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  1. Unit620

    German DD Missions

    Anyone know when this week's missions start?
  2. Unit620

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Thanks, worked for me.
  3. Unit620

    PTS 0.10.3

    One of the rewards for doing the PTS is 10 type 5 camos. The news article stated you get them for earning 3 stars in the Naval Battle competition. What style of battle is this? Also the camos don't show as a reward in the missions section. The
  4. Unit620

    PSA: Official survey is up!!

    How long will the survey be be?
  5. I suggest you go watch Sea Lord Montbattens tube video he will disagree with you.
  6. Unit620

    Commander Exchanges - UPDATE

    Money Grab, Money Grab, I don't care that they change the Commander system, however this screws the folks that have 19pt commanders. I will keep my 50 commanders in reserve not paying WG for their experience.
  7. Flat [edited] money grab. Oh remember you can also dismiss your old commanders and recoup some of their experience. Just got to pay WG,example 10 pt commander can keep 91.5 k for 610 dubs or47.5k for 457,500 silver.. Be still my beating heart WG loves me.. No new expenditure on this game until this crap is fixed.
  8. Unit620

    Big Hunt - Worth the Grind?

    Well, I have taken a liking to it. Have been doing the battleship directives in this mode as I can finish them in about ten games. Have both camos and both super containers. Got 100 commander exp flags and 15000 coal so it was worth it to me. Going to cash I the rest for silver to make up for the lost revenue.
  9. Unit620

    Kansas - Awful -

    Speed and reload make it hard to break even without flags in Coop. Going to be a miserable grind to tier IX.
  10. Unit620

    0.9.10 PTS Bug Reports

    Medal descriptions in new campaign do not match the correct medals .
  11. Unit620

    How are you doing earning your summer tokens?

    First off let me say I did not care for the way the summer sale was organized. With that said I did have some decent luck. Got my 15 free ones and bought 50 and exchanged them for 5 Christmas crates, got October Revolution, 1000 dubs, 24 camos and 12 dragon flags. Felt lucky so bought 100 more and bought 5 air supply crates. Got the Graft Zeplin, 12k coal, 20 camos and 40 Red Dragon flags. I still don't care for the sale but I got lucky.
  12. Unit620

    Directive 1 tokens...

    So far, 8 crates 50 tokens.