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  1. puxflacet

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Hello fellows. New dreadnought (and pre-dreadnought) game on the horizon. Take a peak... https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/ Search on YouTube for gameplay videos.
  2. puxflacet

    Question about German Subs.

    Sounds incredibly fun... One-hit-kill can be the perfect run over the sub: as close as possible, parallel and accurate set of depth of the charges. Every other run just makes some sort of damage depending on meeting the previous criteria. Because i would rather see the sub escaping one run, relocate and then dealing with another DD perhaps, rather than be killed with one hit just because she was spotted once. But what will make the real difference in this story is how exactly will be DDs spotting the sub below the surface and how the sub will be able to get unseen. Because yes, they can spend 10 minutes turning in circles.
  3. puxflacet

    Question about German Subs.

    The whole circle thing is simply ridiculous. This game needs direct control wherever it is possible. Skill has to make the difference. If DDs will be hunting subs you have to introduce a way with skill curve for both DD and sub. Chasing circles is what brings nothing to the game. What comes to mind is DD will be setting manually depth of the charges plus trying to run over the sub as parallel as possible, while the sub will be doing the opposite. But the argument that DDs are already overloaded with tasks is completelly valid. But that was said by the community long time ago. Cant say I see a way out of this, but "just" chasing circles doesnt seem like one.
  4. puxflacet

    Update Musashi's 3D model?

    Ok, I must admit I was probably wrong. The book says that the French were considering to "lenghten the hull in order to accomodate new machinery", which implies lenghten in the middle. So there is maybe very real basis behind WG' Normandie after all... Still, I would comment on that the it was the easist way of elongation. I would hate to be wrong, but why I never heard such thing was done? While prolonged bows and sterns was common practice for nearly every refitted BB. To add a section in the middle is common practice for merchant ships because they have rectangular hull shape and are built with internal structures organized with such option in mind. While for battleships this must have been possible only in some rare circumstances and still very uneconomical option. ...Gneisenau's bow is just regular bow elongation. Nothing comparable to Normandie's case...
  5. Agree. Germans have a lot of things going for them. But when comes to deal a damage people struggle. Instead of buffing main gun accuracy I would emphesize their flavor - buffed the secondaries. This was suppose to be their thing and now pretty much every other BB has comparable secondary suite. WG should find a way to make these relevant again. Maybe some feature like baked-in manual secondaries skill.
  6. puxflacet

    Update Musashi's 3D model?

    Normandie was about 70% completed when she was scrapped. When italians rebuilt Cesare, they left only 40% percent of the original ship and she was operational when brought back to yard. But that doesn't matter anyway, because to put a new section in the middle of the ship is simply not possible due to hull shape of the warships. They would have to reshape whole hull, which is simply absurd task. It would be easier to just start building another ship. No, WG's Normandie is simply different ship than the one designed by the french.
  7. puxflacet

    Update Musashi's 3D model?

    Yeah, they either received prolonged bow or stern or both. But WG put chunk in the middle of the Normandie which is not possible to do IRL. There was whole article by WG what changes they made to Normandie. And these simply wouldnt be managable on the hull of the real Normandie as she was designed. And indeed, Cesare's (Cavour+Doria's) are the most extensive refits in the history of shipbuilding afaik. Still WG's Normandie goes beyond that.
  8. puxflacet

    Update Musashi's 3D model?

    It is. They made the ship longer and her belt a lot thinner so theoretically she would be able to reach that speed. But these changes go beyond "what if" refit. They wouldnt be managable irl on the hull of the real Normandie. So basically different ship. To give her the in-game stats, most notably the speed and the AA. At least WG took the effort to make the ships look the part. Nikolai can survive at T4 with historical stats, Izmail would probably not at T6...and besides that to fit in chronologically as well. Ships at T6 should be from 1920s. I know there are some deviations already, but when it is possible to fit in the look of the decade, the ship probably should.
  9. puxflacet

    Update Musashi's 3D model?

    Historically accurate only if it fits into WG plans...you obviously know these have "what if" refits. There is even bigger extreme: Normandie. WG basicaly redesigned the whole ship in order to make her more fitting for the french flavor.
  10. Not exactly. You said it yourself: If 24 or 31 knots doesn't matter since the main antagonist - the DD - will hunt down the sub anyway. It only affects how quickly will be the subs able to reposition. So not really a matter of balance but rather a matter of player comfort. And that raises the question if that change is justfied.
  11. Seems you love to invent your own stories. all I wrote was "I'm not surprised"...
  12. read better please . few posts above your comment i posted this ↓ just to put the numbers into perspective for people like you, who obviously have no clue about real stuff: example: K-class submarine ingame: 31 knots historical: 22,5 knots surfaced, 10 knots submerged https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_K-class_submarine ... hope this will prevent further useless commenting on my original post
  13. yeah. i didnt feel necesarry to point out that no ww2 sub crossed 24 knots ever - even surfaced
  14. Not one of these ships is in "historical" or designed configuration. They were redesigned by WG to reach the speeds they gave them : Normandie and Lyon are longer than the actual designs+have thinner armor, Bayern has hull - engine upgrades. so they at least look the part.