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  1. Finally got Kraken!!!

    Congrats. Many more will come.
  2. People who derive a sense of superiority from their performance in WoWs.
  3. Ranked?

    People are much more high strung. If you do something they disapprove of it's much more likely you'll hear about it, and they will rarely be nice about it. Everyone has a slightly different idea of how the game should be played, so you can't play in such a way that you please everyone all the time, if for some reason that would be your goal. If you play how you want, which some people certainly either won't see the sense in, or just disagree with tactically/strategically, you're going to be insulted pretty regularly. Perhaps the insults won't be so direct sometimes, but the negativity, the insertion of negative thoughts into your mind, will be present in almost every match. There's a culture of negative thinking developing in the community, and the source is more or less unrealistic expectations. People expect too much from other players. They have an idea - more like a fantasy - of how the game's meant to be played, and if others don't play that way they feel negative emotion toward them and often give voice to it.
  4. Pink for 5 Games

    Just relax. If it means nothing you shouldn't be so upset.
  5. Play how you're comfortable with playing. If someone's complaining it's because they have a fantasy in their mind of how the game ought to be played and they're forcing it onto you. That's pretty much it. It's not a rule that you have to cap a zone immediately, or even at all. Yes, it's helpful if a destroyer does the capping, since they're more suited to it, but it's not impossible for other ships to do it. If you're in a bad position don't force it. Just wait and be patient. I'm far from an expert on destroyers, but when destroyers throw their ship away because they rush ahead it's worse than sitting back and trading - if that's what you're concerned with. It's fine if the enemy has 2 caps to your 1 for a while. If you trade better, it'll be easy to retake them later.
  6. Nagato feels pretty squishy to me. Colorado slightly less so. It could be the way I play the ships, or that, since Nagato's faster, I find myself in unpleasant situations more with it. I have a bad habit of moving up too much.
  7. So...you want to play ranked, do you?

    It would be less frustrating if they took away the limited time period, added a clearer Elo system (instead of the star system, which is annoying), and limited the amount of ranked battles you could play per week.
  8. You don't mind if I use this comfy spot to preach, right?
  9. Blaming anyone is a bit silly from my point of view. It's ultimately an inconsequential game, and blaming is such a negative thing. Better to not say anything and just continue on. After all, we've all had our fair share of bad games, and we get "unskilled" players on our team less than on the enemy team. It's just pointless negativity, really.
  10. 99 Containers but a super ain't one

    Well, dang, that's some bad luck.
  11. Nevermind

    No worries. Don't feel embarrassed. For some reason they don't let you delete posts either. It's retarded.
  12. bpM2e4O.gif

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Hai~ hai~! /^.\\ /


  13. Do you GG on a lose?

    Most of the time they say it because they're thoughtless and inconsiderate. That's about it.
  14. 99 Containers but a super ain't one

    Were they all TYL, really?
  15. Summer plans?

    My plan is to continue being a NEET.