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  1. Xlap

    players losing interest

    IMO the game just isnt fun to play anymore. WoWs went from my most player game to not played at all. This last month i logged a single time, to open a few containers and logged out. The game was already going into a bad place, the overall gameplay was getting worse and worse. Than the patch 8.0 with all the CV mess just took all the fun out of the game. CVs just make the game boring IMO. They keep you spotted most of the battle. Force tou to play in a passive/slow way, trying to overlap AA. Just make the game worse IMO. I dont have much interest in the game in its current state.
  2. This is true but for both sides, both players in favor or agaisnt CVs exaggerate in their arguments. Partially true. Unless the CV is constantly losing most/all planes, planes regenerate and the CV gets "unlimited planes". Partially true. Depending on the situation AA can go from no fly zone to completely useless. - Tier of the ships, top tier CV against botton tier ship. - Some ships have no fly zones while others have barely some fireworks. - The AA mechanics allows CVs to "outplay" AA by dodging flak but we cant control AA. - Ships lose AA as the game keeps going, you can start the game with a good AA and end with no AA at all. Partially true. CVs can dictate the engagement like no other ship can. Planes are much faster and can reach anywhere on the map. So in a supposed CV vs any ship, that "any ship" cant run and hide and they cant fight back because the CV is sitting acorss the map. Your only choice is to try to survive the attack. And this goes back to a lot of AA issues. Many ships cant even survive because their AA is bad. Imagine if, instead of damaging a BB, small gun callibers of crusiers and DDs would only make the reload slower? No one would think this is balanced, and for a good reason. Partially true. Many ships in the game (if not most of them) cant defend themselves against a CV. Their only choice is to join into blobs and lemming trains. And this in turn makes the game much slower/passive. No other ship in the game has such a power to dictate how the enemy team is going to play the game. In a supposed cruisers vs BB engagement. In general cruisers either have better concealment and/or better mobility. So if they think they cant win a fight against a BB, cruisers could try to disengage, stop firing and drop concealment, run away, use islands as cover. Open the range and out DPM the BB. So while the crusier might not win a straight 1v1, that ship has options. But none of those works agaisnt a CV, planes are faster and can reach anywhere on the map. Everything about CVs is completely unbalanced. CVs can go from OP to UP and then go back to OP on each battle. Get a battle with only heavy AA ships like DM, Mino, Worcester and CVs become UP. Get a battle where the enemy team is blobing or lemming and CVs are UP. Get a battle where enemy ships have bad AA, CVs become OP and can single handed win a battle. Right now there is no balance, right now, CVs are all or nothing ships. Which is frustrating for both sides.
  3. Theoretically, WG wanted to make CVs popular, possibly increasing the player base and their revenue with premium CVs and doubloons. WG just ingored one "simple" thing, CVs cannot be balanced. Not with the current mechanics. To balance CVs, WG would have to rework several mechanics/aspects of the game, not only CVs. With the current mechanics, WG has two choices: - CVs are strong and popular, but at the cost of the rest of the game. - CVs are weak and unpopular. If WG really wants to balance CVs, they would have to make World of Warships 2.0. And it would be a very different game from what we have now.
  4. You are missing a point here, we are not in battle only against the CV, there are other ships on the enemy team. You can't keep indefinitely turning to dodge CVs drops, there are other ships that might be shooting at you. In a battle situation, your ability to dodge is very limited, you often need to chose if you give broadside to the enemy team or if you dodge a drop.
  5. And CVs are never going to be balanced, not with the current game mechanics. - If AA is too strong, CVs cant reliable strike and deal damage, CVs become too weak. - If AA is too weak, CVs can reliable strike and deal damage, they become too strong. There is no way to achieve balance with the current mechanics. This should be very clear by now. The old RTS system had similar issues. The only way to balance CVs would be a rework of several game mechanics/aspects.
  6. That is a different game, with different mechanics and different balance. You cant use this as a example of nothing. CVs cannot be balanced in the current system. To balance CVs would require a major rework of several game mechanics. Things like concealment, AA, XP rewards, ships roles, Maps would all needed to be reworked. Something that aparently WG is not willing to do, and many players would not like either. And then you have some other issues like: - Fun factor: support roles are unpopular in general. Players like to actually play the game, and not watch some other players do it. - Skill disparity: Many of the proposals to balance CV would increasee the skill disparity. Things like actual manual AA would make good players life much better, but bad players would take a huge beat. So, no, CVs cannot be balanced. Not in their current implementation and with the current game mechanics.
  7. If WG goes trhough with this i'm not going to spend money into this game anymore. WG had better choices other than nerf GC. And not only they are nerfing, but they are changing the ship tier, i bought a f***ing T5 BB, not a T6, if i wanted a T6 i would buy a T6 and not a T5. A usual WG is doing a bad thing in the worst possible way.
  8. What you are describing in your post is exactly what players are doing, adapting to CVs. CVs make the game much slower and more passive just with their presence in a battle. CVs have a easy time punishing agressive plays. - Most ships need to hug other ships to get good AA, creating thos blobs and lemming trains that make the game much slower and more passive. - CVs ability to scout makes being agressive much harder, any decent CV can easily spot your moves and they also makes harder to disengage. I wont stop blemming WG, becasue they keep trying to force CVs into this game. IMO, CVs just make the game worse overall. So while WG keep CVs into the game, in such a unbalanced state ill keep blemming WG.
  9. Xlap

