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  1. cheereereerios

    Some Thoughts on the Great Hosho Nerf

    It impacts them because the torpedo bombers were the best squadron at the tier by far. The rockets on Hosho are garbage and the AP bombs do less damage per salvo, are less survivable, and do no DOT. So...
  2. cheereereerios

    Some Thoughts on the Great Hosho Nerf

    Dropping torp speed impacts the ability to hit DD's. Increasing time to return carrier by half will definitely force out some usage of the other plane types. Regardless of how purple their stats are...
  3. cheereereerios

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    Same here, click to exit and then have to click it again...but the game is still percolating away in the background.
  4. cheereereerios

    RNG - Full Volley versus Single Fire

    Also, I guarantee it is more likely to make most BB drivers lose their sanity, as the unending rain of papercuts lands on their decks. It's amazing how often you can be doing pitiful damage amounts due to HE non-pens but the BB's all nope right out of the battle and pull u-turns.
  5. cheereereerios

    Share a comical ranked sprint story from today....

    Got called an idiot by the pink border humping Lo Yang because I told him he has hydro. Nope, he's been using speed boost ever since he bought it. That match also featured the naked and signal-less Edin who overshot his smoke and got deleted, and the Cleveland running zebra camo who was trying to use it all up and said concealment didn't matter in ranked anyway. I love ranked.
  6. cheereereerios

    Why are there no discounts on space camos today?

    They're on sale for me? Maybe it's just a WG conspiracy and they have the camos blocked for you? ♫ ♫ *X-Files theme* ♫ ♫
  7. That's one of the bugs they are planning to hotfix by the end of the week, because, uh, that doesn't work.
  8. cheereereerios

    Creaking Sounds--REMOVE asap

    "a bug" implies something like "hey, the AA guns on Sims don't make any noise when firing" it does not imply "the new sounds are horrible, the mixing is completely broken, the controls are useless, and it literally makes the game more difficult to play". That's not a bug, that is...well, I dunno, just WG "we ignored the PTS complaints and pushed to live" as usual, I suppose.
  9. cheereereerios

    Good golly, thank you Wargaming!

    I had no complaints until logging in and finding out the porcupine/hippo interfacing was being performed aboard all of my ships. The sound rework is atrocious.
  10. cheereereerios

    Creaking Sounds--REMOVE asap

    "a bug" The entire audio system and the new sounds are garbage. On the one hand, massive changes alone to long standing audio cues hurts gameplay reaction. On the second hand, the mix is all over the place, with few apparent links to the sliders. On the gripping hand, bah, everything sounds like a Yamato now. Even DD's, just little rapid firing Yammy's. (And I didn't even get to the crew frying bacon every time we're on fire, or some sort of damage alarm - heavy damage? - sounding like an amplified version of the old collision alarm.0 In short, the new audio rework makes the CV rework look polished!
  11. cheereereerios

    What do you think is the worst SC from this event?

    Got another 100 Juliet Charlies. Always needed, though I remember the old days where it was something like 250 of them at a time.
  12. cheereereerios

    What Ship(s) Are You Currently Grinding?

    Smolensk, Hosho, and grudgingly, redoing the French cruiser line on alt. Hosho and whatever else strikes my fancy as unfair on this one.
  13. I'm also seeing a lot of shorthanded T10 only matches now. 9/10/11 ships, but the MM can't dare bring in a lowly T9 or T8.
  14. cheereereerios

    Eurobeat How To Smolensk

    Pretty much that. Mash the F3 key when spotted. It melts quickly under sustained fire. A stray BB AP round is a good 40% health gone from a citadel.
  15. cheereereerios

    If you have any doubt about Smolenks...

    If you run IFHE on Smolensk, it really only gets you *some* cruiser hull plating. You gain no benefit against either BB's or DD's.