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  1. Acho q nesse ponto o alefymusic102 tem um pouco de razão. Se polonia, australia e pan asia tem navios premium no jogo o Brasil tb pode ter. Nenhum desses paises tinha uma marinha mt forte. Anshan é um Gnevy modificado e LoYang é um Benson modificado. O Perth tb é um Leander q foi passado da Inglaterra para a Austrália. E o Blyska foi construido pelos ingleses para a Polonia e serviu de base para os DDs ingleses de WW2. O Brasil teve vários navios nesses moldes q poderiam ser incluidos no jogo como premium, princpalmente low ou mid tier (como o DD citado no post). Acho mt difícil ter uma linha Brasileira, mas alguns premiums com certeza da para fazer se a WG tiver interesse. Eu com certeza compraria qualquer navio brasileiro q saísse.
  2. Yes BBs have lots of HP and armor. But they are also very vulnerable. They are big, fat and slow targets. Poor concealment and no agility makes easy to see and punish a BB. But yes, some BB players just stay at max range, if not out of range. Wich is wrong. But some players think that BBs shouls always be ahead of the team because "they are tanky". IMO BBs are good at medium ranges, its a safe spot were you can reliable hit the enemy and provide heavy gun support. A range were you can be more agressive if possible or retreat if needed.
  3. Its a nice idea, really nice. It would be a nerf to BB and CA índice smoke but not to DDs. Another otpion is to increasse dispersion for ships inside smoke. What i dont like about smoke is that IRL was used as a defensive tool. A ship would smoke to ran away/retreat. A ship was unable to fire from smoke because you was unable to see the enemy. In game is a offensive tool.
  4. I agree that T5/6 are bad, t 5 is fun but not very good. But t7 Algerie is a good ship, not fantastic but good, its on pair with other t7 cruisers. The guns are amazing and you can reliable hit targets at long range. Its not tanky, but what t7 cruiser is? Torps are decent, not the best but ok. IMO her great weakness are to bad AA and the slow speed (without EB).
  5. A premium ship doesnt need a special gimmick only because its premium. Its nice If they have one, but they dont need one.
  6. I started the french line at t4 Duguay, just got to t8 Charles Martel. So far the best ship in the line is the t7 Algérie (But i have few games in CM so that can change). T4 Duguay-Trouin: didnt like much, not bad but not good either. Guns are good, but with bad reload. Ship is too big (easy target) and no AA in a tier where we have CVs in almost all battles. Its a meh ship IMO. T5 Emile Bertin: kinda fun with the DDs speed (39kn!!!!!) players dont know how to aim at you due to high speed, they miss most of the shots. Guns are good but the RoF is painful and no AA really hurts at t5 (CVs are pretty common at t5). Its a fun ship overall. T6 La Galissonniere: Another meh ship, neither good or bad. Good guns, but no AA, poor speed (without EB) and no armor (eats damage from everything). Its a down grade from t5 IMO. T7 Algérie: Here the french line gets a good ship (finally!!!). Amazing guns, with good range, shell arcs, good shels (AP/HE) and RoF. Its way more tanky than previous ships (but its still a cruiser so...). Still suffers from bad AA and speed (without EB). T8 Charles Martel: Its seems a good ship and will probably only get better when i finish upgrading her. It seems a improvment over t7. Her great weakness so far is the terrible T8 MM. T9/10 i dont own them but most players say they are pretty good.
  7. Mikasa is a good ship, very fun to play. But its hard to deal damage with her. The guns dispersion are really bad and the secundaries have short range. IMO she could use some buff, Eether to the main battery dispersion or to the secundaries range.
  8. Nice game. Ishy is a really fun t4 BB. I like the battlecruiser playstyle Ishy has.
  9. Im a BB player and IMO BBs dont nerd either nerf ir buff right now. They are OK. If you cant deal damage with them is because you have a bad aim. You either miss the shots or aim to high and get only overpens. And If you are dying to fast is because you have a bad positioning. BBs are the most tanky ships but also the most vulnerable. They are slow and fat.
  10. Its a nice design, but WG will never put 18 inch guns at t8. It would be broken 18inch guns vs t6 ships.
  11. WG removed them, they were painful to grind, had no AA and the ww1 shells with bad pen. Players strugle really hard to grind them. The grind is better now, but i miss the ww1 looks of those ships. Some of them were really nice.
  12. Yes, a player can increasse or decreass the det chance, it works in very similar way as citatel hits, if you angle your ship you can decreasse the chance of be citateled, the same happens to detonation. Also if you aim in the right place you can increasse the chance of get a citatel, the same also happens to detonation. A good player can angle the ship and decreasse the chance of being citatel, its not 100% safe but it will decreasse the chance. The same happens to detonation mechanic. A good player can aim in the right spot to get a citatel, its not 100% sure that it will get one, but you increasse the chance. The same happens to detonation mechanic. Also you show the players stats, but didnt show the line of ships they play. Ship have a great influance in detonations since they have different levels of protection to their magazine. DDs have more chance because they have less magazine protection, than cruisers and than BBs. DD players will probably have more dets than BB players.
  13. Just WASD like crazy, with a few days of WASD you might get out of the port.
  14. Detonation is one of the best game mechanics, It was really common IRL. Players dont know that they can increasse or decreasse detonation chance by the way they sail and shoot.
  15. Please WG, dont remove team damage from randoms, it would lower the skill floor from players and would only incentive the torp spam. It would ruin the game!!