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  1. Hiroe

    Midway game I just played

    Nice. I will say this: the OP does have a cute avatar, which is something the rest of you should be working on. Ufufu.
  2. Hiroe

    Midway game I just played

    It happens to everyone. It's not even a thing.
  3. Hiroe

    This anime game raked in over $2 billion for Sony

    It surely has some lovely fan art.
  4. Hiroe

    Super Containers - 58 : 0

    I remember someone saying it's around 3.5% and that's been true in my experience. I used to keep track.
  5. Hiroe

    Future of the game?

    I don't understand why it's such a big deal. There are plenty more concerning reasons to stop playing.
  6. Hiroe


    WoWs would make an awfully boring Esport.
  7. Hiroe


    They care more about performance than fun because they're afraid of being criticized for having bad stats. They're little [edited].
  8. Hiroe

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    The only reason there's no fun to be had is that people play like [edited].
  9. Hiroe

    Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    I'm sure someone wants those flags. It doesn't suck for them.
  10. Hiroe

    After all it is just a game

    It's not just a game if I take it super seriously. Oh, wait, it's still a game! Bahahaha!
  11. Hiroe

    Made It!

    Woo, big numbers.
  12. Hiroe

    Regarding people who unnecessarily charge in

    When we're having fun, pushing ourselves and exerting effort and all that feels like nothing. When we're not having fun, it's all a bunch of tiresome work; and everything eventually falls apart and we're left wondering what the heck we're doing. Also, I agree with your final statement. Spoilers indeed.
  13. Hiroe

    Regarding people who unnecessarily charge in

    "And after looking, I don't think its your team mates that are the problem." You are aware that you said these words, right? Lighten up a bit. The game would be funner if everyone were more relaxed about performance.
  14. Hiroe

    Regarding people who unnecessarily charge in

    Honestly, I don't need to be better. I have a 58.23% solo win rate over the last 400 battles. If you think even someone like me should not be playing, then you think the overwhelming majority of the player-base shouldn't be playing. That said, there isn't a stat requirement to continue playing World of Warships, nor will there ever be. There will always be casuals who are simply less interested in the tactical and strategic aspects of the game and that's something you're going to have to live with for as long as you play WoWs. Have fun.