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  1. Darkshadow86

    Add Sub 1-401 to the mainline tech tree

    Also, the feet you step on today may belong to the bottom you may have to kiss up to tomorrow. This means always treat others with respect cause you can never know when you may need their help. Some Humor: Chowder Humor Fat Thor Behind The Scenes And another fat thor video. Hot tip: Don't look at your pre-covid lifting numbers, or you will deeply regret it. Gyms being closed for months is devastating. Cause I was like, "I could squat 300? That has to be a mistake." I was coping so hard, lol. Sometimes, we lose the things we can do easily. You can get back to what you used to, but it will take time; not being able to squat nearly 1.7x your own weight when you could do so with ease is a major ego hit. But sometimes, life teaches us these lessons, so we can always be learning, humble, and possess humility. On the bright side, my knees and legs don't hurt, like I remember them doing on leg days, lol. After edit: Sorry if I got too real; life has been very draining lately. Good but draining.
  2. Darkshadow86

    Add Sub 1-401 to the mainline tech tree

    I love your profile pic; you have great personal tastes.
  3. Darkshadow86

    Add Sub 1-401 to the mainline tech tree

    I'll say this in a few words, but with the impact of many words. You know how to play the game without making anyone party upset with your outlook. You're brilliant for doing that.
  4. Darkshadow86

    Add Sub 1-401 to the mainline tech tree

    Smart take 😎🥂📋
  5. Darkshadow86

    Add Sub 1-401 to the mainline tech tree

    @Boggzy Hey, new guy (teasing), what is your opinion on this? Voicing your opinion here will be a great way to get your personal outlook known lol.
  6. It has been brought to my attention that World of Warships is too realistic for some folk and have a hard time differentiating real-life and in-game. I have a proposal to fix that very problem; add the sub 1-401 to the mainline techtree as a free tier 10 premium that comes already equipped with modules that people can sell if they so choose to. Implementing this change will allow for a more positive gaming experience; everyone will be provided the free premium so that no one can complain about credits being hard to collect. In addition, people will have a safe way to experience Tier 10 in a nonexpensive format. Not to mention, the commander model of Iona is already implemented in the game. Now, let's discuss the many features of sub 1-104; Corrosive Warhead Torpedoes, Anti-Masker torpedoes, Active Decoys, Passive Decoys, Anti-Sub missiles, and the auxiliary Super-Graviton Cannon. Some of you may be thinking, "That is much too powerful to be implemented in-game." My reply to that is, it already is in-game. The Corrosive Warhead torpedos will act like standard homing torpedos; the active decoys can be deployed when submersed to fool the enemy radar by displaying either the active player sub and the decoy or displaying only the bait on the radar. Likewise, anti-subs missiles will work like standard homing torpedos. The auxiliary Super-Gravition Cannon can only be used once per match and only be used if you can score four sonar hits within one minute and thirty seconds for a complimentary high damage citadel hit. Ships can quickly cleanse all of the sonar pings, especially when they know that sub 1-104 is already in the occurring match. For all the people, who want to, "Reeee!, anime in my naval simulator!" World of warships isn't a simulator, and it is an arcade game. If you're angry about that fact, head to the gym and squats some weights until you're ready to discuss this like a calm person. Main Points: Free premium ship for all Sub 1-104 Balanced World of Warships is an arcade game, not a simulator. If you're mad, pump some iron in the gym instead of Reeeing in the chat. On a real note, if this bothers you, I propose self-reflection and get comfortable wearing pink(I swear, some people act like it's poison[Not venomous, there is a difference]). A special thanks to Kongo; I saw her profile pic, which inspired me to make this post. I won't say the username since she may not want to get involved. Reference: I-401 | Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Wiki | Fandom. (n.d.). Retrieved September 20, 2021, from https://aokihagane.fandom.com/wiki/I-401
  7. I noticed, you have a Chinook as a profile pic. Did you ride in any like these? I snipped the video, cause it’s loud. I think I can post this. The rules are weird sometimes; sometimes you can’t post a face, a name tag, or other things.
  8. Darkshadow86

    Oh me oh my

    Congratulations; may this be the start of a very fortuitous week for you.
  9. Ooo, that’s nice. I read about that event somewhere.
  10. How did you feel about being on a ship all the time? What would the flag be, and what is the significance of it?
  11. Darkshadow86

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    Exactly. I didn’t want to be the one to call out the elephant in the room.
  12. Darkshadow86

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    But that would mean that World of warships, isn’t an actual simulator? *Dramatic Gasp; CV haters all suddenly flock to their security blankets in pure shock* lol.
  13. Darkshadow86

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    It is the most fun class. Any ship you see, you have the option to delete from the battlefield. Highly recommend it; just ignore the people, who “Reeee CV(s), are bad.”
  14. Darkshadow86

    CVs and Subs are being cheated

    Lowest quality of bait; didn’t even bother to hide the net.
  15. Darkshadow86

    submarines need airstrikes as well

    Well…. Surface ships can make calls to a local CV, and if you extend your suspense of disbelief; it is plausible that the ship called for a strike force ahead of time. For a sub, it doesn’t make sense for tons of reasons. 1. The sub would have to surface. 2. The sub would need to be on the surface level to make the phone call, and constantly convey the location of the target. Because radar, physics, etc etc. 3. A submarine can’t just do a call in the middle of nowhere for a local air strike. 4. The targeted ship would notice a giant sub sticking out the water; subs are very easy to see and cause ripples in the water when they are close to the surface. 5. At that close range, you would basically be screaming into the enemy hydrophone that you’re nearby. Even if they don’t somehow see a huge sub in the water.