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  1. Just bad players, unfortunately we have lots of them. Bad players dont know what to do, they either: 1- Get killed very fast or... 2- They just sit in the back and dont do anything useful Radar is not a excuse to sit in the back, its possible to play foward even with radar.
  2. Ashitaka question

    Right now? Not worth it. Its a bad ship, If you want to buy a Premium IJN BB, Mutsu, Kii and Musashi are much better. There are other T7 Premium BBs that are better and Nagato is amazing. But, if the buff to the guns really happen, this might become a good ship. Amagi has amazing guns at T8, and this firepower at T7 might be even better.
  3. The current gameplay is a complete garbage right now. The game is just frustrating and unfun to play. Mistakes after mistakes after mistakes, idiot plays. Battles are just a struggle right now, and not because the enemy is good and the battles are well fought. But because both teams are making lots of mistakes and throws. Battles are just poorly played and teams are unable to capitalize advantages and enemy mistakes, most of the times throwing away those advantages and making mistakes of their own that the enemy is also unable to capitalize. Its just frustrating... I will give two or three months see if the gameplay improves when summer is over. If not i might just move away from the game. Which is sad since i love this game so much, by far my most played game since i joined firing CBT, and the game that i spent more money. But also the game with the worse player base ive ever seen.
  4. Because CVs and AP bombs are "balanced", thats why we all love them...
  5. Im happy we are getting a SA ship in the game, and that seems to be a fine ship. But i'm sad that it's a Argentinian ship... Between the fact that its a Argentinian ship and mainly that the game its on a poor state currently ill pass on this one.
  6. I want a refund for Roma!

    My point is, even if there is a bug, its something very small and rare, ive never noticed that playing with and against Roma. To rare to be a "deeply flawled" ship as the other guy was pointing.
  7. Just got Indianapolis, seems a OK ship, not amazing but not terrible either. Guns are OK, with good HE/AP and good range. Decent AA, Radar at T7. Decent handling and concelament. The big issue, its a big and soft ship. Indianapolis seems a decent support/second line cruiser. but i see many players trying to move foward to use radar and they just get deleted, Indianapolis is not suited to get close. Radar is often a trap, its often better to forget that you have than try to use it and die.
  8. I want a refund for Roma!

    Once again, i have 128 games with my Roma and ive never took any weird citadel, ive shoot many Romas before and never got any weird cit either. If its a bug is something very very rare, too rare to make a ship "deeply flawed" as you say.
  9. I want a refund for Roma!

    I have 128 game swith Roma and ive never seen that "flawed armor".
  10. IMO they were a failure, they are balanced, but were poorly designed. I was looking foward for RN BBs, but they were a disapointment IMO, i dont even want to grind the line anymore.
  11. I finifhed my IJN DD grind during/after 0.7.5, didnt had issues playing IJN DDs, its was very fun.
  12. The only reson for a ship to be "free kill" is becuase it was poorly played, and this is not MM fault. A ship isnt "free kill" just because its botton tier, a ship is free kill when its poorly played. My most played tier is T8 and im never free kill. being botton tier gives you more XP and thus more credits.
  13. Yep, im having a lot of fun playing DDs lately. And i dont have issues to have good games.
  14. I want a refund for Roma!

    Roma is agreat ship, laern how to use it properly. Italian ships are great ships, but hard to master, this doesnt mean they are bad ships though. Players in WoWs have some kind of aversion against skill, anything that requires some skill is immediately considered something bad here. Roma works better at middle ranges, around the edge of her concealment, where dispersion is not a huge factor anymore. The armor is great when properly angled. The concelament is amazing. Use her streghts to overshadow her weaknesses. Use atank/concelament build and you will be fine.
  15. This would kill half the importance of DDs and all the little team work we have. This would only be good to some selfish players. This is a arcade game, not a simulator. Game balance > IRL.