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  1. freggo


    Does the game replay store the stats pages ? If so you could fast forward thru it.
  2. AAAAAHHHHH !! I did not know that, but makes total sense now that I read it! That means Yorck and Spee have to share him as Spee is my only German Premium. Thanks!
  3. freggo

    Caption the profile image above you.

    (Norwegian Anthem too) yep! The Ecuadorian National Anthem is quite nice too.
  4. Hi all, looking for advise on how best to use a 19pt captain. I'm a few days away from my first 19 pointer (without using my free XP). Yeah :-) He is currently on the German cruiser Yorck and I swap him back and forth with Graf Spee. No retraining needed as Spee is a Premium of course. Once the Captain reaches 19pt I think i have 2 options: OPTION 1 Continue swapping back between Yorck and Spee to collect Free Commander XP Sounds boring to me playing only these two ships to make that worth while. OPTION 2 Swapping the guy thru all my 10 or so German ships without retraining. So he will only be 50% effective of course but still collecting lots of Free Cptn XP and I get to play all my German ships instead of only 2 of them, OPTION 3 or am I overlooking another option ???
  5. freggo

    Is your PR number rigged?

    Nice spreadsheet, if one does not mind the somewhat odd color choices. Then again, it is Easter :-)
  6. freggo

    Twitch Super container

    Got one Twitch SC so far. 50x Valentine's day Camo. Thanks, came in handy :-)
  7. I'm in the process of setting up a twitch channel for Low Tier play and Beginners. Will be mostly T1-5 with explanation on how to use the GUI, Settings, Captain skills etc. You can check here: twitch.tv/freggo Working on some more hardware as streaming and playing from the same system is not working so well. BTW, if anyone has suggestions for best twitch setups I am always interested to learn :-) I'll be using an I7 with a GeForce GTX 1660 for the game and an I5 with the Elgato HD60Pro for streaming. Not sure if OBS or the Elgato software are better for streaming. Testing with OBS so far. Any input is welcome!
  8. freggo

    Why are wins and losses so streaky?

    Same here. I used to have a fairly decent WR then out of a sudden a huge loss streak as if to say 'buy premium stuff' . . . When my WR dropped under 40% (ok, only 600 games) I had enough and effectively quit randoms; the toxicity there did not help either. Now play mostly CO-OP with above average WR. Anyone who ever took statistics classes (I did at University level) would tell you that the MM is clearly not random.
  9. freggo

    Commander formula

    That's an interesting bit of background info! I am playing only for a few month so was not aware of it. However, it supports my theory that nothing is set in stone when it comes to games and rules. So I keep my fingers crossed for a super captain (Hornblower be thy name) that goes beyond a mere 19 points :-)
  10. freggo

    Commander formula

    My calc is based on commander XP. See here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander#Commander_Skill_Points
  11. freggo

    Manual Secondaries on cruisers

    Dang, now i sooooo want her :-) Will be a hard grind. Hope that Hipper and Roon are not to difficult to work with on the way to Hindenburg.
  12. freggo

    Commander formula

    just extended their calculation to see the cost in a what-if scenario. 25pt captain, one can dream :-)
  13. I think I figured out how WG came up with the XP needed for commander points. It is not a perfect exponential function as we already knew, but there is a system to the madness :-) I am beginning to save up 4,597,000 commander XP, just in case :-)
  14. freggo

    Manual Secondaries on cruisers

    Looking forward to it. Just got Yorck so patience is the word.
  15. freggo


    Firing Seagal was a good move. As for Dasha, nice, but not my type. She is all yours :-)