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  1. puxflacet

    West Virgina and Other USN BBs Turret Colors Aren't Historical

    When WG is able to present THIS↓ as historical camo... You can clearly see that WG's philosophy is "models as accurate as possible, but paintjobs are when we let our imagination fly"
  2. puxflacet

    CV Rework Feedback

    everything currently needs serious work to do
  3. puxflacet

    CV Rework Feedback

    1 - multitasking is not cause of any of these you named 2 - because no other class can harass anyone on the map without taking any risk. the new CVs can 4 - ships spotted by CV's planes are not rendering for the other players to lock on and shoot on, just appearing on the minimap 5 - yeah. rocket planes are fighters - thats exactly the point...as well as that every plane had a gun...but the main point is to make CVs actively counter each other. the rework is just farming damage and dropping somewhere circling bot is not active counter 6 - at least we agree on something
  4. puxflacet

    CV Rework Feedback

    WG just invented new problems which will need another rework in a year. maybe they should just mix the best of the both worlds: - keep the old multisquad management but lower the number of squads (multitasking is just a nature of CV and I dont see a way around it. you can just make it more simple) - depletable plane reserve is simply mandatory in order to force the player not throw away them and plan ahead - force the player into 3rd person view they developed for the rework and you have the more appealing view - remove ability of the planes to spot for the team, except on the minimap - remove fighters but give all strike planes ability to attack each other: torp planes best damage against ships and low against planes, bombers are middle way, rocket planes low damage against ships and best for shooting down other planes. (CVs just has to actively counter each other, without that the class has no meaning) - max 2 CVs in a match...this just has to be (Im pretty convinced that CVs will be even more annoying. not just because there will be more of them in the match, but because of their unlimited number of planes and multiple strikes as well)
  5. puxflacet

    Dev Blog, "German" T4 BB Viribus Unitis,

    Plain grey actually - or like turquoise tint maybe...Yeah. I don't get what that camouflage is suppose to be. I'm so disappointed that WG has no ballz to push through a ship with monochrome paintscheme. Does anyone consider König Albert's boring? I think that austrian warships paintjob was interesting enough.
  6. Kudos to you for such radical proposal. It is funny to see how may people can get triggered by this. I used to think the same way about SA but over time just get used to it. Indeed people should have situational awareness of their own and not just that conformity of an icon on the viewscreen. Besides that this feature doesnt make any sense. I would be definitely very interested to see what effect would have to turn that feature off - completely
  7. Averof is armored cruiser with mixed caliber main armament...I'm not very optimistic about her The romanian battleship looks cool however. Didnt even know that project.
  8. puxflacet

    West Virginia 41 camo ? is actually the WV44 camo

    Yeah. I know from where from these winds blow. But if I remember correctly I heard even that jerk Flamu (which falls exactly into the cathegory you described) complimenting first West Virginia paintjob - the plain white (or naval grey to be exact?). Wonder what happened there... But in Wichita's case it really doesnt make any sense. I bet even the supporters of WG's most tasteless creations would consider that camouflage cool. The only explanation i have is that WG is maybe preparing another cashgrab for the future? But even in Atlanta's case they decided to go with measure 33 (San Juan's camo) while Atlanta definitely had some great looking ones but we still didnt see these in the game so far . So who knows...
  9. puxflacet

    West Virginia 41 camo ? is actually the WV44 camo

    It is another missed oportunity. The dark 1941 paint scheme is way more intetesting imho. We have so much measures 32 in the game. Wichita is exactly the same story. Why did they go with another m32 which she never had, when her trademark camo looks so much better? And WG is getting on my nerves with regard of plain camos. They seems to be frightened to introduce them (Musashi, Prinz Eugen, Vanguard, Hood...hope Dreadnought remains as she is) . Do they still have nightmares from all those " Tashkent camo is bugged" reports? Seriously this game is missing peace time show off paintjobs. Ships looked great in them and they would in the game ad well if WG wouldn't put so much rust over these skins. My 2 cents
  10. They can work in Halloween mode. But in the regular modes they will be either boring or completelly unrealistic - even to WoWs standards. And what role are they suppose to fill? DD can do everything better. So rather no.
  11. puxflacet

    Mikasa Secondary Gunners....we need to talk

    She actually has even more accurate main guns that T3 BBs and half their historical reload time so there is not much room for improvement there... But her secondaries could get some love. At least 5 km base range imho. + i think she should get permanent bonus for ramming. She had massive bow ram after all She will never be strong at range. WG should at least make a good brawler of her. Right now shes in the middle of the way
  12. why did they give her the camouflage? isnt she suppose to be in 1941 config? she looked great in plain white with no rust...or should at least have this ↓↓↓ paint scheme. but certainly not measure 32 seriously im getting tired of WG constant intimidated behavior with regard to ships paint schemes. if you want to push 1941 WV, do it properly at least. 1944 camo will not make 1944 WV of her. hope they wont slap some nonsensical camo on dreadnought
  13. puxflacet

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Youre right. I forgot thats historical scenarios we are talking about, therefore BB blazing with 152 mm wouldnt be problem. Also WG made quite a few new models for Dynamo so current lack of ships for Tsushima shouldnt be an obsticle as well. Although it would require a lot more new models just for the scenario.
  14. puxflacet

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Thats a VERY BAD joke!