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  1. We took our kids to DD946 USS Edson (Forrest Sherman class) this summer. Quite enjoyable outing!
  2. Building it out for stealth/tank works well enough even on Bayern. You have several options at each skill level: PT/PM, EM/AR, SI, CE/FP. I would probably go PT, EM, SI, CE to start with 10 points. Then build into FP, AR, and BoS. With that build and running the fire reduction and increased repair signals you get maximum Zombie Bayern effect.
  3. At least twice - I missed it the first time and then snagged it ASAP the second time. Fun ship.
  4. Probably players with the Yamamoto captain - you get red tracers with him I guess. As long as everyone else has Imperial green lasers, it should be fine.
  5. At least 10 pointers are basically a usable captain. Good for assigning to all the random tech tree ships you might save and want to use later on rare occasions.
  6. Seems fine. 9.1km concealment and 9km radar range, 16km+ range, she works fine.
  7. As for the topic, I have to agree. "New Orleans is garbage! Buff!" "Edinburgh is trash waaaah" "T8 cruisers all NEED a heal" etc etc etc A lot of players just want to keep on derping the same way they've been doing so, but just want the damage to magically rack up while being invincible. I mean, yeah, I'd love to magically lose weight and put on some muscle, maybe a nice no-cancer tan on top. But that isn't happening either.
  8. Though in hindsight, I suppose the Gremy is just sharing vintage OP stealth torping Russkie fishes. They all have "RIP stealthfire" inscribed on them.
  9. Or make sure it's a Kamikaze/Kamikaze R/Fujin/Gremy and just try to generously share vintage IJN torpedoes. It's because I'm like Santa Claus, it's not seal clubbing!
  10. No, I pretty much use free-XP (for upgrading stock hulls and such) and elite-XP as fast as they roll in. Sitting on it isn't helping me at all...
  11. No, you're absolutely right, I mean why would anyone complain about the entire gameplay style that a line was balanced for being completely jacked? "B-but, but, the mean Minotaur bounces shells off me repeatedly?! It's so scary! Nerf the smoke!" Hopefully this drives Minotaur all the way down to dead last in T10 cruisers, and they can properly buff it...with HE.
  12. In other words, give every ship high tier German hydro when rushing a RN CL who makes the mistake of shooting.
  13. Put Juliet Charlie on because you know those pretty little ribbons of cloth and splash of paint will get some fun and enraging treatment.
  14. It's because with the lock, your gunners know the aim point is behind the island, without it, they can only shoot where you point (crosshair on the island). You can get around this by using the spotter plane to target an area behind terrain, or perhaps lock onto another ship at the same range but move your targeting point behind the island. Also, it holds onto the targeting range for maybe a second after they wink out, so that can help sometimes (you can kind of tell because the "lock" will still be sliding along with them).
  15. PS it's only sky cancer weekend until you take an AA cruiser out...