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  1. Wondering what I want to do. Maybe I'll try China with the Order ideology again.
  2. Nomore Ranked Battles for me

    Better players are in the 6-10 bracket.
  3. That's exactly what I intend to do. I played TW: Warhammer 2 this morning, and I'll probably start a Civ 5 game later today.
  4. Ocean

    I'd like Ocean if a mountain range were in the center. How about we do that instead?
  5. Can We Have a Frustration Thread?

    People need to vent so badly because they unrealistic expectations to begin with. They fail to accept that the overwhelming majority of the community are casuals.
  6. Interesting post-game dialogue.

    Just report him. Send a ticket in or whatever. Ban all the cheaters.
  7. Does Salty Chat Offend You?

    People get salty because they have unrealistic expectations to begin with. That's the issue. They fail to understand that the overwhelming majority of players are casual or at least relatively casual.
  8. You say it's an "average game at best" but then you have a 66% win rate with less than 100k average. You make zero sense.
  9. You average 77k in FDG and 65k in Izumo. The only tier 9 battleships listed on your warships.today page. And you're a "great" player. Whose average are talking about? The average of the best players on the server?
  10. One Elegant Winter (a WOWS story, part 1)

    I like that I was the first one mentioned. I like that a lot.
  11. "Absolutely horrible" is clearly an exaggeration. Let's be realistic here. 100k is an acceptable result in a tier 9 even if the damage is done mostly to battleships.
  12. When someone says it's easy to make *insert number here* credits per battle it's a pretty classic instance of mixing bragging with reality. Why do they do it? They want to imply their superiority.
  13. Having the worst luck with ranked

    I understand. It's tough. Not going to pretend it isn't.
  14. Having the worst luck with ranked

    Just play the best you can and see what happens. Any other thoughts are a waste of time and energy.