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  1. QE is a solid ship, one of the best T6 BBs IMO.
  2. I have the same question, i was thinking of buying a cruiser, but i dont know wich one of the two.
  3. Because they had 21 kts as top speed IRL. As other said T3 - T7 are standard battleships, they all have the same top speed. This only makes a huge difference at T7 (Colorado), at the other tiers (T3-T6) you are still competitive.
  4. So what? You still can fire your guns from the same range. You still can use islands and smoke to fire from. The ship wasnt changed. If you need a broken mechanic to perform in a ship so the problem is you and not the ship.
  5. Every online game has its own idiots and trolls. If there are people involved there will always be idiots. Just report him for bad behavior and ask for the team to report him too and move to the next game. I cant remeber when i saw the last intentional TK.
  6. Kii it self is a trap, a unneeded gimmick ship. Kii Trades the best thing about Amagi (tank and gun stats) for situational gimmicks (AA and nearly useless torps). Kii trades too much for nothing really good in return.
  7. The removal of stealth fire was a global change, they didnt change the ship itself. And do you realize that this change to Sims can be a buff? Less armor means more overpens and less full pen. The ship takes less damage.
  8. Wut? WG dont nerf premium ships. What ship did they nerfed?
  9. I dont own a Warspite, but so far QE has been a solid and good ship. One of the best T6 BBs.
  10. For me is Ark. Beta (T4), Konig Albert (T3). For tech tree ships Kaiser (T4), Nassau (T3), Orion (T4) are good choices too. If you are a new player a good T5 is Kongo, the high speed and long range give a good flexibility to fight T7s.
  11. This changes wont change much. Colorado major weakness are the super slow speed and the bad gun arcs. The slow speed gives few flexibility to Colorado, you are always lagging behind the team. And the bad gun arcs makes Colorado bad at snipping, and then you back to problem 1 where you dont have the speed to close in. This changes will only make Colorado less painful to grind.
  12. The crew mutinied and sank the ship
  13. Stop whining and "git gud" . Players like you give a bad reputation for all BB players.
  14. I would like to know why CV players dont look the map? Every battle with a CV, at least one CV is caught by the enemy team because he either sail to the wrong side of the map, ir he dont leave spawn ar all.
  15. Its very easy to farm T10s, they think they are untouchables vs T8s. It always fun when they find they arent invencible.