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  1. WG It's been two years

    So I've been thinking about how the KitKat could be balanced so that it would show back up and not result in a mass of tks. Right off the bat I will mention that I am not considering the use of the Deep Running torps at this time since they may not even be implemented. If they do get implemented, that makes KitKat a great deal less dangerous to its teammates. In my design head space, the KitKat is your teams Torp spewing Corgi. Your job is to herd the enemy team into a kill zone or get them to show their broadsides. To do this requires concealment around Atago levels, but stealth will also require to give up the smoke for balancing. Because you give up so much for all those torps in terms of your guns and AA, you will need to be made nimble with a good rudder shift. Now comes the fun part, the torps. In order to balance the KitKat and prevent a TKpocalypse, I suggest two things: One, torp range for KitKat is 10-12 km max, and two, fix her torp launches to single fire like the British. No salvos. You want to launch 20 at a time? Get clicking. Single fire has the benefit of minimizing damage from the genuine "Oops" moments when you weren't paying attention to nearby comrades, and against your enemies, you can set up a confusing pattern to counter their torpedobeats. Finally, I would also balance the KitKat by tiering her at tier 7. This prevents her from getting the concealment module slot and from seeing tier 10. Oh, and one further balancing item. If possible, I would have something coded in that limits divisions to a single Kitakami. Thoughts?
  2. Suggestion for Colorado

    It's doubtful any such speed buff would happen for the tech tree ship. However, since the A hull was removed, there is a possibility for a real speed boost that would have some basis in an alternate history. After the WNT, the Navy floated a proposal (which was shot down due to cost in real life), to upgrade the Colorados with the armament and engines from the cancelled SoDak 1920 class. Since such a move was not increasing the caliber or number of the main battery or added armor, the Treaty would allow it (or was a permissible loophole). This would have given the Colorado the 16"/50 Mk2 gun, 6"/53 secondaries in casemates and almost double her original engine horsepower. In game terms, this could push up Colorado's speed to the 24.5-26knt range. In game, WG could present this as a WNT what if like Amagi, and make this hull a tier 7 premium as BB47 USS Washington, the cancelled (irl) sister of the Colorado class. Fast standard? Yes please! For AA just give her the Arizona's AA battery and increase her hitpoints and I think she fits at tier 7 quite nicely.
  3. So I just want to give huge thanks and appreciation to crzyhawk for his generous gift of Duca D'Aosta during this period of misfortune in my life. On top of raising my spirits, that act finally broke the losing streak in random battles that I've been having. Thanks for making WoWs fun again for me crzyhawk. I hope you get great RNG in your matches and that your generosity gets rewarded by more than just thanks.
  4. Deciding if I want D'Aosta. Need help.

    I so wish that Wargaming had held off on dropping the Duca till later in the summer or even fall. By then I might have enough money available to get Duca. But now? With my dad just out of the hospital and both parents having health/age issues and having reached a state of poverty where I have few salable possessions left. Yeah, Duca is not in the budget.
  5. The Duke is now on sale!

    Man the timing for Duca going on sale can't be worse for me. I would dearly love to have one as a trainer for Italian captains. And that it is one of the best looking ships in the game. But with helping out two parents with health issues (Dad just got out of the hospital), disability issues of my own and poverty in general are going to keep the Duca out of my port. And I've learned that hoping for a ship via Supercontainer is very unrealistic (The best I've done in a SC has been 50K Free XP). Sometimes I just wish the electrical charge representing my fortunes in life would switch from negative to positive.
  6. On the matter of Kaga I was watching a bit of Notser's stream with him playing Kaga. That ship is going to be bottom tier because it's tier 7 and is going to see up to tier 9 AA. Those tier 6 planes just melt. Even the AA on Graf Spee was melting his squadrons.
  7. #TeamFire.... #TeamWater.... #TeamQuestions!

    TeamFire has access to FOOF and stuff like Chlorine Trifluoride. FOOF can oxidize asbestos and thus burn through it. It can burn water! All hail Satan's Kimchi!
  8. My prediction of salt storms on the forums will be over the introduction of the next VMF DD line split before French cruisers. Also, this will be slightly mitigated by the Royal Navy BB line being all battlecruisers.
  9. An Analytical look at Duca d'Aosta

    It might be that CoOp is where D'Aosta is supposed to shine. Especially as a tier 6 captain trainer. From what is speculated so far, to me CoOp looks to be her perfect home considering that there is the upcoming CoOp convoy mode as well. This might not be a "good" random battles ship but could be an excellent CoOp or other mode ship.
  10. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    Opened my two containers for the tin car and hoarder gold rewards. the tin can container was 5 million credits. The hoarder "special" container was 300 doubloons.
  11. DokturProfesur?

    I've been reaching the same burnout as you Doktur, at least in regard to Randoms. A fifteen loss streak really makes one apathetic to the game. I can maybe tolerate enough games to get one or two containers and I'm done. If I stick to CoOp my tolerance is a bit higher but I really wish there was a harder or different mode to CoOp that would at least make grinding a little more tolerable.
  12. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    And even before getting into the American jets, the devs could always decide to add the F7F Tigercat first. And the possibility of escort carriers? Calling White Plains now. Bonus if her lines include going out to the gunnery range with Choukai.
  13. I'm just more inclined to stop playing the game. And more importantly, not recommend it to friends and others.
  14. Generally, it is considered a bad idea to hand an angry person a hand grenade while remaining in said grenade's blast radius.
  15. I try to help when I can: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5i744l/alabama_for_st_only_confirmed_by_trevzor/