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  1. No, you're absolutely right, I mean why would anyone complain about the entire gameplay style that a line was balanced for being completely jacked? "B-but, but, the mean Minotaur bounces shells off me repeatedly?! It's so scary! Nerf the smoke!" Hopefully this drives Minotaur all the way down to dead last in T10 cruisers, and they can properly buff it...with HE.
  2. In other words, give every ship high tier German hydro when rushing a RN CL who makes the mistake of shooting.
  3. Put Juliet Charlie on because you know those pretty little ribbons of cloth and splash of paint will get some fun and enraging treatment.
  4. It's because with the lock, your gunners know the aim point is behind the island, without it, they can only shoot where you point (crosshair on the island). You can get around this by using the spotter plane to target an area behind terrain, or perhaps lock onto another ship at the same range but move your targeting point behind the island. Also, it holds onto the targeting range for maybe a second after they wink out, so that can help sometimes (you can kind of tell because the "lock" will still be sliding along with them).
  5. PS it's only sky cancer weekend until you take an AA cruiser out...
  6. Finally someone understands!
  7. Along with the part you quoted, followed by: three new BB premiums on the horizon. LOL.
  8. Yeah, don't think I will actually put it on my Gearing or not. I kept it on my Fletcher since I basically play that like an IJN DD from heaven. (Full torp spec - torp reload module, capt skills include SE/TAE/CE/RPF.) Fletcher has incredible torps plus the ability to defend itself. Best IJN DD in the game! But Gearing I've decided to build as a gunboat with some team friendly quirks (Gun reload module, have a base 10-pt captain, will add BFT, SI, run defensive fire).
  9. I use it on most of my high end DD's - Fletcher, Shima (Shinonome, Fujin), Lo yang, it might go on Gearing at some point (have both, but the 19 pt captain stayed with Fletch). Likely to go on my German DD captain when I get the points as well for search and destroy shenanigans. Yeah, I have the general idea of approaches other DD's are going to take, and what kind of evasion may take place, but in some situations it really is almost wall-hack lite. I get a pile of First Blood strikes just based on thousands of games played AND the bit of heading info provided. Oh, a DD smoked up...maybe even holding fire? Booop boop boop *target lock* missile launch torpedo sploosh! Now, it can sometimes trick you - hmm that BB 8km away is what it's pointing at right? HOLY MOLY A GEARING AT POINT BLANK RANGE *panic panic panic* Overall though, if you are awake enough and have the experience, adding that bit of info can be a gamechanger.
  10. For different playstyles/ship types, it likely just depends on the player. I play all three types (lol) and find it helps since I can generally know what that sort of ship is likely to do, where they are probably running to, etc.
  11. Btw, not sure if you have tried or not yet, but next time ranked comes along, make sure to play it. It will really reinforce the lessons you are learning, probably give you new ones to slowly integrate, and result in another burst of improvement. I played in Season 5 but just a few games. Made steady progress and then didn't achieve my goal of ranking out in Season 6 (with 300-something games played in that season). Kept playing, watching videos, improving my own play, and ranked out this last season for the first time (around 250 games). And my random numbers since then have been much, MUCH higher than before. Patience is huge! (That, and listening to your inner voice saying "this is a bad idea THIS IS A BAD IDEA!")
  12. Just want to say good job, the recent numbers show a steady and sustained climb in performance, so it's real. It's happening!
  13. Time to look at Warships Today. What's second to last, at best, in win rate or damage for T10 cruisers, whether all time, last two weeks, or the last week? Minotaur! The facts aren't supporting the theory here... (outside of Mino needing some HE for balance. C'mon WG, do it!)
  14. Replace the CV with one DD each. Mmmmhmmmm....
  15. Looks like EU was busy stretching their patch update downtime to record levels.