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  1. Hiroe

    WG Launcher is GARBAGE

    Same. I don't have an issue with launchers, but with bad launchers.
  2. Hiroe

    wth on NA

    I did, but I was able to log back in instantly. I came back in time to be on fire with 15k HP left (Scharnhorst).
  3. Hiroe

    WG Launcher is GARBAGE

    It's been awful in my experience. It wouldn't even download the game for me.
  4. Hiroe

    Favorite Anime

    I should probably add Girls und Panzer to my favorites list too. I mean, I watched it three times.
  5. Hiroe

    Forum culture

    Be gentle.
  6. I've been doing really well with Tirpitz lately.
  7. Hiroe

    On CCs and Their Fanbases

    People are believers and worshipers by nature. What's true and what's false.. it doesn't matter to them. They'd rather adore their god or goddess, and share reality with those who are like-minded. And, of course, they are often rather vicious when dealing with unbelievers. Anyway, I don't see all that much of it in this community.
  8. A Midway did 70k to me yesterday (was playing Tirpitz) with two squadrons of dive bombers.
  9. Hiroe

    Meritorious Service camo

    Hooray, camos.
  10. I've been recording what tier I get with Tirpitz and so far it's 2 T8, 1 T9, and 7 T10. Hmm..

  11. Hiroe

    Favorite Anime

    Some shows I love: Shingeki no Kyojin Saki Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Akame ga Kill! Hyouka Kuzu no Honkai Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Love Live! School Idol Project
  12. Hiroe

    Your outlook on stats?

    They're fun to look at from time to time, but I try not to become too invested. I try to have my stats reflect my play, not my play the stats I want. If you play to achieve certain numbers, you often play in an unnatural way, and that's - at least for me - not fun. You inhibit the inclination to take action and make things happen, instead preying upon those who haven't inhibited that inclination, or, well, those who've simply made a mistake. Well, to be a little more specific, WoWs requires patience, and a lot of it at times. I'd rather move forward and mix it up, and while that's not often the most tactically or strategically prudent decision, it's certainly fun - and, for me, success is twice as sweet when the journey to reach it is enjoyable. I understand the value of a more patient approach. I understand the value of a more cerebral approach as well. But I don't play for intellectual satisfaction. I don't play to be in the right place, at the right moment, doing the right thing - right meaning "most effective." I play for the simple excitement of "fighting."
  13. Hiroe

    Haida Bragging Right - 7 ships killed

    Even if he did, seven kills is impressive.
  14. Hiroe

    Favorite Anime

    It could be Flip Flappers. I admit that I don't understand that one.
  15. I like T5-T7. I feel like it's pretty ideal in terms of damage potential and all that. You can move up a bit without getting wrecked.