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  1. Looking for a new clan, is there a protocol for leaving your present clan? Thanks!
  2. pecos25

    Basic CV Tutorial

    Thank you so much for replying, a quick question, what are the keyboard controls for the HERMES? Thanks!
  3. pecos25

    Basic CV Tutorial

    Have the Hermes, is there a basic tutorial to learn how to launch, control everything? Thanks!
  4. pecos25

    Font size very small

  5. pecos25

    Font size very small

    After the latest update on WofW, the font size of the game is much smaller. How can I correct this? Thanks!
  6. pecos25


    Thank you so much for your reply. Silly question, what is a support ticket? Thanks again
  7. pecos25


    Yes, I am sure that I am not getting premium credits and XP in my battles. Please help. pecos25 Thank You!