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  1. cheereereerios

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    Do you know if affects 9.10 mod usage? Update is chugging along now but this is an interesting approach they have.
  2. cheereereerios

    Is Petropavlovsk immune to Gearing?

    The Navigator mod available is very helpful for knowing the angles and also training your eye.
  3. Have had this happening to me - torps not firing at all on occasion, or just off to who knows where. Incredibly frustrating and gamebreaking. Glad it doesn't happen to some people though, they can tell WG it's fine and no need to fix. /s
  4. cheereereerios

    Beast T8 destroyers.

    Lightning is pretty strong as well. Though I miss having the heal of the higher tier RN DD's (funny that Ognevoi gets a full FIVE consumables at the T8 though...).
  5. Also seeing this, and yes it is aggravating whether as a DD or CV.
  6. I've found the Fiji to be rather peaceful to play. With the Belfast, at least for me, there is the pressure to get up close to the caps to make that key difference early in radaring a red DD. It's also a lot riskier. Whereas Fiji just finds a comfortable range and smokes up, doing pure damage farming without the "hey you in the broken OP ship! Carrrrrry us!!!" pressure.
  7. cheereereerios

    Thoughts on T7 ranked

    Thanks! Also looks like they restored all the old achievements that had disappeared for awhile.
  8. cheereereerios

    Thoughts on T7 ranked

    90 games to Rank 2, another 53 games spent in Rank 2 to finish... edit: so they stopped awarding the Jolly Roger flags some time ago, but now there isn't even the Jolly Roger patch/emblem anymore? Laaaaaame.
  9. cheereereerios

    Thoughts on T7 ranked

    Nice work Ducky. Got to Rank 2 on the kids account at 91 games. At 121 matches and still in R2. Made it to 2.4 four times yesterday and each time someone from -K- was on the red team to annihilate hopes and dreams. edit: I think that long ago Tier 7 ranked season was the first one I put serious effort into, and couldn't quite get over the hump as well. Eventually made it through later on tier 6 and then tier 10 ranked.
  10. cheereereerios

    Regen Assistant causing game to not load

    There's a few of them I think - saw someone say Simple Crew, and I'm now slowly picking through to see which of my mods are the culprit. Frustrating using the freshly updated official modpack and it offers broken mods. Edit: removed Regen Assistant, hitpoint, panel, chat mods, bright commanders, detection timer, and now working with only navigator, direction lights, and smooth waters.
  11. cheereereerios

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    Mods are automatically removed with the patches - I usually run WG Modstation after that, and it updates for each version. It is usually missing any immediately incompatible mods. That being said, it's a mod from Modstation, deleted them and it finally got into the game. It was stopping during the game loading phase prior to logging in. Now to find out what mod is the issue...
  12. cheereereerios

    Some Thoughts on the Great Hosho Nerf

    It impacts them because the torpedo bombers were the best squadron at the tier by far. The rockets on Hosho are garbage and the AP bombs do less damage per salvo, are less survivable, and do no DOT. So...
  13. cheereereerios

    Some Thoughts on the Great Hosho Nerf

    Dropping torp speed impacts the ability to hit DD's. Increasing time to return carrier by half will definitely force out some usage of the other plane types. Regardless of how purple their stats are...
  14. cheereereerios

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    Same here, click to exit and then have to click it again...but the game is still percolating away in the background.
  15. cheereereerios

    RNG - Full Volley versus Single Fire

    Also, I guarantee it is more likely to make most BB drivers lose their sanity, as the unending rain of papercuts lands on their decks. It's amazing how often you can be doing pitiful damage amounts due to HE non-pens but the BB's all nope right out of the battle and pull u-turns.