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  1. Your comment didn't age well.
  2. Capt_Bon

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    Of course. We didn't have any mercs....every player was in the clan and it makes it much more fun and rewarding. I don't mind a merc or 2 in CB...but when nearly half the team isn't in your clan it's not really CB anymore.
  3. Capt_Bon

    Clan Battles: Tears of the Desert Season

    Restrictions No more than one aircraft carrier per team. No more than two battleships per team. If a team has an aircraft carrier, there can be no more than one battleship in that team. No more than three mercenaries per Division. This is getting ridiculous. Why have Clans?? 3 out 7 can be mercs?? Let's just put a super team together (HELLO GAISHU) with his shenanigans and win Clan Battles with a bunch of mercs instead of actually playing with a group of your clan mates. Well done WG.
  4. Capt_Bon

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    LOL this is the greatest ID TEN T error.
  5. haha. I live in the conservative part of the State.....we call it Kalifornia....when referring to our restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights.
  6. Join the NOCAP discord server for a Master Class on Gearing and Daring gameplay taught by ChatBonk of Bonks/Peedz. Class is about 90 minutes long. Live Q&A while ChatBonk plays DD's, captain builds and strategy. Even if you are a beginner, you will learn tips to help you get better faster. January 23 (Saturday) at 2PM EST https://discord.gg/3cWfTRU
  7. Capt_Bon

    Clan Tag Colors Changed

    Yeah....here's your prestigious colors....you get them for a week. I opened a case as well, and WG replied.
  8. Why have we lost our clan tag colors from Season 11 already?? We finished in Typhoon. Our players are rightly upset that they now have Squall colors after a long season.
  9. Capt_Bon

    Co-op ?

    It should be called BOT Mode or Player vs Bot Mode. Last night I was in COOP to finish off Naval Battles, and a player messaged the other team.....REALLY????. Everyone started laughing, that this player clearly didn't know they were bots and was messaging the other team.
  10. Capt_Bon

    Clan Battles: "Northern Waters" Season

    What would be MORE helpful... Put the CB Cyclone in the Training Room so we can practice in actual conditions.
  11. Capt_Bon

    Clan Battles: "Northern Waters" Season

    But...but.....DD's are coming back!! :eyeroll:
  12. Capt_Bon

    Sad Story

    Clearly. You're not in the majority position. I'll just hope you're never on my team...pun intended.
  13. Capt_Bon

    Sad Story

    But the screen shot by the OP showed exactly that...it was a team game. So you're wrong....again.
  14. Capt_Bon

    Sad Story

    You've obviously never played a team game, where your effort + each individual player's effort = Your team's effort. That's why people play games like Tennis, ping pong, golf, etc instead of baseball, Football, etc. They prefer to play their own game.
  15. Capt_Bon

    King of the Sea XI: Regional Results

    Reminder: Saturday is Group Stage 1 Sept 19 @ 12PM PST/3PM EST and will last about 4.5 hours. Top 24 teams move on and join the 8 Seeded teams on Sunday @ 12PM PST/3PM EST