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  1. Unit620

    PTS 0.11.11 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    Dock yard is broken.
  2. That's what it says, my PTS updated but it will not let me log in.
  3. Unit620

    Code: SOVBB21

    Worked for me.
  4. Made my complaint this AM, see if it has any effect.
  5. Says the biggest Whale in Coop. I love you Admiral but you are on the wrong side in this issue.
  6. So I guess you are implying you will hammer anyone that says something you don't like? Sounds like you really want to hang out with us lol.
  7. Wow, so I have to play 60 battles (estimated) to earn the privilege to purchase the Mighty MO. WG is like the money changers in the Temple of Juresulum hopefully LWM can help cast them out 😁 Wallet is closed for now.
  8. I changed the subject line as it was a little strong. However, they have collect $6000 more than the original goal, you think they might want to clear this up. I do not see how the milestone gates can be inferred, would you please explain it.
  9. I started a second thread because the title of the first one did not explain what it was about and the thread had migrated to somewhere around page 7. Do I think WG is stealing, nope. Do I think at times they are incompetent, yep. Do I think it is [edited] to post the rules and then add information to them in a live stream, yep.