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  1. Simple Solution... play ops from the Operations channel. The chat is full of experienced players. My WR in Narai is around 90% and in the high 80s for most T6 ops. Play with random teams and the WR goes down fast :-)
  2. What am I missing here? If they want to 'fix' Narai, fine, but the current version can be used in the mean time. So the Transports go on a suicide run here and there. That can be dealt with for the time being. It's not as if Narai was unplayable or was crashing the server etc. Fix it, run it on the test server maybe, then replace on live server when finished. Or could it be that Narai has gotten too popular vs the T6 ops ? :-)
  3. freggo

    Never think you're better than us old people....

    That's some interesting geography in your neck of the woods :-)
  4. freggo


    Simple solution... go to the Operations channel. The chat is full of experienced players who will let you join their div. I regularly have 10 ops with 9 wins, and most with 5 stars thanks to experienced team mates ! Try a random team and all bets are off :)
  5. freggo

    No More Super Containers?

    The day is Feb 7th, 2020 and i collect my 1st daily container Oh yeah... a get an SC with 50 camos. SMILE a little later I collect my 2nd daily container OH YEAH... another SC, this one with 15k coal. BIG SMILE Never had 2 in a row ... should have stopped playing and buying a Lottery ticket. It clearly was my day :-) Curious, anyone ever had the SC triple ?
  6. freggo

    KGV or Izmail?

    I prefer Ismail. One reason is T6 vs T7... I play a lot of operations and Izmail is useful in all T6 ops, even the dreaded Naval air station Newport. KGV at T7 works only in Narai and quite frankly there are better BBs for Narai (i.e. Nagato, Sinop, Scharnhorst, Nelson)
  7. freggo

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Have seen it over and over with chopper pilots that they think they can always just land on a patch of grass if the soup gets too thick. and before someone asks, CFIT = "controlled flight into terrain". One of the main causes of accidents in 'small' aircraft.
  8. freggo

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Zobayan was an instrument-rated pilot, Fox 5 in San Diego reported, and was qualified to fly in fog. According to tributes on social media, he helped aspiring helicopter pilots and was well respected in the flying community." Th pilot was IFR trained and never asked SOCAL for slight following... My question WHY? If the pilot canceals SVFR and goes IFR with radar support... This accident looks avoidable. I am a pilot for over 30 years and there is no such thing as 'qualified to fly in fog". He apparently requested a SVFR clearance. The need for that is God's way of hinting that you should wait for better weather or take a taxi.
  9. freggo

    Operations teams get worse as time goes by?

    Playing ops with random teams can be interesting, to say the least. Have you tried the operations chat? Most in there know the ops and usually are good for a 80+% win rate (except Newport...).
  10. freggo

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    We do not use NaCl in CO-OP, we use NaOH :-)
  11. It says they will be credited at 'full cost'. That is actually a bit vague! WG may be talking about cost as in 'full retail price' or 'cost to the user'. It would be easy for them to keep track as to how much you actually paid; i.e. full price or discounted price. WG english is a bit off here and there so . . .
  12. freggo

    Does America Own The Moon?

    Nope, as per treaty the moon belongs to everyone. But you can get cheap real estate on the sun. Just needs some good sun block. . Besides, if being the first on the moon would get you the Moon the American Indians would be filing all sorts of paperwork the next business day :-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outer_Space_Treaty
  13. got Devonshire. Nice boat so far.
  14. Not to be picky but there is no one terminal velocity. Depends on object shape, surface area, air density, temperatur, cw value etc. Drop a feather from as high as you like and it will never reach 54m/s while skydivers can go much faster. Remember the Red Bull stunt where the Austrian guy jumped from close to the space station; For a while he fell faster than Mach 1. However, an average human falling hits a top speed around 200km/h or (200/3.6=55.6) m/s
  15. freggo

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    Fair enough, so 'paper ship' was the wrong term used (non native English speaker). I am interested in ships that where actually built (i.e. completed), and have seen combat. So the ship can be modeled after what actually served, not what may have been according to blue prints. There are countless instances where ships, after initial trials, needed modification (like switching to an Atlantic Bow) making them look quite different than originally planed. I am not saying that partially built ships or even total 'what if' creations by WG should not be in the game! I just happen to prefer a certain type of ship but have no problem seeing my Bismarck fight a PEF or an unlucky Budyonny :-)