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  1. denispersy

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    I couldn't find the info regarding keeping my hard-earned Moskva... What will happen to the Moskva in my port? Do I get to keep it?
  2. denispersy

    Update 0.9.4 - Feedback

    what will happen to moskva thats already in my port? Do I get to keep it? Edit: Wrong section. I moved my question to the News And Announcements section
  3. Скорей бы уже очень рад
  4. denispersy

    Premium Shop in April

    Weekend Captain's Pass used to be 2 days of premium time, plus 1 day bonus. For the total of 3 days. Now it is 1 day, with a 1 days bonus. For a total of 2 days.