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  1. The Bayern Horror Show

    QE is the most accurate T6 tech tree BB, tied with Warspite at the tier. Bayern has okay accuracy with a 1.8 sigma, while New Mexico brings up the rear in that measurement with Fuso at 1.5 sigma. Bayern is 4 knots faster than New Mexico which is a very noticeable difference. Both QE and Bayern get 30s reloads, while New Mexico gets 34.2s reload. Bayern has the faster turrets at 43s/180, versus 49s/180 of the New Mexico, and 56s/180 of the QE. The guns of Bayern can be derpy, but overall it should start teaching you lessons for the rest of the line. Stay with your fellow BB's for the first part of the game, let the enemy get thinned out a bit. Don't snipe, but just keep flinging rounds at good targets.THEN do the German BB push later on.
  2. I think this is just "fixing the glitch" where before it would show that running SE would increase the amount of heal. But it is only based on the regular health of the ship.
  3. I ranked out both accounts in a combined 425 games. Mission accomplished. Also, I am now burnt out and not interested in randoms as much. edit: did some looking at stats at the end.
  4. Tank build doesnt work vs HE spam?

    Tank build doesn't include SE. SI for another heal maybe, and you should have both Damage Con upgrades, and CE as well so you can disappear if needed.
  5. Don't think of ranked as competitive. Think of it as 7vs7 randoms and ignore the stars. Just play that instead of randoms for a few weeks every now and then, and boom, new special currency in your virtual wallet.
  6. I want my T6 Cleveland back!

    Don't forget, there will be a T6 US CL coming out (presumably) in the next patch.
  7. Totally down with seeing USS Edson in game, took the kids to visit last year, pretty amazing (and pretty big for being a "little" ship!) edit: the torpedo armament would have to be completely fictionalized or made to be something wildly different than what we currently expect. I believe Tengu had a proposal for one of the class on Reddit, there was at least one where they tried sticking 8" guns on a DD. As for torps, a case could be made for spamming something the equivalent of Umikaze torps at a high tier - low alpha, but blazing reload (and limit the range to something reasonable in the current meta - 9.2km maybe?) and working towards trying to stack damage over time.
  8. Underwhelmed by Cleveland

    I completely agree, it's woefully underpowered and needs some love to be competitive at T8.
  9. Opinions on the RN tier 9 BB Lion?

    Lion had the same dispersion as the rest. It makes ship shaped outlines around the enemy. :P AP is still situational. I sold it immediately. Conq is similar in a way to the GK - same sort of accuracy as the previous tier, but MORE shells to fling.
  10. US Heavy Cruisers and the 15 Inch BBs

    They have 27 mm deck armor at the ends and 30 mm center deck plating...
  11. Rank 2.4 wall

    I had no wait on this account, the alt yoyo'd 3 or 4 times at 2.4 before escaping.
  12. Getting no respect.

    There's no @Ducky_shot on the list either!
  13. Thanks Wargaming, for the Consolation Prize!

    That's a nice consolation prize, had you in a few last matches yesterday before ranking out. GG
  14. the pain of ranked

    Just ranked out a few minutes ago, 195 battles this time.
  15. IIRC you were on the red team last night where your friendlyMino solo'd 2 DM's and Yamato on Mountain Range after one of you bumped off the Gearing (naturally, they all blamed us over in the west). That was my "done for the night" match :D edit: ranked out the alt with some Z-52 play, but Premier League was mostly Conq and GK. Up to Rank 2 on this one with primarily Hindy and DM. I usually only play DM after a few matches of having utterly useless ones as teammates. "Trying a new spot guys" "I'll radar back here from the J line" "mah open water DM is best DM"