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  1. How do you get the ARP Takao and Myoko?


  2. Hola como estas? Quiero preguntarte si usar mods es legal dentro de las normas de juego? he visto varias publicaciones donde nombran el uso de ellas y no estoy segura de intentar usar algún mod , me gustaría saber cuales son recomendados oficialmente y cuales son los que no se pueden poner , Muchas gracias NyxWGA  ,  También no se si te interesaría leer mis sugerencias en foro :fish_aqua:

  3. Hello NyxWGA, I noticed your post of "Illegal Mods and Consequences" in late May this year and I have a few questions, thank you for your time!

  4. Dear NyXWGA, could you please kindly see my post here. I can provide every evidence for my identity. Hope you can help: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/80740-should-i-re-start-everything-in-na-server/

  5. NyxWGA please help if you can i register for Public Test Server and have had no comfromation email for my acount it says it needs to be activated but no email of any kind can you help with this please sure would like to help on test server

  6. if you are an admen for WOW / foram please my post #30 at 0550 test #2 asap if your not eather i am sorry to botherr you thankyou

    1. FIRESTORM_17


      sorry I was typing to fast / should read Please read my post


  7. Hi Nyx I remember when you ran the Wot Xbox forums :)

  8. Hi - I cannot log inot PT with what I thought was my ST PT account which I thoght was email kayjay80@comcast.net

    1. kayjay


      kayjay77@comcast.net (normal ST) does not work wither.

  9. I will be on travel and AFK Feb 2 thru Feb 12 and not able to test (thats why I didnt ask for the ships)

  10. Excellent guide! Going to move this to New Player Guides and pin it.
  11. NyxWGA

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    Would love to see a list like this!