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  1. Initial Santa Crate results

    I got the 5x big crates: I got: Oktyabraskaya Revolutsiya + Commander 60x Frosty Fir Tree USS Kidd + Commander USS Alabama +Commander Pretty good deal, if you ask me :)
  2. Just an idea to modders.....maybe somebody could make a mod that changes the dragon flag to historical flags? If it's just one file, put out multiple and let the player decide. I wonder if anybody can confirm, but the national voice used to change between the Anshan and the Lo Yang. I wonder if this has changed to blanket PRC voice-over now?
  3. Very cool - I missed this news. I always love when ships lost to the sea are found again. Hopefully it's too deep for the scavengers to make their way down to her. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Karma Comparisons

    I feel about the same. I have 10 now. Sometimes I get up to 11 then right back to 10. Usually lose the point when I have a bad match and rage a little bit.
  5. Username Origins?

    During high school nobody could pronounce my last night correctly, so my nickname just became the mispronunciation of my last name (with a few more letters taken out to make it more catchy) and, voila, "jorklind" was born. I've been using it as a username on and off for a while now and usually use it as a gamer tag now more than anything.
  6. Join team fire

    I thought it was strange that I could see the results already. Oh well, I decided to join team fire - not like I'll be too much of a help during finals week.
  7. Premium Mission

    It's not for the whole day when a mission ends that day, it's when the server ticks over, which is usually 0600 EDT (if I'm not mistaken).
  8. I don't think they went gold the last time around. Great job to the community!
  9. Aaanndd done.. :) Thank you WG!

    Thanks for your post! I decided to try once more and got the Gremmy!
  10. Kamikaze on sale

    For some reason, I read that as "That ship blows" and I thought "why is LWM being so negative?"
  11. That usually works for me when it comes to homework - why not for leisure activities too?
  12. French Cruisers incoming?

    Thanks for the screen grab on the note. I didn't notice it was from a 31 year old, lol.
  13. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    That's it - they need to be all in the same game mode (either all Co-Op or all Random).