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  1. Yay Gunlion saw my thread !

  2. Still wanting on a Dev respond to my thread :(

  3. Toxicity we can fix it ! (not intended as a bob the builder reference)

  4. so..Battleships battle, Carriers carry planes, cruisers..cruise, and destroyers destroy...i think battleships are on the short end of the stick.

  5. DUN DUN .....DUN DUN (screams) ,,,OMG ITS COMING....DUN DUN DUN

  6. OMG [Redacted] Is [Redacted] which is [redacted] !!! ....lol

  7. Alpha Testing is a journey... we are the Pathfinders finding the path, and clearing the debris so that other can enjoy what we experienced for years to come, without having all the bugs and gameplay issues.

  8. Alpha Test Here I come...can't wait to help out