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  1. sorry. not sure where is the problem...you have to extract the "content" folder from the file (use "WinRAR" or similar program) and put that folder inside the very last folder (number of current version of the game) in C:/Games/World_of_Warships/res_mod
  2. Author: puxflacet Title: NO COMMUNISM! Description: Guys from WG were so thoughtful that they gave us lot of patches with sickle and hammer + amazing October Revolution, while they were adamantly banning swastikas and rising suns. So give me an option to show my opinion about this WG's "political correctness".
  3. I preferred "France" . There was nothing wrong with it so i dont get why it had to be changed. i would say that Grosser Kurfürst is more dubious pick, because i doubt that Hitler, with his anti-monarchism, would name his most powerful warship after a monarch, which on top of everything wasnt as significant for the whole nation as much as only for the Brandenburg/Prussia.
  4. unfortunately me neither :(
  5. You just seal that section. Ships have watertight bulkheads. Ship would loose a bit of speed (significantly more if that hole would be in engine room) or some firing capability if it would go through magazines, but that is not reflected in the game even with torp flood. As said nothing comparable with torpedo detonation which will make not just a hole but bends and cracks in the hull which can go through several watertight compartments But maybe bomb overpen should cause flooding even in the game but definitely with less hp loss than torp flood. But is it worth it? dunno
  6. yeah. now im realy horrified to even think about it. we all know that "its just a game" but you have to draw a line somewhere or we will end-up with flamethrowers and blimp carriers...i was saying right from the start that wg should have set the game in some parallel steampunk universe. would save them a lot of time and effort. although even fictional world has to have some rules
  7. Such flood is very easy to control. Nothing comparable with torpedo hit
  8. Just give me the turn-off option and im ok
  9. Historical/realistic within game concept/set up. Of course they wont be 100% historical. They cant be. There are lot of compromises in the game in order to fit naval battles which in reality took hours into 20 minutes - and these are completely understandable deviations. But ships have to keep some logic and be relative to each other. you cant have suddenly some ship which will brake every rule the game have set just because developers need some performance from it. Thats just flawed design. I thought that this is obvious.
  10. It isnt. Both are equaly important. I want the game to be balanced of course, but not a the cost of ships which make zero sense. Im here because of warships and not because of gameplay
  11. Historical Mod... just gone

    Dont forget that wg banned german imperial flag as well, which isnt ilegal anywhere...they just have double standards, thats the whole story They are supersafe with every symbol except sickle and hammer, which they are able to put over the whole ship without even realize how is it wrong. Childish attitude + textbook bias
  12. Historical Mod... just gone

    That october revolution camo is the most stupid and insulting thing wg ever done. Did they even think about that the camo can offend someone? Did they care that they are banning other symbols?Dumbheads or f*cking hypocrites. Either way they deserve sue for thar.
  13. Normandie is way too fast

    i had no idea that wg did anything such stupid :insert big faceplam here: why did they even bother with Normandie then? why not just take some project design which would fit the desired performance or even better: why didnt they pick Strasbourg? but the real question should be: why do they even bother with warships? this is seriously the most stupid design choice i've ever seen in WoWs and the most disappointing in a long time...
  14. Normandie is way too fast

    so i could make "muh gameplay" meme if i would care...and guess what, there are people who held a book about warships at least once in their hands and who care. realism matters - i'm here because of warships and not because of gameplay and i dont want to see a ship which makes zero sense just to satisfy someone's curiosity how it will change the meta
  15. Normandie is way too fast

    If you can read, i already did with comparing her to dunkerque. Realistic or not there should be some trade off and Normandie currently doesnt have any.