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  1. How do you get the ARP Takao and Myoko?


  2. Hola como estas? Quiero preguntarte si usar mods es legal dentro de las normas de juego? he visto varias publicaciones donde nombran el uso de ellas y no estoy segura de intentar usar algún mod , me gustaría saber cuales son recomendados oficialmente y cuales son los que no se pueden poner , Muchas gracias NyxWGA  ,  También no se si te interesaría leer mis sugerencias en foro :fish_aqua:

  3. Update Service Unavailable Error

    Hey folks! I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that unfortunately we don't have any new info at this time. We are receiving a larger volume of customer service tickets than normal, so I ask that everyone is patient as we work to resolve this situation. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. It's an error that was introduced when we made some forum updates a month or so ago. We're continuing to make updates in the backend, with another update coming Soon™ so I am hopeful that the next update will solve the issue. For now, we can solve it manually once we know the problem exists on a particular thread, so if you run across a thread with the error, feel free to point us to it so it can be fixed
  5. Closed due to non-constructive arguing and name-calling.
  6. Hello NyxWGA, I noticed your post of "Illegal Mods and Consequences" in late May this year and I have a few questions, thank you for your time!

  7. This thread is approved. Please keep the discussion helpful, everyone has so far - just a reminder
  8. New Forum Rule From Nyx

    This is not a "new rule." It was a reminder about the existing rule that you cannot post derogatory statements or slander other people. Stating that someone is a [edited] is slander. Stating that someone likes child porn, when what you actually mean is that someone likes anime, is making a derogatory statement. This is not new and different, it was simply a reminder of expectations. We seem to now simply be arguing about net neutrality, mixed in with more anime/anti-anime arguments, which isn't constructive. Closing thread.
  9. Can't help but notice...

    It appears that it is impossible to have these discussions without insults, accusations of child pornography and pedophilia, and general petty inflammatory statements. Since this is the case, we are now done here. Please note, I am fully and completely done with seeing the anime referred to in inappropriate ways. This serves as everyone's last warning. Continuing to refer to anime as child pornography or accuse others of pedophilia will result in posting privileges being taken away.
  10. Hey folks. The mod work is really nice! Unfortunately, I can't allow links to the swastika. I do appreciate the effort to alter the image for the forums and players are welcome to develop and distribute mods that fellow historical buffs enjoy. While I understand the desire to be historical, promoting the mod through our forums is like us giving tacit approval of it, which goes against our rules. I'll have to take down the links to that one. Sorry!
  11. 3D Printing and Design thread!

    I'm fine with Shapeways links, as long as they are informational/examples and not specifically "advertising."
  12. I've whitelisted http://www.wowreplays.com/. Let me know if it continues to not work for you
  13. Calling names and rude remarks have been removed. If you cannot express your opinion without calling other people names or attacking them, then see yourself out, please and thank you.
  14. Pray for France.

    Thread locked. Our forums are not the place for discussions so like these, so even threads with good intentions will be closed. Sorry folks, it's just not the place for it.