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  1. I wish to thank all my fellow captains for their input, some was over my head, cause I am a novice at computers, but I did manage to follow thru with most! I uninstalled and reinstalled the game client and has had some success. I did lower all graphics to their lowest setting. To CriMiNaL__, delete all my porn! Are you crazy, that's the most interesting part of using a laptop! But thanks anyway, I understand that that was giving in levity and not meant to offend! Again my heartfelt thanks and trust that when we meet in battle if we are on opposite sides you would be very courteous to me and allow me to escape unharmed.
  2. Thank you all for answering and giving me very good advice. I admit some of it is over my head but I shall attempt to do that that I understand. Again, I say thank you for your advice!
  3. Hello Fellow Captains, I have been experiencing late loading or not loading into battle. This is very perplexing and is not helpful to mu team mate nor to me. WOWS gives me penalties for ' Unsportsman like conduct ..." If any of you have ideals as to how to fix this please let me know, I am at wits end. Thanks in advance for you assistance in this, please understand I am not computer savvy so you may need to explain it to me in elementary terms.
  4. dross3x3

    Fired on intentionally by team mate

    OK, It seems that I was wrong for naming the offending player (sic) but if that is how WOWS wants it done we have to obey the rules! Today while playing 'Public Test' I was rammed and pushed until I was able to maneuverer away from offending player. I was pissed and I fired a salvo into the CV that was pushing me, Yes, you guessed it I got penalized and was turned pink!!! It makes no sense to try and capture offending action in replay, think, if WOWS do little about offending players with their automatic system why would they do anything else if we report them. Do keep in mind that WOWS suggest that you do not report offending player in game even though there is a place to do just that!!! It maybe that I will have to discontinue my play in WOWS if this keeps up! I am very sure WOWS would not mind losing a paying player there are so many others that wish to play for free! Any way I have placed in hiatus any ships, flags or anything else I wanted to buy in premium shop! Thank you all for your replies and post, I just wanted to vent my frustrations at how this is handled(sic) by WOWS!!!
  5. WOWS needs to do something about team mates that intentionally fire on their team mates. On 02-06-2019, doing a Ranked battle I was fired on numerous times by my team mate [edited]. It was impossible for him to mistake me for the enemy since he had requested my aide numerous time yet fired on me so often that the enemy ships took notice and tried to get him to stop firing on me! If WOWS is incapable of handling this type of gross action...at least allow the ship being fired on to defend their self with out being punished! WOWS did caution the offending player but he continued until the enemy came to my aide and sunk him! WOWS, DO SOMETHING MORE THE JUST WARN, either impose immediate action for the second time of so called friendly fire or allow the ship being fired on to return fire!!!
  6. dross3x3

    Punishment counts

    Come on guys, I just want to know if there is a page where I can view how many points or demerits I may have against me? If you know not please say so, if any members of WOWS administration read please address this question!
  7. dross3x3

    Punishment counts

    Is there a place I, or any other player, could go to find out how many points there against me/them?
  8. Who is trying to game it, this was a simple way of utilizing the different camos available. Not every one wishes to use up the camos that are in their inventory to please the camo police!!! If you had payed attention I was replying to a player that wondered how to use the eleven camos presented, if we had to use them all or just choose one! You really need to get a life and stop trying to find people that wish to 'game the system'. Bet you would enjoy WOWS a lot better!
  9. Eleven (11) camo's for twenty (20) battles in any mode...do five (5) Friday morning, five (5) Friday afternoon, Five (5) Saturday Morning and five (5) Saturday afternoon for a total of twenty. I am going to go thru the eleven (11) and then back thru nine (9). That should complete all requirements, if it do not I will ignore any other missions, challenges or battles that are similar!
  10. In the present PT, there is a purchase Premium section. My question is if I purchase in PT do that transfers to my premium account on the main server. Since this is a new item I would like to know the legitimate answer. This is answered for me and others in PT forum please examine.
  11. dross3x3


    Will WG do anything about players that intentionally fire on there team mates? The least they can do is allow us to fire back at the offending player!
  12. dross3x3


    Concerning 'penalties' why do the player that is being ram gets a penalty also? If I am hit by shells from another player will I get extra points? Why not take some of the offending TK points and award them to the player that was rammed...? I do agree that the TK attacks are less since the system was added but it is still very unfair to the player on the receiving end!!! I must confess that I have been rammed or fired upon because of lag time in loading and the offending player even bragged about it in conversation telling me I should have been moving or something! To me this is atrocious and offensive to me as a player that tries my best to avoid conflict with fellow team mates. WG do need to address this issue, If I am the only one that is of this opinion then I am at a disadvantage as to understand why!
  13. dross3x3

    0.7.10 Public Test report

    No matter how long you have been playing if there is an issue you should speak it and it should be addressed by WOWS and the community! So always feel free to make suggestions, complaints and report any issues that you encounter!
  14. dross3x3


    Had this to happen to me twice this morning ( 07-12-2018 ) after I had played successfully. I was awarded team killer penalty and went to co-op to play two battles with a lower T3 DD. WOWS need to find a way to confirm that the player is doing this intentionally and that it is not accidental!!! If it is accidental why penalize the player??? It happened when I tried to enter battle with my Colorado BB and with my Cleveland CA...Any one else have this same problem if so please post it here maybe WOWS will get an ideal that something is wrong and do research to repair or replace what ever is malfunctioning!!!
  15. dross3x3

    Challanging a bad teamkill call

    Brush Wolf I thank you for your comment...how ever it do not take into consideration some destroyer captain going after an easy kill sailing across my lane of fire. Nor do it take into consideration the fact that when we are rammed, bumb or pushed by another team mate we also are assessed penalty points!!! I do thank you and will take your comments into account Fair seas to you my friend.