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  1. Do you still play Single-Player games?

    Fair enough. I intend to play more. Skyrim has a lot of charm and that keeps me coming back. I just really love the Total War series (and FF XIV) so I end up playing them most of the time. Shrug.
  2. Do you still play Single-Player games?

    I tend to play some single-player RPGs too. I just don't normally accumulate a really high number of hours in those. I think I have around 100 hours in Skyrim and a few others.
  3. If you believe that an individual can have such terrible luck then you can't be reasoned with. Any further conversation is pointless. Good luck. I hope your delusions provide you with the happiness and satisfaction you desperately desire.
  4. Do you still play Single-Player games?

    I only play the single-player mode in Civilization and Total War games so only one of those six games is multi-player (to me at least). My favorite game hasn't quite made it into the top six yet, which is, of course, Total War: Warhammer II.
  5. Your win rate has dropped because of you, not them. No one has such bad luck, sorry.
  6. Dear weekend players

    Weekend players are a blessing to people who know what they're doing!
  7. If only people understood how much they benefit from the existence of "unskilled" players..
  8. So many people go into random battles expecting this or that - a close battle, a high level of play, cooperative teammates.. It's absurd to expect these things, and the people who do expect them feel more disappointed than anything else. The wiser approach by far is to simply accept a battle for what it is, without expectation. That way there is relatively little disappointment. And it's much more likely that you'll enjoy the positive aspects of the game since your mind won't be occupied by frustration and disappointment.
  9. Attempt at humor or not, I would feel nothing but insulted if that were said to me.
  10. Right, and those close and exciting battles happen regardless of the amount of "weekend players" in the battle. What is desirable is an equal distribution of those players.
  11. Uh, I don't hate weekend players. I still don't understand why anyone would hate someone just because they don't play as much.
  12. The Irony of PotatoVille

    Thanks, and I agree completely.
  13. The Irony of PotatoVille

    Well, feels like this is over then. I rarely hold a grudge so that's that. Cya.
  14. What's a good brawler?

    The trick to brawling is knowing when you can brawl, sadly. Some matches there will be no opportunities.
  15. The Irony of PotatoVille

    I'm just having some fun by the way. If you couldn't tell.