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  1. Sorry for your clans loss. I have been there a few times over the years in gaming online. Normally the server would come together and do something to remember the player. Agreed, WG response should have been more polite at the very least. What I am really saddened by is how unempathetic some people in this thread are. How hard is it to show some empathy and move on?
  2. I stopped laying smoke for other ships. They yell at me for it even when it benefits them. I only pop smoke for others when they ask for it.
  3. Big_Pimpin

    Favorite Premium

  4. Big_Pimpin

    The lack of torpedo autobounce is ridiculous

    Agreed. However, no ship will survive a 5+ torp spread hitting broadside like what happens here in game. Even a single torp will do damage not seen (outside) to the inside of the ship that will knock out electrical, mechanical gear, people etc. My point to the OP is, the ideas presented are not realistic for this arcade style game nor in real life. All good!
  5. Big_Pimpin

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    Started the grind on the second IJN DD line. Love that Hatsuharu. Really looking forward to the tier X boat after watching flamu video on this morning. That thing is a beast!
  6. Big_Pimpin

    The lack of torpedo autobounce is ridiculous

    Ok, how about when a single torpedo hits at your correct angle it breaks your ships back and it goes to the bottom like in real life? That is what they are designed to do. Snap a ships keel and make a big azz hole. I bet you would rather survive a spread of of Torps and be able to heal and fight on rather than die outright by a well placed shot.
  7. Big_Pimpin

    when does WR start to matter...?

    I'm and coming from a avg to below avg player. Yes I care about my wr a bit. However you must take in account for randoms which is where I dwell mainly, your team. There will be games were I get deleted because of my own poor choices and other where my team gave zero support,hide or ride the edge and come to fight at the end only to be damage farms. There are games when I delete 4 or more ships and others when I am out in 3 mins. Main thing, have fun. In reality. Who really gives a fk. You do you and enjoy. In short, WR is not the end all be all.
  8. Big_Pimpin

    Lets start the New year with a cure for this madness.

    Nope. Last game was War and Magic. Long list of others before that.
  9. Big_Pimpin

    Lets start the New year with a cure for this madness.

    I did the same thing with mobile gaming. Was huge into kingdom building games for years. Moved onto this and got more serious but not anything like I was playing those other games. Waking up in the middle of night when my alliance was getting attacked and helping defend etc. Cell phone always on me and constantly checking. I finally plugged the plug and sold my account. Haven't been happier for a long time. If your getting this upset over a game and lossing sleep and letting it take over your life. Do what is best, walk away. Taking a break doesn't cure it but only temporarily. I did it many times and found myself diving right back in, especially as a leader of a top alliance. Good on ya. You do you.
  10. Big_Pimpin

    secondaries need major buffage

    I got an idea. Let's just make this game World of Battleships. No other classes. Crank up the realism to where you are dead in the water after one salvo from another BB. Then crying can stop finally. Oh, wait it won't. Then you will ask for it to dialed backed.
  11. Big_Pimpin

    Crossing bows

    Good thing you are not a CO of a real warship!
  12. Big_Pimpin

    Invisible ships back again

    It's called concealment. If it ain't on fire or shooting at you with it's guns or being f'n radar'd or spotted by another ship or plane, at a certain point it will pop up once it gets closer enough depending on how the ship is spec'd and it's CO.
  13. If this is such a great idea, then by all means, spread the love to all classes of ships. Even a single salvo from a DD to include Torps (they are designed to break a ships back, need proof? Go to YouTube and watch a RIMPAC sinkex) any ship is going to do a good amount of damage. The crew would be fighting to keep the ship from a massive fire and or flooding, fixing equipment, treating the wounded. All in this to keep the ship afloat to get back into battle or go home for extensive repairs. Asking for more realism? What class of ship that this game has is not in service? That's right a BB. There are reasons why they have been retired from service. If this game was anywhere near realistic in damage, most of the time the first salvo or two that hits your ship is game over. Imagine your salt then shipmate. I do not envy WG for trying to find ways to keep every class main of player happy in terms of the fine balance of "realism" and good old game fun.
  14. Big_Pimpin

    A quick question on CVs and MM

    There is zero chance of this happening, the opt out issue. You know why? Money. WG has put time and effort into the CV rework. That means dollars they spent on thier devs doing the work As much hate there is for CVs many would opt out. Then que times would be long people would complain or give up on that game because of it. That equals money lost to WG as well. My two cents.
  15. At least you don't have multiple sqaudorns attacking you at the same time, you know cross torp drops with bombs as well. I tried this out on the PTS, you can only control one set of planes at a time. Each pass you do with one set removes two planes till you are down to two then they go home. AA did seem a bit weak compared to how it is now. I was loosinf planes in my runs against good AA ships but they were not getting deleted out right as it can be done now. I am sure the AA dynamic will be adjusted as well as this first release will not be "final'". As for others saying that it might be a steep learning curve, me and my 12 yr old figured it out in about 5 runs with each type. It is not that hard. Get on the PTS and try it out. Much different than watching videos and reading forums.