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  1. WG forgot to include a map. So if someone tries to find Munda Point in South Georgia... no, it is not near Savannah :-) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Munda+Airport/@-8.3249583,157.2574214,11258m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x68d351e0c78c2f19:0x76e09587a609392c!8m2!3d-8.3269439!4d157.263056!16s%2Fm%2F02p_7th?hl=en&entry=ttu Cheers to all !
  2. We have been shooting at Aliens and Ducks. How about shooting Icebergs to SAVE THE TITANIC? Think of Raptor getting replaced by Titanic and the red Bad Guys by icebergs. Just spitballing over a Cup o' Java :-)
  3. freggo

    NA Server down?

    Is it just me or have others problems logging into the NA servers?
  4. Hi all, next time you drive on I-95 crossing the FL/GA border stop by the Georgia Welcome Center. https://www.google.com/maps/@30.7537552,-81.6507945,18z On the east side of the building is a WWII Mark 14 Torpedo on display. NOTE: This is an inert torpedo unlike the live ones shown in some other locations :-)
  5. Hi all, I am sure this has been discussed before buy it needs to be repeated so WG may notice it. Just got random ops into NARAI. Team hat 1BB (mine), 1CV (!) and mostly DDs Needless to say it was a wipe out :-( WG spent a lot of time and MONEY updating the ops and bringing back the old ones. THANK YOU for this !!!! BUT not letting us pick the right ship for a given Operation is WASTING USER TIME. It is neither fair nor $$ wise smart. Frustrated gamers play LESS and SPEND LESS! SUGGESTION WG: Instead of the current random op make it a "Random of the DAY" so we know what ship to bring. I was so excited when the old ops finally came back but instead of playing more I ended up playing less. :-( CORRECTION !!! I am not talking about random team mates (even newbies who are still earning the op and may screw up) !!! I just want to be able to pick the right ship for a given op; i.e. tell me which random Op is next and let me pick a ship I'm comfortable with. Also allows me to skip the Op altogether if I either do not like it or stink at it.
  6. freggo

    Code Stolen from KOT

  7. FYI, this works also with the Clan Base map. Yes, there is plenty of room for more structures :-)
  8. freggo

    Voucher "Rip Off" ?

    Exactly my point! The idea is great, just the exchange penalty is rather brutal. I'm not being cheap either. I run this account plus 2 ALT accounts all with paid ($$$) for premium time. The game is overall a good deal $$ for time spent entertained. Certainly beats the typical Cable TV bill :-)
  9. freggo

    Voucher "Rip Off" ?

    That's why I wrote VALUE loss. WG is counting on people not making that distinction.
  10. I rarely post something to criticize WG but I am either misreading how the vouchers are working or WG has a serious foul up here. Example: BUY a voucher for 45.000 EXP That voucher now would buy you back 3,750 EXP = a loss more than 90% of value Same with Coal Buy 1 voucher with 2,000 coal Voucher then is good for 300 coal, an 85% loss I understand that WG wants to take a cut as a transaction 'fee', but this seems excessive to say the least. Or am I making a fool out of myself by overlooking something ?
  11. freggo

    Some new player questions

    As for leading, you will get better with practice of course. Watch the smoke from the enemy funnel to get a feeling for how fast he is going. Crosshairs... I'd change to the DYNAMIC crosshair. Port screen top left Settings, then CONTROLS, in Controls select CHANGE CROSSHAIRS Also, Tier 4 after 26 Battles is too fast. Each Tier teaches new options, weapons etc. Stick with each tier long enough to learn the new stuff. Also try different ships in each tier so you get a feeling for what they can do otherwise you learn the hard way that Cruiser Graf Spee has Battleship guns or that Battleship Gneisenau has nasty torpedoes :-)
  12. freggo

    Desktop Icon problems in 4K

    Everything (Windows, NVidia) is on the latest drivers.
  13. I run Windows and WOWs in 4K and since the last update my Desktop icons get all rearranged when I shut down WOWs. Does not happen every time but maybe 40%. Also the game center in 4K is tiny. Resizing woks but again, after shutting down the game client the Game Center resizes to postage stamp (ok, a big postage stamp). Anybody had this issue? Game otherwise runs fine without crashes except to usual short port screen freezes which are going on forever both in 4k and 1080. And yes, all drivers are up to date :-)
  14. While you are waiting for Battle WG shows a changing ship counter. You know, how many BBs, CAs etc are waiting. I've had it repeatedly in CO-OP that I entered Battle after the final counter showed a healthy mix of various ship classes only to find out I was the ONLY HUMAN. Is WG faking those ship counters or am I missing something else? And no, I don't mind being the only human; I am just curious :-) Great replies y'all. Thanks ! °Φ°
  15. freggo

    2 Codes

    Here are two nice codes for Coal and a small Container: 8CSSNNYYT23 BHDW23AFE Enjoy