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  1. It's a nice place.
  2. Planes are cute.
  3. WG could implement a rule that ensures that if you're in a division where everyone has a high win rate you only face teams with a division where everyone has a high win rate.
  4. Why compared to me? That's not what I meant at all. It's absurd in general to go around and tell people how to play. People play how they want to play. That's why they're here. That's how they enjoy the game. Not to comply with the demands of some obnoxious stranger on the Internet. Know your place. Also, this conversation isn't so much about metas. I was just straightening you out since you seem like you're a bit lost. Feel free to thank me later after you regain your wits.
  5. A solution is adopting a matchmaking system like World of Tank's: 2 tier 10s, 4 tier 9s, 6 tier 8s.
  6. You fail to understand how "metas" work. Why do they change so frequently? Because people discover new effective strategies. You may think you know that "one optimal way" but in reality you know one effective way. Stop pushing your ridiculous thinking onto people. You're not as knowledgeable as you think you are.
  7. Exactly. There's only one way to play the game. The sooner everyone understands that the better.
  8. It sounds like a neat idea to me. I'm not exactly an expert on game mechanics though.
  9. Amen, brother.
  10. Hey, have fun.
  11. It's no secret that there are thousands of players in the community who have spent over a thousand dollars. Just look at all the premiums they own and all that.
  12. WoWs is very boring for the first 5 or so minutes so that gives me plenty of time to inspect both of the teams.
  13. There isn't an issue. WG makes so much money from their small base that they don't need a lot of players.
  14. Maybe there are other factors that we don't know about.
  15. I guess you're fine with being shot if you're not being a "team player" by someone else's definition.