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  1. puxflacet

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    Is he really saying (7:54) that being brainwashed is neither bad or good? Seriously?!
  2. ...and your attitude is like the most hypocritical double standard I ever came across. Like seriously, stop with this. How far are you planning to go? If there is even any space to go further...You just can not censor every imaginable sensitive symbol while blatantly promote communism at the same time. I'm completelly OK with any symbol, if used decently and historically....but your treatment of sickle&hammer is beyond simple "inclusion" of a symbol. First October Revolution, then player emblems and now this... this is a game about ships, so do we really need this kind of stuff in the game?
  3. CV just shouldn't be permanently spotting for the team because it is really breaking whole concealment mechanism besides the CV itself has little use of this ability. Give CVs "transmit coordinates" consumable with limited duration and charges, which allows them to spot when the team really needs it but wouldn't be breaking the whole concealment mechanism all the time.
  4. Yeah. WG afraid of loosing customers pulls back and "defenders of principles and good business practices" can continue to enjoy their ego-masturbation toy on the expense of the rest of the playerbase. "But we were baited, bla, bla, bla..." Poor guys, I have tears in my eyes... Most of the poeple bought the ship with full knowledge that the thing is broken and now when she was about to be fixed they had enough gall to talk about bad practice and even wanted full cash refund! Whether WG was aware or not you should keep your mouth shut and be glad that you were able to get away with more than a year of exploiting the game and players. Hope you guys will be again telling stories about how the balance is the most important thing in this game.
  5. I think even laweyrs will have hard time. Because there is fundamental issue - what did you want to buy actually? T5 ship? An OP ship? or just Giulio Cesare? The ones who wanted the first two may have been "baited" the latter ones will still have what they bought. The thing is that premiums are changing, sometimes directly (usually buffed) or indirectly (change of game mechanics) + other ships and trees are added and changing the meta. So can you really say that you have the very same ship you bought one, two or three years ago? What should be saying people who bought some CV before the rework? They have completelly different products now, while GC just get 25mm plates and T6 MM, otherwise it is basically the same thing.
  6. puxflacet

    Calling all Stat Card Collectors.

    so does this mean that the format has changed?
  7. puxflacet

    [ALL] US Blast Bag Mod

    Are you planning to fix Alaska's 305 as well?
  8. puxflacet

    War Thunder gets desperate, starts copying WoWS

    Yeah. That was suppose to be my point...now talk about desperation
  9. puxflacet

    War Thunder gets desperate, starts copying WoWS

    funny, when i wrote here that ships are about to be introduced in WT the moderators deleted my post with warning that other products can not be promoted on this forum...but this thread has somehow 3 pages already...wonder why
  10. puxflacet


    Reducing air spot more and more is not the answer. CVs simply shouldnt spot for the team , at least not permanently. Give them consumable "transmit coordinates" with limited duration and number of use, basically like radar. It will emphasize the team aspect of the CV spotting because the planes will spot only when team really needs it and wouldnt be breaking the whole ship concealment mechanism all the time.
  11. puxflacet

    possible solution for GC situation

    There is minor issue. Pre-refit GC is completelly different ship. Moreover, thats probably what is happening. Maybe WG is working on italian BB line and they have pre-refit Cavour at T5 and refitted Doria at T6. Would make sense to get GC in line with them. But I dont get the whole fuzz. Everyone (except WG so far) knew that GC is overpowered. You should be glad that it lasted so long because you basically bought T6 ship for a prize of T5 with T5 MM on top.
  12. Ok. Sorry but you were saying somtheing about hoovering over the CV...but basically I agree with you. I think bombs should be switchable as shells for other ships are.
  13. If switch between AP and HE bombs then make it only an option during take off. Otherwise it is as logical as heal for the planes. ... btw can any historian correct me, but I believe that Japanese never used AP bombs. So why do they have them exclusively?
  14. I get the argument that it is weird to change things after year, but wasn't WG always adamant that there is nothing wrong with GC? However as some pointed out there are at least two good explanations: they want to put GC on sale again or they are working on italian BB tech tree, and refitted Doria/Cesare is probably at T6 while unrefitted Cavour at T5. Would make sense to get them in line. Moreover, whats the fuzz? As a owner of GC I can be only glad that I bought T6 ship for a prize of T5 and with T5 MM and enjoyed those nasty days. And that she will have to swim in a bigger pond now? Everybody except WG knew that she was ridiculous. Surely you didnt buy her just because of that ;)
  15. puxflacet

    CV planes spotting order, smokestacks issues

    No kidding...what's funny however is that they spent year reworking carriers and didnt even notice these. Would take like 1 hour to fix it.