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  1. The problem is, in game mechanics reward passive gameplay and punish agressive gameplay. There is no reason to be agressive, most of the times you will only get a fast death and go back to the port frustrated.
  2. Massachusetts is still a bad brawler. The secundaries dont have the 1/4 pen like the German, the ship is on the slow saúde of T8 BBs, the ship has poor armor to get close and brawl.
  3. This. Clev AA is too strong for a T6 cruiser. All the other cruisers have meh or bad AA only for self defence, while Clev is a no fly zone. DeGrasse doesnt need any buffs, its already a good ship. A buff could make her OP.
  4. Nice review! Im enjoying my Z-39 so far, very versatile DD. And its kinda "special" DD at T7, different from the others. For the skills, i would get SE before SI and SI would be my second T3 skill. But thats just IMO. GG
  5. German DD 150mm HE.

    True, BBs 150 mm secundaries get 1/4 pen, Nuremberg 150mm main Guns get 1/4 pen. DDs shouldnt have it too. Those 150 mm shouldnt have either 1/4 pen or better range.
  6. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    With the SE skill, Z-39 has 22050 HP, the tier 5 german CL Konigsberg has 24300 hp with B hull. Other ships like Kirov, Omaha and Emile Bertin have just over 26k hp. Z-39 has nearly T5 cruiser HP pool, but without a citadel.
  7. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    I bougth Z-39, its a tricky ship to use. Good concealment, hydro and large HP pool you might want to hunt other DDs, but few guns with low DPM and slow turret traverse means you dont want to knife fight. Overall its a good ship, packs some good utility for a DD and i like this on my ships. I dont think Z-39 needs a specialized cpt. EM isnt really needed. IFHE would be a nice skill, but IMO doenst justify having a specialized cpt for Z-39 just for this skill since Z-39 isnt really a gunboat. For those saying that they wil wait for T-61, just get Z-39 instead, as LWM said, Z39 is here and its a good ship. As far as we know, T-61 isnt coming anytine soon, if/when she comes back might have very different stats.
  8. Never used spotter plane on my Abruzzi, i rather use DF. But never had any issue with d'Aosta or Roma. Any replay or print? It could be either a bug or just some bad RNG
  9. Ive learned a while ago that CCs, YTs and reviews in general can be a little biased. Not that they are completely wrong about a ship, but sometimes they end up pointing more the negatives than the positive things about a ship. Maybe its the playstyle from the ship in question that doesnt fit their own playstyle, maybe a bad streak of games.
  10. BB back camping

    Those players are already punished, gun dispersion increasse with range, so if you are firing from long ranges you have less chance to hit the target, so you have less impact into a battle and you will lose more than you win. If they are spamming HE is even worse, because BB HE (our of RN BBs) is pretty bad. Also, we have cruisers and DDs that ´play in similar way, cruisers that spam HE out of max range all the game, only farming damage but have low impact. DDs that go all the way around the map, never helping with scout or cap.
  11. Most of the crashes is on the players side. While sometimes there is nothing the player can do, there are ways to minimize those issues so its not a big problem. Keep your PC uptated and clean, dont use mods, dont run multiple programs at the same side, get a nobreak. There are ways that a player can reduce the risk of going AFK.
  12. So, you was making some tests with your PC and playing a online game at the same time? Its not the system fault, its was your fault.
  13. The USN has probably the best designation for ships like Alasaka, Kronshtadt and Stalingrad. Large cruisers. These ships have a large gun calliber compared to a cruiser, but small if compared to a BB. The armor was thicker than normal cruisers, but too thin for a BB. These ships were oversized cruisers, designed to lead cruiser divisions. The same way DLs were oversized DDs designed to lead DD divisions.
  14. Which One ?

    Not that the french are bad, but the germans are better overall. They are tankier, have better DPM, Better AA, great Hydro. They bring more utility, while the french have littl utility, they are long range HE spammers, great long range HE spammers tbh, but thats it.
  15. Which One ?

    CM is better than Hipper, but Hipper is a good ship too. But Roon (T9) and Hindenburg (T10) are better than Sait Louis (T9) and Henri IV (T10). Alhtough they are all good ships in their own way. If you want a better T8, go with CM. If you want to grind al the way to T10, go with Hipper. Also, dont skip Yorck, its a decent ship, not great but not terrible either. Save your free XP to get modules on new ships.