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  1. Darkshadow86

    Rework vs RTS which is better?

    I'm afraid I have to disagree. The RTS was extremely easy for those who have ten fingers to do multiple commands, no disrespect to any vets or civil workers that lost some digits. It was extremely new player friendly; you just had to remember how to play it. A good example is DCS; you have to remember so much stuff to even turn on the vehicle (not including the planes you can turn on with a couple of commands). But in WOWs, you don't need to remember all of that; instead, you must rely on muscle memory to function. I'd say the skill floor was plenty low. But if you aren't too busy munching on popcorn(in reference to your gif), I wouldn't mind you justifying your opinion.
  2. Darkshadow86

    Rework vs RTS which is better?

    This change was for the better. The old cv was "Hold shift, click enemy; to aim manually or auto-aim my attack, that is the question." This new style is more engaging and less boring; besides, if people have an itch to macro a billion things, they can also play zerg on starcraft 2. This new change makes cv gameplay feel more interactive instead of looking at a map; that isn't to say that old RTS(real-time strategy) gameplay was terrible. It was just different from the new system that is implemented now. Who knows, the next cv could change the entire gameplay style once again. People that stick to the old ways of doing things instead of learning new things will fail. It's like people who refuse to learn how to use a new coding program but are surprised when they are warned 2x then receive a pink slip.
  3. Darkshadow86

    Arkansas Beta - for new CV players

    No offense but is there a point to this topic? I'm sure plenty of people know the ship doesn't have Anti Air; if they didn't their curiosity of seeing Beta in the title would cause them to look it up on Wikipedia.