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  1. Ebonaries

    About WOLF clans

    Think I've had 2 times someone used WOLF clan as a synonym for being bad, one occasion their insult kind of spoke even worse about them being a tier lower in clan battle to the particular pub clan they were insinuating to be bad. The first time I had no idea what the person was talking about because I had joined after my friend found the clan probably for the no obligation reason but I had read or heard nothing.
  2. Ebonaries

    Anyone notice the shima's guns not firing?

    I've had it happen multiple times on a few ships, usually my aft guns during turns. Yes they are on target and green but refuse to fire, not just lag because front guns would fire. Usually would work itself out a little bit later but not exactly when it might have been useful.
  3. Ebonaries

    Amazing SC

    I've gotten lots of SCs, even multiple in a day. That said never got a ship and almost all of it has been camo so moved onto resources when that became a thing. Rather slowly work towards something you'll actually get rather than wish for.
  4. Ebonaries

    Harugumo - Reload vs Range

    Went with reload because can't consistently hit much beyond stock range unless they are hardly moving or going in a straight line. With all reload skills and modules I've gotten to 1.8 or 1.9 sec reload with adrenaline rush. That extra damage is what has consistently made it so I could kill full hp destroyers when I run across them with almost no hp of my own. Not that I recommend doing it all the time but I've had straight up slugging matches with cruisers at close range and melted them before they could do the same to me. It's a glorious thing to have your reload low enough you dont hear a break between firing entire sets of volleys.
  5. Ebonaries

    WoWs fans seriously try World of Warplanes!

    Don't feel bad about where the game ended up despite liking a lot of the aircraft I had collected. The amount a single skilled player could affect the outcome of matches was in my opinion far more than the other 2 games, not in and of itself a bad thing. However, I would say they took it to a whole new level of seal clubbing new players and trash talking anyone not as good. Told the last one before I quit that it was only a matter of time before no one really played wowp the way he and others were going, then his stats and skills wouldn't mean anything. Few months later most of the aircraft in matches were bots, from a time when bots didn't exist in the game.
  6. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @YamatoA150 Yeah I enjoyed that one, the planes were a bit blurry but the Yamato was a great set, those AA guns were so tedious. The Admiral (2011), because there are like 3 other The Admiral movies recently, was also really good, it had Yamato, Nagato, Hiryu, and others represented. Admiral Yamamoto played by Koji Yakusho who also played Shinzaemon Shimada in the 13 Assassins movie. Plus this trailer I believe is narrated by the voice actor I believe did the original shogun total war game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBQotim_ZHA
  7. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    I would say still far better than a hundred other movies that try to pass off largely post war american tanks as german tigers and panzers. Not to mention all the planes they pass off as me109 and zeroes, so respectfully would say it's a minor detail when an asian movie doesnt nail american ship authenticity.
  8. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @Crokodone guessing this scene?
  9. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @Crucis Well I certainly enjoyed GI Joe despite no fatalistic violence. Plus there was the one time the Cobra Montana battled it out with the GI Joe Constitution. https://youtu.be/bnMFpCJTjSA
  10. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @WanderingGhost Yeah didn't like the shows after clone wars, got to meet Jango Fett and young Boba Fett actors at Hawaiicon 2017. They had an amusing story about meeting and how they were doing to play father and son, so you call me dad and I'll call you son, okay dad!....okay son. @Estimated_Prophet Ah thanks for clearing it up for me, thought was saying enough people of age to get a reference.
  11. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @WanderingGhost I really ended up liking clones immensely after watching clone wars, glad they're gonna do another season of it. @tugdual I gather it's an alien foe movie? @Estimated_Prophet I admit I did not catch the reference.
  12. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @Amenhir Ah, good to know, hadn't looked at that page, better than watching Patton when not a kid again and seeing all the german tanks are literally Patton tanks. @Slightlyaskewed Maybe I will give it a look if it's currently on Netflix, finishing up season 3 of man in the high castle while I still have prime.
  13. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @WanderingGhost All of the original movies I linked are pretty bloody except for Eternal Zero which is pretty minimal except for maybe 1 scene that still isn't as bad as the other movies. Hacksaw ridge was probably touted as trying to be more based on history than the others I mentioned but most gruesome of them. Das Boot would probably fit that bill for me.
  14. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @Amenhir @Crokodone This is the scene from My Way. Are they not just heavy cruisers like the Augusta, Quincy, and Tuscaloosa that were there? The Quincy in particular has those 2 back cranes in addition to the 2 masts, 2 stacks, and I think turret layout. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Augusta_(CA-31) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Quincy_(CA-71) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Tuscaloosa_(CA-37)
  15. Ebonaries

    Ships in movies (SPOILER ALERT!)

    @Slightlyaskewed yeah I agree, that's why I didn't bother watching Battleship. Hopefully the thread does help people find movies they are interested in.