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  1. I skimmed a post about Wargaming doing an HQ transfer, and I know everyone is narrowed in on the political stuff but will there be tons of discounts soon to cover their movement costs? Fire sales on ships, doubloons, packs. I ask since many of the shop items are expensive, and I hope they don't raise their prices. I understand that the price is based on a willingness to pay and not the reasonability of the item's worth when it comes to the ships, but it was on my mind. I understand it is odd to be openly penny-pinching, but if no one is going to ask, I'll be the one to do it.
  2. Darkshadow86

    Advices on how to play Carriers?

    People say that you can dodge AA at tier 10 but it’s very unreliable, and tons of ships have a large anti air firing range.
  3. Darkshadow86

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    I want subs in the game, even though I won’t be using them. Having extra spice is great for gameplay variety.
  4. Darkshadow86

    PSA: Data collection

    I can already hear the army of tinfoil hats rustling in the distance as they prepare to swarm this topic lol.
  5. Darkshadow86

    hypothetical question

    Tempting, but the hours seem eh. I prefer the ye old, we send you info, you pass, we go from there.
  6. Darkshadow86

    Where is my Super CV?

    Before I begin, I'm aware of the stigmatism that CV players cause others, that they are the primary deciders of who wins and who loses. But, of course, they aren't, so before someone gets all defensive about jets being in-game and starts getting excited, relax; DDs are the ship class you should be worried about their influential presence (which some CVs can delete with a glance). Although, I won't deny that CVs with access to jets have the capabilities of a single Kryptonian vs. a league of multiple batmen. Or a gaggle of dysfunctioning robbers that can quickly steal a victory from your grasp if you aren't constantly aware of your situation or lack map awareness like a Battleship player learning to play and not hiding behind the closest mountainous island in their vicinity. How do I gain one of these mighty beauties? On the login patch page, it states: "Supercarriers, as well as the other superships, will be available for rent from recurring random bundles in the Armory. The contents of those bundles will change. One bundle that holds all the superships will be replaced by two bundles. Each of them will include a cruiser, destroyer, battleship, and aircraft carrier. Does that mean it works like subs to where I can get access to the super CVs every day? Or is it a situation where I need to buy a bundle pack to play it? Preferably I'd rather have this ship be researchable. I truly don't feel like jumping through mission hoops to access the next tier. Hopefully, this isn't like that, "You can win a free ship, but you must participate in the shipbuilding mission." Off-topic: But I do recall when I asked for jet CVs, and people were like, "It's never going to happen!" "You're dreaming" "I'll have what you're having" etc etc. Now, look where we're today. Oh, and my title is a reference to the incredible with the "Where is my super suit scene," that I love so much. I'm not actually demanding for my own super CV to just appear. I felt I needed to clarify that since people can act pedantic.
  7. Darkshadow86

    Easiest/Hardest Class to Git Gud At

    The easiest and hardest class is destroyers. All you have to do is cap while trying not to die. But the class is the hardest class because of how easily they can be found and destroyed.
  8. I’ll summarize my big portion thought into a small digestible one. Should you only play ranked if you have a maxed out commander, or is any commander lvl sufficient? I ask this because it would seem you would be at a large statistical disadvantage if you go against people who do possess maxed commanders. If the chief isn’t called commander, apologies but I got squadron names on my mind at the moment but I thought I would ask.
  9. I have a 100% win rate with a new CV, can I have a unicorn membership card now? :D lol
  10. Short post, but what are your guy’s perception of Unicorn players. I know they are called something else, but the name sounds gross. When ever I do meet one, I found out either by them being a arm chair general or they suddenly mention stats in a casual game. In my experience, they are either try hards or play overly safe and blame everyone else by not playing in the way they desire others to. Or they stat pad by only playing in squadrons to avoid their win rate dropping. I used to want to be a unicorn player, but now it seems like they are like all the other people with “high,” stats. They get a ego, and become rude to everyone else.
  11. So, I just had the most excellent match. I lost, but it was worth talking about. The battle was eh, the team was crumbling, and a DD was sneaking around in the backline with good anti-air. I'm thinking, "Yea, this is still winnable." Then all of a sudden, a full hp BB appears out of nowhere. My reaction is, "Dang,...Here we go again." "So, I have two enemies in front of me and two enemies behind me. Ok, don't give up; this can be worked into a win." I sent my planes out to get some work done, then all of a sudden, *BAM*, his ship was ammo wracked. His reaction could be summarized as, "Man, that [edited], I had you dead to rights." Then I replied with, "That's karma for hiding all game." The thing about players that hide all games is that they are useless at the start of the game but are very annoying to deal with at the end of the match. RNGesus had blessed my torps to deal with his irritating self, lol. Could I of played better? I'm not sure, but it was a great experience to have.
  12. Darkshadow86

