus being cut nearly in half. I use my Bismark sec. build in my P.E.F. and the 35% is not enough most of the time for anything smaller than a battleship. I would be okay with this change if secondaries had their dispersion improved across the board in addition to the range increases. But that is not the case. This rework seems to be going the same was as the CV rework. Implemented with short notice having barely any player feedback on public test servers and turning into a half-finished attempt at change.