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  1. It's true. A lot of the appeal of playing tier 10 is being the biggest and baddest.
  2. I'd have so much more fun with +/-1, but whatever. WG wants to be stubborn.
  3. Thanks.
  4. I opted to make my own clan, but I appreciate your invitation. Thank you very much.
  5. No, it's called degrading the quality of the environment with childish nonsense that amounts to nothing but the ephemeral satisfaction of feelings that belong in the sewer.
  6. It seems like whenever a bitter potato-brain finds the opportunity to show their "superiority" they take it, and they make sure to insult you as much as they can get away with because they think being mean is cool. It's dumb, but what can you expect?
  7. Hmm.. I don't see it. Maybe it takes some time to arrive.
  8. I like how cute the clan area looks. All the little houses and whatnot. Also, her hair looks lighter now. It's a shame I'm not in a clan. I play enough every day that I get all 3 containers. Oh well.
  9. Seriously, why even quote me with such thoughtless drivel? All you're doing is wasting my time.
  10. It takes like 2 minutes to make a post and like 15 minutes to finish a battle. You're so incorrect it's not even funny. Try using your brain next time.
  11. I disagree. I like it when there are fewer maps. I hope WG continues to do this.
  12. My solution is the best, as usual.
  13. I was like 5-20 a few days ago. It wasn't really a streak of losses since I managed to carry a few, but it would've been, probably. Don't be weak and let them break you.