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  1. Yes it is, with the current system, most ship are easy targets for Cvs, out of a few heavy AA ships most of them have no chance against a CV. The only thing that keeps it from being even worse is that most of the CV players are bad ones, many dont even knwo how to use manual drop. When you find a good CV player he can easily take over that game and there is little most ships can do about it. This is completely frustraiting to play against. Which is part of the problem, Cvs can do huge damage, and have a lot of utility for the team. When i play a DD i fear more a CV than radar ships. Not saying that the rework is amazing. IMO still needs tweaks. At least WG is trying something.
  2. The rework is needed. The current state of CVs is a complete garbage. WG know about this and is trying to do something about it. I have more interest in the CV rework gameplay than its current poor RTS style.
  3. Xlap

    Regarding the disappearing T9s...

    I used to think like this until i get Musashi a few days ago. I was like, "i already have Yamato, why i would get Musashi?". But since they are removing Musashi and i had the coal to get it i just did, and im really happy with this ship. The fact that a T9 ship can just s**t on T10 is really OP. With other T9 ships i would be very carefull fighting ships a tier higher, with Musashi just ignore them.
  4. Xlap

    Small way of fixing the Italian Cruisers

    Italian cruisers are fine overall. But i would like to see Abruzzi AP buffed. They are not overtiered as many claim. They would be Op if WG at T5/6. The issue is that most players see middle tier cruisers as HE spammers that shoud farm BB HP. When a ship doest fit this category its considered a bad ship. Most of this players ignore that cruisers can do much mor tha just farm cheap HE damage. Italian cruisers are utility focused cruisers, they have lots of tools to work with. Great mobility and concelament, long range/fast reloading torps (or water mines) and amazing set of consumables. The versatility of this ships is really amazing.
  5. We might not have a single line with so many paper ships. But in the entire game we have lots of them, some of them extremely popular. By this point in the game it doesnt really matter. By now, when we go into a battle, half the ships are paper ships. The russian BB line wont change that.
  6. Xlap

    Regarding the disappearing T9s...

    It a worse yamato but still OP at T9. Its nerly a T10 ship but into T9.
  7. Xlap

    Regarding the disappearing T9s...

    Both are great ships and really worth it. Get them i you can, you might never have the chance to get them again.
  8. There is a huge anti russian bias here. Anything related to russian ships and many players go crazy about that.
  9. This ^^, its not that we have bad DD players, we have bad players in general, playing BBs, DDs, cruisers and Cvs. DDs being harder to play just make it worse. Which is the sad part IMO. Most players never learn. I see so many players with thousands of battles still making basic mistakes.
  10. Soviet cruisers and DDs lines are well balanced into the game, there is no reason to believe that the BB line will be any different.
  11. Well, new ships are always welcome. They add variety to the game. Oh, but they are papre ships... So what? By now we have so many paper ships in game that it doesnt really matter. And im glad we have them, otherwise many tiers would be boring to play, with just some few options to choose from. Varety in a gme is always nice. Seen and playing the same ships all over again is boring.
  12. Xlap

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    As you pointed, he is a great player that can make many things work. And even him said that rdar is better overall. And he also does a lot of troll builds or very situational builds. And DM is a good DD killer, radar plus great DPM. Doesnt mean its the only thing a DM can do. Players often focus on a single task a ship can do and ignore other things. Its not that spotter plane is a bad consumable. its a good one if you know how to use it. But radar is just better. Spotter plane can be usefull and spot something for the team. Radar will 100% spot something inside that area.
  13. Xlap

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    Make it work? Maybe. but doesnt mean its better than radar. radar lights a larger area, all ship in that area are spotted. How to properly use radar is something that you will learn with time. But you will never learn if you use spotter plane. Never said that DM main purpose was to kill DDs, DM can do much more, but doesnt change the fact that DM is one of the best DD killers in the game. Radar is not only to kill enemy DDs, you can see the positioning of all enemy ships in a area, so you can plan your next move. As the othe rguy said. Radar is a consumable that is great for the entire team. Spotter plane is a very selfish one.
  14. Xlap

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    I understand the frustration of your teammates, you have one of the best tools in the game (radar) and you trade it for a spotter plane? Really? its like get a Yamato and spam HE or use a Khaba like a torpedo boat. There is no reason to do that, unless you are a troll or a really bad player. if you want more raneg just play another ship that is better suited for that. If you dont like radar and likes spotter plane, just play another ship. there is really no reason to not use radar...
  15. IMO, KS = Kill Secure Getting the kill is always nice, but i rather see some one else getting the kill than run the risk of the enemy ship escape or heal or even kill a ally ship.