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  1. This is my current fav as battle background What are you guys (and gals) listening to?
  2. freggo

    1 HP

    A Colorado down to 1HP and still fighting :-) I know, It's "only CO-OP" . . . but still, kinda neat. Post your 1HP shot if you have !!
  3. freggo

    T10 economy

    I do not play randoms; to many hyper competitive kids high on Red Bull with a foul mouth. Besides, I'm 66, blind on my right eye so problems using the mini map... I'd be a liability in randoms.
  4. freggo

    T10 economy

    So I played Preussen in CO-OP 193k damage / 3 kills Top of the leaderboard With camo and Premium account and still lose 10k credits... I rarely complain but seriously WG... after the hard grind thru FdG to get her this feels like a kick into the $^%@
  5. freggo

    infinite logging in screen

    seems we are back online. I just finished a battle. :-)
  6. freggo

    Is the server down?

    finished a battle 15 min ago. switched account to main... now just sitting there. rebooted and all :(
  7. Anybody have login probs too? NA server. 1:15 EST Battle with my alt account just finished. Switched to main account... login page just sits there. rebooted and all. no luck.
  8. freggo

    Walk the Port: Marseille

    I just wish WG would let us detach the camera and freely check out the wonderful work the art department did. It obviously can be done as the video shows. Why not by us (maybe as a feature for premium accounts) ?
  9. At 5:30pm (EST - Florida) I'd expect a fair number of live bodies in a T4 game. I was wrong :-) Ah yes, and that CV "Rhein" was way tougher than expected. It took a serious beating before I could sink her. Note: Alt account with a 10pt commander and partly upgraded ship.
  10. freggo


    A Brazilian Next to Women's Day; nice job WG Honi soit qui mal y pense :-)
  11. freggo

    Can any of you relate to this?

    With the right Hammer EVERYTHING will fit into a square hole.
  12. Get them regularly. This one 2 days ago :-)
  13. Congrats! Warspite does well in Operations.
  14. 1,000 Doubloons. Thank you !
  15. freggo

    Update: Game Loading Problems

    For at least 2 update cycles I get into the battle up to 30 seconds past battle start. Parked like 'afk' and turrets turned by now, usually to the wrong side of course. Happens about 50% of the battles :-( I do not use any mods!