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  1. I know only a few people care about what I have to say nowadays, but I wish you all the best. How much trouble I've created for some of you. I am deeply sorry for it. I won't mention anyone specific, nor will I mention anything specific. You know who you are, and those who I'm addressing know what I'm referring to. I'm truly sorry.

    I've learned so much about life and myself here, and I'm happy to say that I have nothing but pleasant feelings toward you all now. I've spent a few months in reflection and I've concluded, with the clearest mind I've ever experienced, that the move that will improve my life the most (and the lives of those I was around here) is a simple, honest, and respectful departure.

    I deeply regret all of the fighting and provocation that I selfishly indulged in. I deeply regret allowing unbridled emotion to dominate my sense and my reason. I deeply regret wasting a rare opportunity to befriend so many unique, valuable, and beautiful people. But it's only because I have these regrets that I - someone who evidently needs to make many mistakes to see the right path - can learn from them to become a better person and move toward love, beauty, and the most fulfilling varieties of pleasure.

    I hope fate is kind and generous with you all. You're rare and wonderful people. You deserve love and kindness and so much more. Goodbye.


    1. Suzutsuki_Kai


      :3 glad u found yourself some way and are happier. Good luck in life o/