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  1. cheereereerios

    I might be done with USN DD...

    Try to make sure replays are enabled and maybe post a few - good, bad and meh. There may be a couple things that standout, or maybe it's just lots of little things that come into play at T8/9/10. There are certainly games where it can feel like you didn't make an impact. Just try to hold your own and keep your team alive and maintain vision control.
  2. cheereereerios

    I might be done with USN DD...

    Now that you mention it...
  3. cheereereerios

    Question about new Jolly Roger flag

    Oh that thing is ghastly
  4. cheereereerios

    Would any one want Alaska as a Steel ship?

    The optimal way to truly reward good teamwork and friendly gameplay! Also, completely free to achieve, no excuses as to not having a high karma rating! :D In fact, it's even better than most suggestions, as you can get compliments whether in randoms, coop, even scenarios. Truly egalitarian!
  5. cheereereerios

    Ranked steel math DOES NOT WORK

    The first time I ranked out I spent the whole time finding new eurobeats to add to my gaming playlist and watching all 5 seasons of Initial D in between battles. I just quit caring so much about the game, played (for fun :D) and more importantly distracted myself from the general salt and frustration. edit: I won't have time to rank out this season I think, and I truly wish there was an option for "stay in T8 ranked and impart wisdom to lower ranked players via the Chapayev."
  6. cheereereerios

    The Bayern Horror Show

    QE is the most accurate T6 tech tree BB, tied with Warspite at the tier. Bayern has okay accuracy with a 1.8 sigma, while New Mexico brings up the rear in that measurement with Fuso at 1.5 sigma. Bayern is 4 knots faster than New Mexico which is a very noticeable difference. Both QE and Bayern get 30s reloads, while New Mexico gets 34.2s reload. Bayern has the faster turrets at 43s/180, versus 49s/180 of the New Mexico, and 56s/180 of the QE. The guns of Bayern can be derpy, but overall it should start teaching you lessons for the rest of the line. Stay with your fellow BB's for the first part of the game, let the enemy get thinned out a bit. Don't snipe, but just keep flinging rounds at good targets.THEN do the German BB push later on.
  7. I think this is just "fixing the glitch" where before it would show that running SE would increase the amount of heal. But it is only based on the regular health of the ship.