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  1. Is the Roma worth it?

    there is no single stat supporting that she is a brawler. the very opposite is actually the truth. never take her pass those 11 km (fully spec) concealment for multiple reasons: 1) yeah, guns will be accurate up close, but due to incredible velocity youll get even more overpens and arcs wont let you hit waterline citadels (to meet cruiser up close can be very frustrating experience) 2) you will be constatly lit and have zero advantage from the great concealment 3) she has no secondaries to speak of 4) while she has good armor, she also has high citadel. the armor works rather on mid to long ranges to sum that up: she works best between 11 - 14 km where you can get most of her guns+armor+concealment
  2. Roma Needs Some Love

    ...while IRL they were suppose to counter just other BBs...seriously that's what Roma do the best. You have to switch that button in your head and prioritize BBs instead of cruisers and you'll get more consistent results, as her shells are great for punching through heavy armor. if they hit...but they also can score some citadels when you don't expect them as for the boat itself: to make her work you also have to spec you concealment to those 11 km and fully utilize it - not let anything to get closer (she's definitely not a brawler) and firing in salvos: popping in and out of detection. that will drastically increase your survivability and the guns work optimal between lets say 11 - 14 km: increased accuracy while not so much overpens...she definitely has more demanding skill cap regarding positioning i think she is ok. she has downsides (accuracy, aa, secondaries) but also upsides (concealment, armor, punchy laser shells, torpedo belt). i think that she's way better balanced than broken Giulio Cesare
  3. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    try to put duguay-trouin next to nearly every BB she can meet
  4. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    there are really still some who compare her to scharnhorst?
  5. Calling all Stat Card Collectors.

    I also have some of the ones already posted here but in original 2560x1440 resolution. So if anybody is interested i can post them too...
  6. sorry. not sure where is the problem...you have to extract the "content" folder from the file (use "WinRAR" or similar program) and put that folder inside the very last folder (number of current version of the game) in C:/Games/World_of_Warships/res_mod
  7. I preferred "France" . There was nothing wrong with it so i dont get why it had to be changed. i would say that Grosser Kurfürst is more dubious pick, because i doubt that Hitler, with his anti-monarchism, would name his most powerful warship after a monarch, which on top of everything wasnt as significant for the whole nation as much as only for the Brandenburg/Prussia.
  8. unfortunately me neither :(
  9. You just seal that section. Ships have watertight bulkheads. Ship would loose a bit of speed (significantly more if that hole would be in engine room) or some firing capability if it would go through magazines, but that is not reflected in the game even with torp flood. As said nothing comparable with torpedo detonation which will make not just a hole but bends and cracks in the hull which can go through several watertight compartments But maybe bomb overpen should cause flooding even in the game but definitely with less hp loss than torp flood. But is it worth it? dunno
  10. yeah. now im realy horrified to even think about it. we all know that "its just a game" but you have to draw a line somewhere or we will end-up with flamethrowers and blimp carriers...i was saying right from the start that wg should have set the game in some parallel steampunk universe. would save them a lot of time and effort. although even fictional world has to have some rules
  11. Such flood is very easy to control. Nothing comparable with torpedo hit
  12. Just give me the turn-off option and im ok
  13. Historical/realistic within game concept/set up. Of course they wont be 100% historical. They cant be. There are lot of compromises in the game in order to fit naval battles which in reality took hours into 20 minutes - and these are completely understandable deviations. But ships have to keep some logic and be relative to each other. you cant have suddenly some ship which will brake every rule the game have set just because developers need some performance from it. Thats just flawed design. I thought that this is obvious.
  14. It isnt. Both are equaly important. I want the game to be balanced of course, but not a the cost of ships which make zero sense. Im here because of warships and not because of gameplay