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  1. VII_Legion_Astartes

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    Anyone else having issues with overpens and lack of damage in Siegfried? I'm finding chances to do game contributing damage to be narrow windows. I try to go for cross fire positions but still alot of bounces or overpens. Oh well, she is pretty to look at....
  2. VII_Legion_Astartes

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    I got to within one victory of ranking out in 22 games... then promptly went on a losing streak until I was back to Rank 3. Took a deep breath, stopped relying on teammates ( WHILE STILL HELPING ones that weren’t potatoing ) and was able to finish in 40 ish sadly there’s was a notable amount of bots / gliders running around... I watched a few sail to friendly corners of the map or behind island and stop. There should be stricter measures against 0 XP results in ranked... like not getting a star on a win, and dropping 2 stars on a loss.
  3. Da Konrad, aerospace frigates for the Motherland!
  4. VII_Legion_Astartes

    Improving... how do I become more PROACTIVE?

    Also, would this be an appropriate place to post replays for critique ? I'd like to post some where I screw up bad, some where I do well by the team effort but low damage and kills, and maybe a couple great games ( for me ) that may still show mistakes I am making that could be identified and pointed out... Also I thought I had already asked this, but I cant find it in forums search... from what I understand, if I Blacklist someone in game, there should be a little icon that shows up on the loading team roster correct? Is there a setting I have to enable or should it just show up? Can someone show me what its supposed to look like? I can't find it anywhere
  5. SOOOOOOOONNNN MYYYYYY PREEEEECCCCIOOOUSSSSSSSSSS * I dont care if its underpowered, as a KMS Main that is the nature of the game... I just love the idea of ACCURATE German Heavy Unit that provides a dimension no other cruiser can... BB guns with sniper accuracy. AND MOST OF ALL, IT'S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Sometimes I go to the Armoury just to stare.... WG are smart fiends... they got me hook line and sinker.... DAMN IT. I KNOW ITS SO WRONG... BUT IT FEEEELLLS SOOOO RIIIGHT. First and probably last RB ship I buy... ( unless they come out with a T10 version of this thing..... )
  6. VII_Legion_Astartes

    When do new ships become available as bots?

    Ah gotcha, thank you
  7. For testing purposes, I'm trying to do some angle experiments on O Klasse Cruisers that were just released... was surprised to find I could not select these ships as bots in the practice room.
  8. VII_Legion_Astartes

    New Key command to lock REAR turrets only

    Yep, and I'm quite sure I asked this very same request, back in Closed Beta.... the Wheel the Squeeks, every 5 years....
  9. VII_Legion_Astartes

    Terrible PTS first experience.

    Turn off chat. Problem solved. I'd say more... but... you seem to bruise easily.
  10. SImply as stated... in many cases, especially when pushing or brawling.. it would be nice to lock the rear turrets since theyre often useless when you your wiggling as you push in. Would be nice to be able to lock them in a position you know you'll be be turning to while your front turrets do work...
  11. VII_Legion_Astartes

    Improving... how do I become more PROACTIVE?

    Yes i hotkey the Comm Rose, and always announce I'm supporting the pushing destroyer, and try to use it to ask for support from say, a BB that has X shots onto a BB that is angling on my group , but presenting them a broadside.
  12. VII_Legion_Astartes

    Improving... how do I become more PROACTIVE?

    Sorry guys I just spent 20 minutes typing up a long measured response to all the advice and somehow the only thing that got submitted was the quotations . First I wanna thank everyone for their responses as this discussion has been really beneficial. I quoted these two posts because they hit the crux of my issue. So far I’ve been dabbling in the use of correct instincts. I have to continue to refine it so that I am able to take ownership of all parts of the game, the map the lineup any new players and teammates. Wow I have developed a good instinct for identifying a weakness in the enemy line and often able to make a big impact on a fulcrum point of the battle, I need to work on constantly assessing Whether that flanking move or push will be taken advantage of by my teammates, and if not always have an exit strategy planned. Team seem to be a lot more passive these days and I can’t take for granted that teammates or reds will behave and expected ways. That being said I do wish there was some form of XVM that was functional in the game that would allow a quicker evaluation of what I can predict teammates and opponents will do . Are use Aslains Mod pack and so far I’ve never been able to get potato alert or matchmaking want to get to work. Again, really appreciate all the discussion so far it’s really helping me approach the game is more of a chess player than checkers .
  13. VII_Legion_Astartes

    Improving... how do I become more PROACTIVE?

    I’m starting to think that PR also correlates to how long you survive and keep contributing to battle... my pattern is identifying a flanking or rushing opportunity and being able to knock out 1-2 ships , scatter enemy in area, grab a cap, rack up damage in a short period of time , but then die due to lack of support, or late support. Fortunately, I think I’m getting better at this, as I’m timing it in such a way as to helping tip the balance over in our favour in such a way that the red team often can’t recover... I think the key for me is finding that balance in such a way that I can still flank with surprise and shock, but feather that aggression so that my teammates see that the strategy is working and they push in to support before the rest of the reds react to me and focus me down.
  14. So long story short, way back when... after excitedly looking forward to WoWs for a good year, I was fortunate to be selected for closed beta testing... Really enjoyed my time... alas when the reset came I was a bit burnt out and I guess I started being a bit too mechanical in grinding my way up lines to where I had been before.... About a year ago I quit warships... mostly how CV were intereacting with DD's.... I was probably sitting around 48.5% or so ... not very good... I started up again this spring and tried to focus on the game being more of a chess match than WoT. My biggest fault is often feeling like I have to force something, especially when my team isnt pushing caps or ceding map control. Often leads to an early death. Lately I've been enjoying the Agir, I feel like its a ship that can deal with many situations, and suits my mid -short range pushing style. I feel like with this ship... as long as you have plenty of cover, and your BB's are posing a threat, you can flank and often suprise larger ships, force them to turn away from torps and show broadside or ping my hydro and load HE in the 305's to deal with DD's. I am trying to take LittleWhiteMouse's advice on improving to heart, taking responsibility over all parts of the battle, not relying on team mates to do the right thing ect... I still find I'm too aggressive for my own good... I guess I am looking for someone who can explain the subtleties of when to push and when not to push... Most of the games lately are ok damage and a really good winrate ( at least for me) BUT A VERY LOW PERSONAL RATING. I am not sure how to read these stats since sometimes I'll get a purple winrate, and purple damage, yet an orange below average PR. I especially find open maps harder, and game modes where controlling the centre of the map where the game play gets pretty static and trying to flank bow tanking HE spammers is very ineffective in this ship and in general to aggressive early flanking. Looking forward to the SIEGFRIED, since it will bring a few more flexible tools into the equation in a similar package. I think it will become my favourite ship.... I THINK THE BIG ISSUE is that I'm and too REACTIVE, and don't go deep enough into a match to be PROACTIVE AND PREDICTIVE of what the enemy will do... I've had a few games where I have done that... but I find its not easy to see those things in the heat of battle... I could add replays but im not sure if this is the appropriate spot for that. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1006133155,VII_Legion_Astartes/progress/?type=solo Are these colours properly calibrated ?
  15. VII_Legion_Astartes

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    I think thats why I love the Siegfried and AgRoy brothers... they can do almost anything. Angle to tank hits, flank BB's, murder CA/CL's, and push DD's out of caps with Hydro . Siggyys lack of reload and HE damage makes her weaker in respect to DD's, but she also has 8km secondaries when you use aiming systems mod. nad yes, I remember laughing maniacally when some deep water torps passed harmlessly below me...