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  1. Big_Pimpin

    Cannibalization of the old?

    I have lost interest as well. Life is a higher priority. I play once or twice a week now. I do ok in my regular ships and some of the older premiums I paid for. I just stopped grinding and spending. It is the same old trap in every game. Start out slow, ramp it up till the well runs dry in your player base. Same sht, different game. Too bad, I really loved this one. Wasted premium time (money) just burning.
  2. Big_Pimpin

    Sub Tech Tree Predictions

    I'll take a Seawolf at t10
  3. Big_Pimpin

    WNN 57: signing off for the final time

    When you first started these I posted that it reminded me of what I have done in other games and got banned on the forums for it. I was a tad bit more salty though. Glad to see you didn't get the boot like I did and I wish you a farewell. Thank you for the laughs and the time you spent doing this for everyone's enjoyment. Fair winds and following seas shipmate.
  4. Big_Pimpin

    Pasta boat

    No balls. Pics and video are demanded!!
  5. Big_Pimpin

    CV Rehabilitation Clinic

    Good one.
  6. Took a long break from the game (a month, long for me). Enjoyed the rank Sprint. I have a loyang but been burning through the Ranks with my Mahan. Enjoying the ranked sprint with the circle of death rings.
  7. Don't forget the adult entertainment and such.
  8. Because...Bad teeth. Lol
  9. Big_Pimpin

    High tier coal ships

    JB. She is fast and Main battery reload boost is fun when a Yamamoto is sailing broadside or any cruiser. Citadel city time. I am a DD main pretty much and I play the hell out of her. Very fun ship.
  10. Casual person who plays on and off and spends money? Doesn't play that much obviously and for sure is fish food in first couple of mins into a match. So what?
  11. Arm chair dev eh? Ok bub, I'll leave you to it. I only do this for a living.
  12. I work in software development as a tester and SME. Yes you can get more data quickly but at what expense? For WG it is at the expense of thier player base AKA their customers. The forums are all you need to see it. How hard is it to stick those same ten guys and look at numbers aircraft against each ship type? There is also automation that can do this and collect that data as well. They just need to code it and press play and let it run over and over to get the data. I work on a project that makes WG look tiny. We automate our tests after a manual run first. It really is not hard or time consuming.
  13. I don't get it. Why can't WG test team do this? Why do they need to do it with live data when they have all the tools to do it themselves? I understand the agile software process at waterfall process for software development. How they are doing it is a mystery to me. This makes me wonder how the F they test there builds before release? Do they even test their builds? How hard is it to load a build on their private test server environment and do it themselves? Do the devs simply build code and then be like, ok scrum master and configuration manager, push this new build to the guinea pigs and let's see how it goes. I bet the forums will be fun to read while we wait. I guess to save money they dump this responsibility on us players. Maybe they don't even have "test" in their builds. Any WG staff want to enlighten us?
  14. Big_Pimpin

    WNN 50: Rogue Wave! 50 strip special!

    Keep up the good work bro. More sarcasm based off the forums. The PSA are good even though wave tops. Just more sarcasm with those as well. I look forward to your strips. Thank you for doing this!