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  1. LordToede

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    i actually try and try to be civil and meet this guy half way but he is clearly a desperately lonely needy underattened ed interenet juvenile fool. you sir have zero respect coming because you send zero going frm what i have passed over tonight. and i will leave the forums fun to you and my actual bettors which doesn't include you ever.
  2. i mean if you have good mates and a proper division anything is still do able, if your setup right and knowledgeable event he broken tier 10 hak cv can be fairly easy to mitigate. I find i am playing a great deal less variety however as many things are unbalanced and can suffer greatly still, slow ships that can't keep up, i haven't had a good experience playing alone in a while in randoms. And yes dd's do seem to suffer the greatest shock to their old role play, and they were still adjusting to the new and ever growing radar. but this game like most things has cycles, art imitating life to replace it supplant it become addictive patterned behavior under established psychology. sometimes he cruisers are too good at ROF or fire propagation, then its the op bbs with sped and firepower, then its the dds then its the cv's pillaging people who play without the advantages of teammates or goo division mates with variety of options to offer critical support. The New ship is too op the new ship was over nerfed. There are too many of the new X line or ship or radar in the queue because its new. when a new ship line or split comes out its 5 to 1 in that ship line class in queue for days even weeks I can adjust to the game play but it has gone from fun and engaging or fun and challenging to laborious and tedious and limiting. Its like inflation or a bubble bursting in investing or the stock market crashing. It's like you work hard you save you plan you invest diversify. and due to a broken money system that is 5000 years old fundamentally. You can never have "enough" for retirement. So all that work playing all the ship lines trying to keep up with everything and not only do i get hamstrung, disillusioned and put aside. But now i am to be set back in the struggle to keep up with a dynamic game where the f2p grind is very real. And all i can think is how can this establish any trust to make such a drastic change. how would i ever want to invest money in this now, and it has been radical enough im really leaning towards it isn't worth any more of my time being invested either. And that id be better off quitting while im ahead as they say. The only thing this patch runied for me is CV play. i mean it was my 3rd least favorite thing to do right ahead of cruiser play but wow, now its just too stupid easy. too action paced with so little real nuance to it. before it was a frustration that if i beat you as a cv player you really sucked but i enjoyed the challenge now and then. and while i tended to lose money i could generally manufacture the team win by simple fundamentals. i would always lose fighter strafe timing battles to other players due to game latency or some other silly minor issue. Tolerable compared to having a pointless fly planes in drop attacks. That format looks crazy repetitive.
  3. LordToede

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    A fine post i guess Kizarvexis doesn't represent the whole of PVE by any means, you seem quite capable of making valid clear well format posts that understand all sides of a topic. I actually got into a pretty pathetic juvenile exchange with him myself. Guys like him are the reason my ingame battle chat stays constantly disabled. Great post and contribution. All due Respects to you.
  4. LordToede

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I have a different point of view, You say they play soley and lonely. I say that represents any ship class and any player potentially. Now the hardest thing in randoms is to have a balanced team vs team scenario, and to have even a portion of your team thinking along the same styles of play, aggressive passive conservative transitive throughout. and any bad mix of these makes a win or a loss. I see CV players that suck in the old RTS system and some that are glorious. Where you had to balance betweent he impossible task of always screening every idiot bb who cries and makes your job difficult by spreading out and making themselves easy targets. Some of the work must be done two ways by the cruiser and bb's working toegher. Your point of view ignores the few top percentage players who always go to bat for the win and for their teams and while they are few and far between great selfless teamplay in a rewards system that barely rewards or encourages good fundamentals and teamwork. Then again most people can't be reasoned with, they can happily be the number one cause of a game loss while farming up a helacious score from the back in a completely untanked ship with 4 unused heals until the win is unrecoverable. I have been auto chat banned many times for even attempting to discuss differing points of view in battle chat. So i play exculsively with it off now. there are far more players using cv after this update, and that which thereof i regard as an indicator of success................ brilliant premise. so the established pattern of new ships and new releases. THAT PEOPLE COME BACK TO TRY THEM AND EXISTING PLAYERS GIVE THEM A GO IS AN INDICATOR OF SUCCESS.... this is the reason it is so hard for wargaming to understand reality as well. All they have to go by that they can truly process is the metrics of the game. I played them as well! for about 20 mins in coop, then i knocked out the snow flake on em, and sold em for good. Garbage gameplay was the new system, i found being able to warp into battle in seconds over and over again, being unable to play so badly that i could actually run out of planes... being unable to find anything more complex about new cv play than any lame point aim fire game (might as well be playing a basic RPGMMO or COD as CV's in this POS now) to be very offputting. then again some of us prefer a challenge. A reasonable challenge not a "i dare you to see how many times you can punch yourself in the nuts as hard as you can" challenge that they have brought. The early shock to the game was severe. A huge pull of anxious noobs who had returned to check out the shiny new offerings. Endless sitting int he back 2 squares of the map or sides. Ususally one large group of 75-85% of a team mostly doing rubbing damage to each other out of fear. Event he ranked this season is awful and without the cv dynamic you would think it would be an escape, a safe harbor. but it seems most people mostly the noobs felt the same way.
  5. LordToede