    Is there a way to prevent close matches?

    Sorry for the confusion. I've noticed there is a substantial uptick in threads about matches being one-sided, and I'm like, "Dang, that sounds exciting to be on the winning side of that. I'll log on and give it a try." Well, I log on, and I'm playing, and every match consists of, "We'll fight you till the last breath!" "You won't have this cap unless you pull it from my cold sea salt-covered hands." Where are all these one-sided matches I've heard about? So, every match is a hard-fought victory or a hard-fought loss instead of a blowout. So I must be missing something, or the common denominator is that I'm always one of the last few alive. Example topic of what I'm referring to: Well, that is odd. I can't locate the other forum topics that were adamantly discussing MM. There were many of them, but now I can't find them. Anyway, I want a one-sided victory because if you constantly have close matches, that means that both sides are of similar skill, which isn't a bad thing; it is good. But where is that sudden thrill of, "At the start of the match, we already knew we won." Instead, every match feels like a chess match, and in every battle, you have to find a flaw fix it so that you can do better for the next fight. This constant requirement for improvement feels like I'm playing a ranked matchmaker. All matches recently felt like there wasn't a single goofer; everyone was acting sweaty and trying everything they could to win. I'm not sure if it's because a CV is there, so people feel they need to try or the CV will slap them, but it is odd. Sorry, this is a bit rambly since it's hard to pinpoint the problem. You usually want a equal opponent to improve your skill, which gives you reasons to question yourself. But right now, every battle feels ranked instead of casual, if you get what I mean. The problem could just be me since I'm competitive when I want to be. Victories should feel like this: But instead, they feel like a close match which is along the lines of:
  13. Darkshadow86

    Is there a way to prevent close matches?

    Right, but to add to what I meant by blowout, my team gets blown away to where it's like 3v3. And, I'm thinking, "Wow, this makes games so much harder to win..." For example, this match I just had almost could've been a loss, but the enemy DD was reading a magazine or something, and I was determined to win. So, I want to prevent situations from getting that bad, which is why I call it a blowout. That 2nd screenshot could be someone's wallpaper lol.
  14. Darkshadow86

    Is there a way to prevent close matches?

    Yea, you're probably right. I keep gettings these annoying tug of war matches. I don't know if that's good or bad. For example, this match I just experienced I maybe could have won, but my positioning got me killed, and one of our last BB got killed trying to brawl with a german BB that torped him. Oh, and fun banter in chat from a salty enemy that I told him to get warmed since we're battling in the tundra and he blew up lol.
  15. I noticed that often as a CV, I could have circumstances where it can be potent. For example, I can ammo wrack ships and destroy ships that want a solo experience. [Changed Title to: "Is there a way to prevent close matches?" instead of (Is there a way to prevent blowouts?" But even with all this power, there isn't anything I can do to prevent an entire section of my team from collapsing. At first, I asked myself, "If I increased my skill would that change the outcome?... But, Nah, allied players still need to aim well and not die." I still intend to become a better player. When I do my hiatus, naturally, my skill drops from when I left, but it does eventually improve quickly than it was previously. But is there anything I can do to stop these blowouts that I'm just not seeing?