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  1. Xlap

    The Paolo Emilio

    The thing is, you dont need to test few things to know what is going to happen. If you run and hit your head in a wall its going to hurt, you dont need to test this. Even if it wasnt by radar/hydro/planes, this would already be a bad idea because it encourages players to pull a suicide move to use a gimmick, and possibly leaving the team at disavantage. Add radar/hydro/planes and other DDs to the mix and it only gets worse.
  2. Xlap

    The Paolo Emilio

    One more reason to why its a bad concept, its bad by default, and in order to make it decent you would need to give lots of buffs to make up for the bad gimmick, and this might make it broken in other areas.
  3. Xlap

    The Paolo Emilio

    The problem is, some things are clearly not going to work, and this is one of them. With all the radar/hydro/planes in high tiers, getting at point blank range with a DD is suicide. Just the fact that the devs even consider something like this points that they dont play or dont understand their own game, and thus dont have the knowlodge to balance the game. This is a huge deal.
  4. And this is why they are broken and will never be balanced. Team work is a dream, and is never going to work. When i rely on a bad player to play well so i can have a chance to survive, this is not good at all. We are talking about random players: - Players with different skill lvl, some are good, others are bad players. - Players with different expectations, some players take the game seriously while other just want to pew pew for a couple battles and log out. - Players with different understanding about the game, some players know the role of their ships while other dont have a clue of what they are doing and what they are supposed to do. - Players with no effective communication and thus with limited coordination. And on top of that there is a language barrier, with 3 major different languages, english, portuguese and spanish. Team work is never goign to work, getting a couple ships to shoot at the same target is the best you can do and even that can be hard to get sometimes, anything more elaborated than that is a dream.
  5. And they are, major chages are highlited, like new ship lines, majors events, mechanics/map changes. They are all highlinted in the patch notes. Specific ship chages, like buffs and nerfs to specific ships, are listed under the "Game Balance Changes" tab. This T22 change is not a major change, its a buff to a single/specific ship.
  6. He has no reason to complain since WG already does this. Major changes to the game are highlited, like new ship lines, major events, map/mechanics changes. While specific ship changes, with nerfs and buffs to specific ships, are under the "Game Balance Changes" tab.
  7. Its kinda hard to do "anything productive" when your team just melts around you. Not true at all. All ships have their impotance. If anything of he other ships fail to do their job, their is not much the otehrs can do. Actually, in high tiers, DDs and cruisers are arguably more important than BBs. Usually the team that loses their DD(s) first and maybe some core cruisers and up losing the game.
  8. Maybe, just maybe you should bother to read the patch notes more carefully. The information is there, if you failed to see it this is your fault and not WGs. Unfortunately OP is a example of our player base, most of them dont care about the game. They just log in, pew pew a little and log out, wihtout realizing what is happening to the game around them. Most dont even bother to read the patch notes to see what is changing.
  9. USN crusiers have some of the best gun system tier for tier, with good alpha, pen, and RoF. Specially when they get to T8, CAs get the SHS which are the best cruiser AP shells. US cruisrs get good concelament and a lot of utility with radar/hydro/dfaa. Their gun arcs allow them to use islands, which in turn allows them to be very agressive with positioning. Liking or not, the best gameplay in the game is static. Players often dont like USN Crusiers because they dont fit the "open water long range HE spam" style that many playes like. USN cruisers pack a nice combo of firepower, utility and survivability. Few other cruisers can compete with that. USN cruisers are often top picks in competitive scenario. Last KotS for example, DM/Salem were some of the most popular cruisers to see.
  10. IMO AA should regen/repair. CVs only get stronger as the battles goes. Ships get destroyed, reducing AA, ships spread around the map, and even the ships that survive usually take dmg which destroys their AA. All while CVs can get to late game with full squads. Ive had many situations where most my AA is gone and the CV can fly around me without having to worry about anything. This is just dumb.
  11. Xlap

    CV rockets need a nerf

    And this is why you dont balance games around bad players, you cant say a mechanic or ship is balanced if players are not using it properly. Its like saying that radar is a weak consumable because bad players dont even press the button to activate the consumable. Or saying that BB AP is too strong when players dont bother to angle the ship. Also, there are lots of average players that can dodge the flak, doenst need to be unicums. While they might make more mistakes than unicums they can still do it properly and strike with impunity. Not true at all. Some of the most popular games out there balance their games around top players and competitive scenario and this doesnt prevent the game from being popular and well succeded and generate revenue.
  12. Xlap

    CV rockets need a nerf

    And this is entirely your fault. You took the flak and lost planes. If you dodge the flak you can strike with impunity. Its like a cruiser complaning about being dev striked by a BB when he is sailling in straight line flat broadsided to the BB.
  13. Xlap

    CV rockets need a nerf

    WG nerfed AA to the ground, there is no good AA ship anymore. As long as the CV player is any decent he can strike ships with impunity. Current AA is balanced around flak, if the CV player dodges the flak your AA does nothing.
  14. Xlap

    CV rockets need a nerf

    Just because the CV is targetting some ship other than you doenst mean you have a counter. And if anything it shows how there is no counter to CVs, your best chance hope is that the Cv is not going to strike you, because if he want to there is noting you can do. Ask for counteprlay is different from asking immunity. No ship should be invulnerable to anything and no ship should be helpless agasint anything.
  15. Xlap

    CV rockets need a nerf

    No, there is no counterplay to Cvs, your only hope is the CV will miss the strike or eat the flak and loses the planes. Even the top CV players say that there is no effective counterplay to CVs.