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    3. Open questions and concerns to be researched in more detail and addressed if needed (no specific update planned yet, but it may change). The amount and quality of CV spotting in the new meta; MM limits (our ideal limit is 1 CV per team, very few cases of 2 CV (and always 1 at tier X, but right now the limit is 3 across the board): we would like to change the limits where/when possible. ^Taken from the Facebook Dev notice. our ideal limit is 1 cv per team... no crap that would be everyones ideal limit. so HOW COME YOU DON'T put limits? VERY FEW CASES 2? MOSTLY NOW DURING THE DAY ITS STILL 2 CV'S PER TEAM AVG AT ALL TIERS. and this is after it has cooled down quite a bit int eh queues. yet to get a no cv game is fairly rare. So its like being with a POS where they say, i don't cheat. while actively texting a booty call. and coming up with an excuse to just , pop out for a bit. Sorry for calling a club a club i know that bothers clubs in spades clothing. IF you want good sound free strategy you have a strategic game and the top 5-10% are quite militant minded with minds always calculating and thinking about... wait for it... strategy. Yet for some reason what we get is unsound strategy from whoever pulls the strings over there. At any rate wish me luck in falling in love with another game before you clowns get things halfway back to decent or grow the humility to try something different and admit a mistake. I know it doesn't look good on your resume or the performance review or whatever but try to think at least a tiny bit beyond yourselves or your wallets... or our wallets. and perhaps we will once again open our hearsts and wallets to you. Think about it as actually working at a relationship and not just trying to get us drunk, confused, score, and sneak out on us before daylight.
  6. LordToede

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    LOL kudos, so their plan to bring back players who didn't like it as it was worked, now all the players who like it the way it was leave, and the gamers who weren't devoted come back because they will surely be lasting heads int he community. Too each there own, it takes all kinds and diversity. But the logic is unsound. And playing public test? so the guys who do the testing don't can't or won't play enjoy the normal random crowds community can't. IS this how the main body gets such great updates? Crazy idea, find players who play the most hours in game. reward them to be your testers. Actual measurable in game freebies. Then you will get healthy testing and feedback the majority will approve of. I mean this guy basically states he only now is back because of the new cv style. So you have drawn a player who will ONLY play the new cv's... because knowing one ship class and style will make such a strong and well rounded player with an understanding and respect for eachs hip and its capabilites strengths weaknesses abilitys for itself and the enmy team. oh wait NONE OF THAT MATTERS ANYMORE BECAUSE THE CV HAS BEEN REWORKED INTO ANOTHER do my own thing ship that no longer must coutner other cv's (generally optional) as most would just focus on damage so they didn't lose money on non premium. or be in return under supported by the avg random majority of "teammates". It's fun to make great points that aren't discussed, or even countered. But you said feedback. Im just giving you want you want. one of us in this relationship needs to at least try to deliver.
  7. LordToede

