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  1. I have also done 16 days of missions but it still only registers 14/15 tried restarting game but nothing.
  2. Z-46 or Z-52?

    In my mind they play very similar and are close in power except for the z-52 having 2 turrets on the front rather than the back. So depends if you think you'll want to nose in enemy DDs to give a small profile and react to their torps while keeping a good amount of firepower on them. Both are good at smoking and using hydro to kill the first DD you run into if they don't happen to have hydro themselves. If you think you'll be running away more while firing then I'd just keep the z-46.
  3. 15 games, best being 210k damage and worst being dodging all but 1 torpedo in a spread at the start of a game in my Yamato and having it detonate me.
  4. No, too high tier for what it was designed, 6 seems right, 7 at most.
  5. Izumo.

    By staying with the largest group of ships in the second line and always bow to most of the enemy even if you almost never never use 3rd gun and have to reverse instead of turn.
  6. If you mouse over the discount next to the cost of respec it tells you how long is left.
  7. I have played the three Axis nation tier 3 BBs but not the South Carolina. Nassau is far superior to South Carolina and Kawachi, but whereas South Carolina is okay Kawachi is terrible, I just look at it as a free meal. If you're including the Konig Albert then I strongly disagree that Nassau is the new tier 3 BB powerhouse, that role belongs to Konig Albert hands down in my opinion. It feels sluggish but I never have issues dodging torps, the survivability is amazing, the turrets may turn slow and accuracy not the greatest at long range but that's easy to plan for positioning wise and the firepower is totally worth it. One of my better games and in a tier 4 match trashing a couple Wyomings as well.
  8. With skills, equipment, and flags I believe I have 15% reduction on reload time, 45% increased range, and 85% less dispersion on the secondary guns of my Tirpitz. As I already get in close for using torps and for armor protection this was worth it to me. In one of my first games I had 120 secondary hits that contributed to my 200k damage for that match. Destroyers that get in range get trashed by how much accurate secondary fire is coming their way.
  9. Any ETA on Dunkerque?

    I only play Axis Power ships *greatly anticipates Italian inclusion* and so have been torn on if to include France, as their navy fought more battles against Britain and America regardless of who started what and all the other politics. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_on_Mers-el-Kébir https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Dakar https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Battle_of_Casablanca