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  1. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Update Statistic Gathering, or Delete

    I agree. WG likes to treat the players/patrons like mushrooms. They keep us in the dark, and usually just feed us a load of Bullsh*T! They can't be trusted!
  2. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Update Statistic Gathering, or Delete

    I have faithfully read the update notes for every update. One thing that is missing is any explanation of what, if anything, the developers of the game are doing in regards to the stat gathering. It is well known that they put content in the game in their updates, and leave broken parts broken instead of fixing them. I assume they do have priorities, and I understand that the profit margin/bottom line is the main priority of any game. However, they are doing all this and losing player base. I agree that the developers have a better understanding of what is happening with the game, but that doesn't mean they are doing anything to fix the way stats are gathered. You can't change the way the battle is played without muddying up the water, and unless they work on the game as a whole, then player satisfaction falls. Unicum's aren't the ones that troll, it is the wanna be unicums that watch a 15 minute vid on Youtube and then think they know how to play the game...My purpose is to get discussion going with the hopes that maybe the developers will actually pay attention, which I sincerely doubt will happen...
  3. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Update Statistic Gathering, or Delete

    The statistic gathering in this game, to my knowledge, have not changed in three years to reflect changes in ships, and overall match making and battles. DDs for instance, have been relegated to staying out at long range from radar, and avoiding being spotted by CV planes. It is no longer a simple task of a DD taking a cap with an overabundance of radar and planes in the air. However, DDs die faster, the matches have become lop-sided (terrible MM), and the caliber of players and game play has deteriorated in Random Battles. Random Battles no longer has an semblance of team work due to the fight for kills (stat padding), and the opportunists that just want the kills to pad their stats. CA's, CL's and BB's hiding behind islands give a lack of team support and focused fire, leaving DD's to fend for themselves unless in a Division with clan mates. All ships have been nerfed in one way or another, or improved. There is generally a lack of balance in every Random Battle. So when can we expect changes to stat gathering that reflects changes in the game, or deletion of the outmoded and pathetic stat gathering system??? Inquiring players want to know! Bring on the stat trolls. Bring your trolling and salty tears to the forum. Personally, I gave up on stats gathered in Random Battles a long time ago, and I truly don't care if they fix it, but they should improve upon it if WG and WoWs truly cares about their game. I am sick of wanna be unicums that troll me in my port, or in game.
  4. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    I'm actually really liking this Ranked Season

    Ranked Battles needs to go back to tier 10 so that it is no longer a pay-to-win and premium ship game, instead of a battle of skill. OP premium ships have their place in Random Battles, but not in a Ranked Battle. WG has cheapened the game, and the majority of the teams have been really terrible. I know a lot of people that have decided not to play RB because of how crappy things are going. I know this post will probably get deleted because it doesn't say what WG wants to hear, and the moderators are...well...you know...
  5. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Received a first strike warning but not running mods

    Not sure what propaganda that is, or actually where from, but I have done research on the USSR and their tactics, and this meme falls terribly short of the truth. Socialism/Communism/Fascism of the USSR, under Stalin, killed more people than the hated Germans in WWII...
  6. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Received a first strike warning but not running mods

    Methinks that the proprietor/proprietors of this game took the idea of the in-game reporting system from the old USSR, and the KGB. In the old USSR, people were encouraged to report others, and those who were reported were punished regardless of whether they had done something wrong or not. That is the way the in-game system is working. Players save up all their reports, and then heap all seven on one player, and the server bot only sees that someone was reported, and not the abuse of the system. It is a totally flawed system that needs to be removed, or redone...
  7. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Received a first strike warning but not running mods

    I tried to report someone for cheating, but once I clicked on the "cheating" icon, only two choices appeared, one for appealing a ban, and another for something else. There was no place in that category to report someone cheating...Go figure. Dadgum Russians couldn't even hack an election properly, much less actually moderate and be objective in their ill-contrived justice...
  8. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Received a first strike warning but not running mods

    I tried to quote, but it wouldn't let me use this quote from Ikami, " Hello Captains, We do not talk about moderation on the forums. Please send a support ticket and describe the situation to our awesome support staff. Thanks. Hey, Ikami; Where are we really supposed to talk to support staff. Every time I try to talk to them, all I get is a form letter telling me to use the in-game support system. I am beginning to think that your support staff really don't care about any complaints. Nobody talks, all they do is give pat answers that they are told to use. Did you guys at WG learn propaganda techniques from the KGB or something?
  9. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Received a first strike warning but not running mods

