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  1. If the player comes to a WW1-WW2 naval combat game looking for consistency he is the wrong game. Naval combat of that time was uncertain. The game reproduces that.
  2. The game reproduces how naval combat was. Naval combat was uncrtain. Sorry, but leave a game just because you are new and dont understand how it works is dumb.
  3. Sorry, but your friend is dumb, dev strike and det are very different. And he is even more dumb because he doesnt listen to friend advice.
  4. LuL, ONE PERSON??? OMG!!!! WG is f****k. Stupid is leave a game that you like for something that happens in average 1% of the games. Even less if you use modules and flags. He probably had other issues with the game and used dets as an excuse.
  5. You have to chose, wich one bothers you more? Detonate or losing a turret? Its a trade, chose wisely.
  6. Players wont leave the game for a mechanic that is very rare and occurs in average 1% of the games.
  7. WG gives you a module and a flag to make it even harder/impossible to detonate.
  8. Gun range is not the issue, most ships only use max range at the start of the battle, during middle and late stages the engagement ranges are between 10-15 km, wich is well inside cruiser range and even DD range. And if you look t9 and t10 many cruisers have close to or even more range than BBs. Wich causes passive play is the lethality, is very easy to punish agressive moves. So players play passive because no one wants to die.
  9. I dont think will be that bad for cruisers, they will have to be more carefull with their positioning. But they still have a good window to smoke fire.
  10. Its a trade you have to make, wich one bothers you more detonation or main guns disable/Destroyed?
  11. Yep OP, ships detonate when their magazine is hit. Both IRL and in game. Fun fact, you have module and flag to reduce the chance even more or make it impossible to detonate.
  12. Atlanta shells arcs are terrible, has poor gun range and its a floating citadel, very easy to kill. DDs and CVs have trouble with Atlanta, other cruisers and BBs have a easy time against Atlanta.
  13. Os SC já foram melhores, ganhei meu Arizona e Anshan neles. Mas ultimamente so pego bandeira, nessa última missão um deles deu 7 dias de premium e camuflagem, pelo menos ajudou para eu chegar no Henri IV.
  14. I think is more (but in not sure). The last time i saw the gun bloom for 150mm guns would be around 6km. With nearly 13 km of range this leaves a nearly 7 km of firing window inside smoke.