    As a DD I now feel sorry for CV's

    Please, stop making this a DD vs CV thing. CVs affect all ships in the game, not only DDs. Saying or implying that is mostly DDs vs Cvs is a biased deviation of the issue. To OP, i disagree with your points. the smaller detection range was very needed, and might be not enough. CVs can easily spot most (if not all) enemy ships, and keep many of them perma spotted while dealing damage at the same time. No other ship has this kind of power. OP is also missing the issues of being perma or constantly spotted. This makes the game much more slow/passive and easy to punish agressive plays.
  10. Xlap

    Yeah I'm done with this....

    AA is never going to be balanced, that should be clear by now. - If AA is too strong and CVs cant reliable damage other ships, CVs are weak. - If AA is too weak and CVs can reliable strike and damage other ships, CVs are OP. - The AA disparity between ships only make this worse. To OP, while i dont agree with "stealth AA", situation awarness can mitigate a lot of the issue. You dont need to see the ship to know his approximately position, while this doesnt solve the issue, this helps a lot to not get wrecked.
  11. Personally im here for the guns, if i want to play with planes i would play some other game. But i wouldnt mind seeing CVs and more into the game if they were balanced. But they arent balanced, and i dont think they are ever going to be balanced. One could argue that IRL CVs "ended" with naval warfare. CVs made other surface ships nearly obsolete, BBs, cruisers and DDs became AA/anti sub escorts for the CVs. While in game CVs dont end with naval warfare, they have much more impact than any other ship in the game. This is not healthy to the game as this breaks game balance, no single ship should have such a huge impact into the game.
  12. No, a considerable crowd want the game to be balanced. There is no point in adding "depth" to the game if it comes with unbalance.
  13. Xlap

    8.0.3 CV results

    As i pointed, one of the reasons, not the only one. WG has a history of bad decisions that cause more harm than good to their own games. Trying to keep CVs into WoWs is just another bad decision.
  14. Xlap

    8.0.3 CV results

    I dont want the old RTS either. It was unbalanced too. The only good thing was that they were extremely unpopular to the point they were a non factor to the overall game. Sadly this is true. Although i can still dream that WG is either going to remove CVs in the future or nerf them to the ground. True, and arty is pointed as one of the reasons WoT is bleeding players.
  15. Yep, CVs are never going to be balanced. The sooner WG and players realize this, the better for the player base and the game. WG will have to chose between make CVs UP for the sake of BBs/crusiers/DDs, or make them OP at the cost of the other ships. The way CVs interact with other ships is what prevents them from being balanced. Things like the skill disparity only make it worse.