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  1. Unit620

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    In a CV stay as far forward as you can, however be aware of DDs. Cdr The a if I win please.
  2. 18 0n tier VIII, my usual luck.
  3. 14th crate, will be next week till I get it.
  4. Unit620

    Tips for Transylvania event

    I have found if you have one bb ram Rasputin it helps a lot.
  5. WV41, very pleased, thanks WG.
  6. This is Nebula, we call her Nebbie. Her Humane Society name was Black Bueaty 🤔, who names a cat that?
  7. Pulled off a win on ageis as the last ship, was playing the henghe. it was only two stars but it was a win. For a birthday gift I would like the Yadashe.
  8. I would like the Haida if I were to be so lucky in the draw.