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  1. Relatable gifs

    When I see someone I know.
  2. I'm not a fan of the bright colors either. I like Storm Wind the most. A simple pattern and colors that complement each other.
  3. Really? It looks so bad to me that it makes me want to stop playing. I think it can be said I don't want to play very much, which is probably partly why I uninstalled WoWs a few months ago.
  4. Money is more important than everything else to some people.
  5. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    It's an Iowa class.
  6. Relatable gifs

    My connection's too bad to load all of those gifs. I saw the first two or three though.
  7. It has nice bonuses, but it looks pretty ugly.
  8. That stuff is easy to forget about or disregard during a battle. It's a lot harder forget about or disregard something that's so obvious and right in front of you. It enters your mind whenever you see it, and if there weren't friendly fire, you'd see it pretty commonly.
  9. I knew instantly since North Carolina is a ship I like and play a lot.
  10. Concealment expert

    "Requirement." That made me laugh. Thanks.
  11. It's about immersion. It breaks immersion when your teammates gleefully fire at one another.
  12. Finally got Kraken!!!

    Congrats. Many more will come.
  13. People who derive a sense of superiority from their performance in WoWs.
  14. Ranked?

    People are much more high strung. If you do something they disapprove of it's much more likely you'll hear about it, and they will rarely be nice about it. Everyone has a slightly different idea of how the game should be played, so you can't play in such a way that you please everyone all the time, if for some reason that would be your goal. If you play how you want, which some people certainly either won't see the sense in, or just disagree with tactically/strategically, you're going to be insulted pretty regularly. Perhaps the insults won't be so direct sometimes, but the negativity, the insertion of negative thoughts into your mind, will be present in almost every match. There's a culture of negative thinking developing in the community, and the source is more or less unrealistic expectations. People expect too much from other players. They have an idea - more like a fantasy - of how the game's meant to be played, and if others don't play that way they feel negative emotion toward them and often give voice to it.