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  1. I only have Bretagne and Normandie so far, and few games with them. But so far two words describe them: inconsistency and disappointment.
  2. Good question, and IMO the answer is this: a ship is strong when you dont bother being botton tier because you know your ship can do well. Sometimes you even like to be botton tier because you have more damage to farm and earn more XP/credits.
  3. Well, while Minekaze was OP, i agree that the combination of new players vs very strong ship is not very good and makes the problem bigger than it actually is (or was).
  4. Unfortunately many players just want to Pew Pew and "forget" that this is a team based game and go like: "What team? [edited] my team!!".
  5. What happened is that, by then the IJN DD line was one of the strongest lines in the game, if not the strongest and Minekaze was a OP ship. So the Kamikaze sisters were released they were weaker versions of strong ships but they were still very strong. But after that IJN DDs were nerfed and the Kamikaze sisters were not.
  6. Im Sorry OP, but you cant pay to hit the enemy ships, all you can do is to get better. Learn how to aim.
  7. Thats why the Kamikaze sisters were "banned", because they are OP.
  8. If you have a good positioning where you have a good firing positioning and you can keep pressure into the enemy team there is no reason to move.
  9. Ok, now you are messing things, a stationary/slow moving sihp and a max range snipe are very different things. Also, we already have the tools to counter that in game: HE spam, normal torps and flanking the enemy. They all work really well.
  10. As i pointed earlier, one mistake doesnt justify another one. Is that so hard to get? Players that snipe from 20 km are wrong and their impact into a battle is small. Dont try to justify a poor design of a ship with a poor gameplay from some players, its a dumb thing to do and its bad for the overall game.
  11. DDs that already have long range torps can also hit other DDs and cruisers and not only BBs, those DDs also have better guns to help contesting caps/objectives. Also they torps leave room to counterplay and reaction time.
  12. If you like to burn the world from range, than yes they are worth.
  13. Yes, we have idiots that play like that, and they are wrong. But one mistake dont justify another mistake. If those torps come into the game in they current state, thye will punish the good BB players more than the bad ones, the good BB players are closer to the enemy and have even less time to react. If WG want to "fix" BBs that sit in the back and snipe, than reduce XP eran for damage and increasse for potential/actual damage taken. By introducing hard counters like that, that leave no counter play, you wont solve any issue but you make players frustrated. Its just a idiot idea.
  14. Musashi is still a nerfed Yamato, but its at T9 and we compare her to a T10 ship. If you are willing to spent money, you can Free XP to Yamato and buy the Premium camo and get the better ship.
  15. Asashio is a bad dedign for the game, yes its a strong ship, but only for the player that is playing the ship, for both his team and the enemy BBs this is a bad ship. For the enemy BBs, good luck, because you are going to need it. Those torps gives you zero reaction, if the enemy DD wants to sink you he will, and there is nothing you can do about that. Super stealth, high speed, high damage nukes? WG might want to add guided missile next time, because those torps are almost there. For Asashios team, its also bad. Asashio is bad at what DDs are good at, scout and play the objectives. Since you cant hit enemy DDs or cruiser with torps, and you guns are garbage (even worse than "normal" IJN guns) and you are a slow DD you have zero cap pressure, the enemy can just rush you and kill you or force you of the objective/position. While you are right that selfish players will always play in a selfish way, we dont need to reward that kind of gameplay, or give them a excuse to play like that.