    A member of my clan, TEXAS, was banned for seven days for "alleged banned mod use"...That is an exact quote from the email he received explaining why he is banned. He has not used mods in some time, and only used Aslain's mods only because WG said previously that Aslain mods are okay. For those that don't know any better, the term "alleged" means that somebody made an accusation, and the only evidence in this case is hearsay, and doesn't even meet the litmus for reason to believe...Some time ago, right after this reporting system was implemented, I submitted a video of a player of one of the best clans bragging about, and using cheat mods. The response I received from WG support staff was to use the in-game reporting system, and "do not submit any more videos for cheating"...Methinks there is skulduggery afoot at WoWs, WG et al... I noticed that the reporting system in Clan Battles has been removed. Is this so the favored clans can use the "alleged" cheat mods and win without being reported? Are those clans that are doing great employees of WG? I see a conflict of interest there...but WG doesn't really care... Who decides when someone gets banned, is it the computer that decides, or a human being? If it is a machine, then it only reads the reason for being reported, and has no way to be objective in deciding cheating intent, or somebody just being a whiny [edited]snowflake that got butt hurt in a battle and is abusing the unscientific data gathering of the WG logarithm? WG, please fix the problem before you lose more money on players that decided to go elsewhere to spend their money...At this point in time, I have lost any respect I ever had for WG and their employees...Don't think much of them...
  10. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Really like the ranked sprints

    Ranked Sprints suck! The teams, littered with inexperienced players and island hugging miscreants, are a joke. Most of the time, the BBs hide behind islands and wait until their team mates are dead before they come out to fight...and let us not get started on the island hugging miscreants in cruisers... Bring back Tier 10 Ranked Battles, and make the noobs work their way up the ladder. Otherwise, the ranked battles will continue to be trash...
  11. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    Why CV's don't belong

    Whatever WG decides to call a game and facts about the mechanics of the game are different topics and not even comparable. . The comparison of CVs to artillery in WoT is not about the guns, it is about the ability of the CV to hide at range and do damage without the enemy being able to fire back and do immediate damage. It is tantamount to giving a player the ability to kill without being killed, spot without being spotted, and do damage of any kind without the ship itself being damaged. CVs have a distinct advantage over all other ships in the game with the ability to manually drop torpedoes next to all the other ships, and the impossibility of all the other ships being able to avoid them. CVs are out of place in the game, period. Perhaps if WoWs would make it so that CVs took damage every time one of their planes was shot down, then it would be a bit more practical and the advantage would be eliminated. Personally, I don't think much of anybody that plays CVs, and you really don't want to know what I think of them; besides, it would get me banned from the forums...
  12. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    Honestly, any hide behind the island and spam shells players that get offended for being called out should go see my complaint officer instead of giving me a negative on my post. My complaint officer is Helland Wait...If you have a complaint, you can go to Hell and wait! WoWs cries because they say they are losing money and players...ever wonder why that is?
  13. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    Civility in a game about war is as stupid as sack of moldering bat guano. There is no civility in a game where nobody looks out for their team members...especially those that cry for civility...consider the source and let it go...
  14. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    I feel your pain. I get sick and tired of the what I refer to as the cluster***k playing of the BBs and CAs that camp behind islands in packs while DDs and other players do the fighting and scoring caps. It has become normal gameplay, and not random. I prefer to think of those players as the "I want a participation trophy" players that are afraid to get killed in battle. I have no compunction calling them out in game play, and have even considered a Youtube channel of my own where I name the biggest losers of the day, and I won't mark out their names... The reality of it is, there is no such thing as teamwork in a "random" battle. The powers that be, WoWs, has seen to that with their pathetic match maker...Do your best and hope for more clan battles, preferably tier 10, it is the only place there is any teamwork in a game that was made for teams...not first person wanna-be unicums that hide behind islands...
  15. Salty_Old_Curmudgeon

    premium purchase problem

    I am unable to purchase premium with my credit card. It is the same card I have used for months, but now it is being declined. I contacted my bank, and they don't see a problem with the card, which is able to make online purchases. Is the payment method broken?