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Well thats a sunny outlook at least, I don't see it as good news i see it as the same old overreaching cookie cutter F2P PR right from the hand book. All they've really said is we're going to keep going in an idiot direction probably due to some top heads pushing metrics based perspective improvements aimed simply at more more more money greed. The short of it is you have a low FPS game now, it is slow paced, it fits the player base you have now which is mostly older legacy style gamers, who did NOT GROW UP ON DYNAMIC CHANGING GAMES WITH SUBSCRIPTIONS AND PAID DLC. However some genius in the never ending line of genius at wargaming has decided that the short view more ships instant income mostly focused on the weakest performing CV class and the desire to easily crank out many of them but feeling the need to make them mainstream through terrible conceptualization and the quality feedback you get from unpaid testers. (barely rewarded) considering the total lack of incentive. and they got exactly what they paid for. The bit i do think is solid strategy presented to you for free by your community check above is simply overhauling the fundamentals, the numbers. rework the game as he states and focus on the FPS eye candy numbers that the KIDS you are TRYING to lure love. And for the love of god just give up and roll back this hot steaming mess of a cv rework and generally a major game-play overhaul. I mean you refuses to address the minor issues you have allowed to build in the game. spotting mechanic report rates that allow superior concealed dd's to be constantly out spotted by random chance of speed position and timing. AN obvious game-play destroying oversight that didn't exist in previous versions. sound familiar? Now im willing to adjust to relearn things but there are limits to how far im willing to go, there is dynamic and there are complete overhauls. There are improvements and then there are bandaids on things that weren't broken. If you had an even remotely static game and powercreep rate id be spending money in this best f2p POS i can find for my genre. But since the company motto seems to be shoe horn in ship after ship and re-balance which involves a high rate of power-creep and the need to keep up with a high rate of ever ballooning change, i do not. 8.0 is so far the patch where my conservative ideas will pay out finally for me. Not one dime spent. And just in time you almost had me at xmas finally deals too good to resist. Not unlike now though i can smell a trap coming a mile away, kind of like how we have 200% bonus for no reason except that you have to keep the players conditioned and leave any crumbs out you can to keep the numbers from "taking a dive" (see what i did there cough cough subs*) I'm up to about 12 other games installed now desperately trying to find a new mistress to take your former place which had zero contenders installed. Maybe you should just remove cv's and focus on the basics since you can't seem to be content with what you have you saucy little tramps. Imma tell you like i heard it from coach, fundamentals fundamentals fundamentals. And frankly there isn't one upgrade or update addition in this game since i started playing that i couldn't live without, that has truly added anything to the game or game play for me. Which is as stated about 95% revolving around new ships and re-balancing. The other 5% of effort revolves around fixing "accidentally or carelessly" broken game mechanics due to intended improvements. I see your what is pretty top class net coding and masking of server synch game lag issues, at least until this patch and inport gui. Still you do some things very well. Now i know good and well the great brains aren't going to listen aren't going to change their minds without extreme motivation, like severe number decreases in income or traffic. Or a large consistent majority outcry, and if there is one thing i have learned about the per capita majority of this game... well best leave some things unsaid. Frankly i think this is going to push me into an opposite game genre just to forget. Kind of like dating that good church girl after that slutty bar tramp broke your heart and your best friends and your dads and made you visit the clinic. So id like to invite you to change your minds as if you can't change a mind what in the hell is a mind for? a mind that can't be changed is just an animal brain without reason. just one tracked dogged pursuit of a instinct a drive, and in this case its clearly and always the bottom line to exclusion of all good reason.
  8. LordToede

    Job Well Done.

    SIGH, well i tried to not reject this wholly, i played bb i played cruiser i played dd, and yes the first thing i did was try cv multiple times. Awful experience at every turn. Tried every tier co op to random. I find the only way i can even half enjoy the gameplay anymore is to play the things i used to hate. Such as tier 2 and down, or operations or ranked since there will be no meta breaking new cv's. It's s bad im actually downloading WoT again which was awful last time i tried to pick it back up but comparatively its seeming like the winner. I am also downloading warthunder because well anything has got to be better than this. Here is my theory of the real why's for the changes being so drastic. It's simply about buisness, making money. Keeping legacy players happy who already have or earn all the purchasable through skill or love isn't profitable and harder toi keep a developed skilled player happy. Is this really about driving off the old player base and bringing in new players who can buy everything? What other point is there to such a drastic overhaul to cv's. If i had bought premium time on that sweet warships specific deal in dec, which i really was going to finally get for a year i would be pitching a whole different brand of discontentment here, and i would definitely be expecting a refund on serious bait and switch tactics and sales timing. Now im certain you guys are evil. Good luck with whatever money is the bottom line strategy you have i hope you achieve your goals... without me. #Overit
  9. LordToede

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I doubt i can say much that hasn't been said about the general early negative reaction to the carrier play changes, but let's just echo the basics. Vanilla mods day so no fun like that, CV's tried got snowflake gave up sold em. Generally NOT happy is my first early impression. Maybe not a deal breaker on playing the game but you definitely regressed it in a bad direction imo. Not a total S.S. so i won't get too ranty but the changes serve the new blood and sales per investment and not legacy and senority. P.S. i came really close to falling for the great premium ships only time sales which would have been my first ever purchase. In hindisght i am glad due to this update i never made the impulse buy. Then i would be invested and feeel forced to play more than i now want to.