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  1. Xlap

    How do you grind a ship line

    I just focus a single line at a time, use my best camo and signals to speed up the grind. When i get a new ship of the line i usually unlock some upgrades with free XP. Right now im grinding the RN CL line, Edimburgh at the moment.
  2. CVs are hatted because they have no skill based counter play. All you can do is hope that the CV is a bad player and/or is going to ignore you. And while they have no skill based counter, they are able to counter any kind of smart and agressive move. CVs just promote smoke and camping meta. Smoke is one of the few ways to avoid CVs. And one of the few ways to stay safe from CVs is to sit in the back, in a blob. Trying to get a cap? Cvs can spot and strike you. Trying to push a flank? CVs can spot and strike you. Trying to ambush a enemy ship? CVs can spot and strike you. Trying to use islands as cover to push? Guess what? CVs can spot and strike you.
  3. Xlap

    So Ranked CV's Balanced?

    The problem is not about losing, but how does that happen. The problem is when you lose before the battle even starts, if you got stuck with a bad CV player, your chances to win are minnimal. CVs have too much impact into battles, and because of that, the skill gap between players is game breaking.
  4. Xlap

    So Ranked CV's Balanced?

    No surprise, in random games, teams with the better CV have a much higher chance to win. In ranked wich is a much smaler enviroment its much worse. A ship with the ability to scout and strike anywhere on the map, in very little time and with no effective counter. Seems balanced...
  5. Honestly, i doubt WG devs and balancing teams ever play their own game...
  6. And this true for enemy ships as well, not all ships can hide and you can still hit some of the ships that are hidded. Ok, this here is not true, ships with high arcs have low shells velocity, while ships with high shell velocity have low arcs. Example, DM has high arcs and slow shells velocity, Zao on the other hand has hig shell velocity, and low shell arcs. DM can fire from behind islands, Zao cant. This is how it works. If the HE spam is too strong and you can survive too long than just disengage, its simple, stop firing or go behind a island. If its not that strong than kill the supporting and the HE spammer either needs to run away or he becomes easy to kill. Yep, AA is uselss. AA only works against bad CV players, and this happens because they eat all the flak. Against good Cv players AA is useless, they doge the flak and the DPM aura doesnt have enough dmg to shoot planes down, so they can strike and get out before losing plane sor losing just a couple. What are you asking here? This is kinda confusing. Honestly, considering that you hide your stats and you think AA is strong, all i can think is that you are a bad CV player. Which is OK, but this doesnt mean CVs are fine just because you strugle with them.
  7. If enemy ships are firing at you and you cant fire back, ever onsidered into hidding aswell? Just find a island and park there or drop concelament and wait. Also, there are many ships that cant fire while behind islands, their shell arcs dont allow that, try to fire at them, they are likely in the open. Once you kill the support ships, its pretty easy to rush the HE spammer. And again, as of now AA is useless as a defensive system. Any good player can go through your AA and strike you wihtou losing planes or losing just a couple. They do it with minimal planes losses and thus their "ability for the player to project damage" remains pretty much the same through the game. Only bad CV players that lose all their planes to flak.
  8. When i played was pretty good ship, yes the guns are a little troll, but still decent and hit pretty hard. Because of the low calliber, you often needs to change between AP/HE. Get a tanky/survivability build with FP, Alsace melts under HE, same thing with Republique.
  9. If the ship is chasing you, he is going out of cover and thus you might be able to fight back. Also, if he is moving towards you, myabe its your time to sit and shoot, or try to ambush that guy. If you are in a position where you cant disengage, reposition your ship or fight back, than you probably made a mistake earlier or the game is already over. You are basing all of this in that AA is good as a counter, which is far from the truth. As of now AA is useless, good CV players just go through your AA like some useless fireworks and strike your ship over and over again. AA is only effective against potato CV players and only because they eat the flak and lose planes, while good CV players just dodge the flak and strike you. Try to "just dodge"? Not all ships are fast or agile enough to do so, in fact most high tier ships are too sluggish, you might do it agaisnt torpedo planes, but even then, we are not fighting only against CVs, there are other ships and if you turn you might show too much broadisde to enemy ships, you get to chose, die to the cv or to the ships in front of you.
  10. Because we have dumb players that will pay passive no matte what. But we also have good players that like to actually play the game, and those players get punished the most by CVs. And they are often forced to play passive because of that.
  11. Not all ships can just sit spamming HE, many have to do it in open waters or sit so far from the island that you can shoot back. And again, even if you cant hit back, just disengage, maybe try a different aproach, go to a flank, get closer, go to other side of the map. Its up to the player decide what is better. Its risk vs reward, you want to dela some dmg? You might as well take some dmg in return. You want to get a objective? You might was well take some dmg while doing so. It up to the player decide if its worth it or not, sometimes its worth taking some dmg but getting a advantage, othe times its better to desingage and try something else. What options? You cant run, planes are fater and can reach anywhere on the map, you cant hide, becasue (again) planes are faster and can reach anywhere on the map. You cant fight back because the ship is sitting across the map and AA is useless as of now. So, what options?
  12. And they still dont "do" anything. In the old RTS CVs, bad players were wrecked by fighters/strafe. Now in the reworked CVs they get wrecked by flak... yay... either way, they dont do anything.
  13. I never said that it stops HE from hitting, i said that it hepls to mitigate some of the dmg, you are presenting a smaller profile, reducing the areas that can be hitted. ALso, there is a chance of the shells hitting turrets and doing no dmg. the same thing with WASD, i said some ships can do it, not all. Well, you can expect do deal dmg and get objectives without taking dmg in return, only CVs can do that. If the dmg you are trading or the objective is worth its up to the player to decide. Sometimes is better to disengage to fight later, others its better to take some dmg and kill enemy ships or get a objective. You have options, this is the point. When facing a CV you dont have, and this is the problem, you cant run, you cant hide and you cant fight back.
  14. This is a arcade game, not a simulator or actual war... And as a arcade game, balance its the most important thing, so all players have a chance to play and have fun...
  15. I dont have any, almost enougb coal to get one. And im probably going to get Thunderer. That ship might be fragile (for a T10 BB) but has one of the best guns systems in the game. And this is what you need to carry out games, blap ships left and right and either kill them or force them away. Gearogia seems pretty good too, you trade some gun power (tough its still pretty good) and get some utility with speed boost and secundaries. Yoshino is a long range HE spammer, burn the world from range, this is good to farm dmg but not to carry games. Marceau its still WiP, seems good for now, but cant be sure.