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  1. my CV';s

    @WARBEASTY can you unblock your stats though? Want to bask in their awesomeness.
  2. Disappointed no one posted this yet:
  3. Probably depends on who it is, and why either a good memory or MM helps. Option A: it's Pulicat - I'm not in that position because I've stayed on the other side of the map hitting F3 on them and their entire div the whole match. Option B: some random orange - not really worried too much.
  4. Don't have it, but from reading about it and talking to others it sounds like a good jack of all trades - which means the better players won't try to force it into a niche but do whatever is the best use for it at the time. I do know that if I see someone on the red team with one who is either in a top clan and/or I just recognize the name as good, I want nothing to do with them in a Hindy. They will burn and HE you to death, lob some devastating AP salvos at your broadside, show up at close quarters while you're distracted...
  5. Couple things: First, the hypothetical didn't have friendlies of any sort - if they are a concern (vs a late game or isolated on the wrong side of D cap on North) they should be in the initial scenario. Second, the reaction for the red player isn't necessarily to swing the turrets around, a fairly common alternative would be to watch them turn their whole ship. Often even overturning in an effort to get all the guns to bear. Suppose it would be easier to say have an exit plan ahead of time...or just turn around while their turrets are pointing the wrong and assume a stance of dominance the kiting position.
  6. @SuperNikoPower Do you know, or can you find out, it the compressed texture mod will return? It wasn't available this time and it's very handy on a super potato PC when away from home. Thanks! edit: attached some glorious WOWS on NES screenshots. Is glorious running at 3-15 fps, da!
  7. BB: PM/PT depending on mood at the time. EM/AR next, depends on turret traverse, really. SI every time at 3 points. More heal = more time in battle = more time to cause damage. CE for the most part, exception would be a German secondaries build if doing that. Can break detection easier to run off and use that extra heal, blink out between shots, etc. CA/CL: PT, AR, and CE. The 3 point skill really depends on the tier and consumables. Something high tier with a heal I would pick SI, otherwise it would likely be DE. Regular DD: PM, LS, SE, CE Russian ultra light cruiser: PT, LS, AFT. For either style, again the three point skill is the tougher one. SE is often good. SI depending on team play and/or heal availability. DE for flamethrowing gunboats never made anyone but BB drivers cry. TAE for torpedo focused boats can't hurt. So many good options in this skill tier.
  8. anyone else seeing this?

    It's pretty clear that someone forgot to let the Ocean Soul dry on their ship before taking it into a match.
  9. Location: Saskatchewan See, that's why. It's getting colder now and the internet doesn't flow as freely through the tubes up there. You need to add some 10-30G (g for gigabit) winter weight Ethernet cables to your setup. Hope this helps.
  10. We took our kids to DD946 USS Edson (Forrest Sherman class) this summer. Quite enjoyable outing!
  11. Bayern options for 10 pt captain

    Building it out for stealth/tank works well enough even on Bayern. You have several options at each skill level: PT/PM, EM/AR, SI, CE/FP. I would probably go PT, EM, SI, CE to start with 10 points. Then build into FP, AR, and BoS. With that build and running the fire reduction and increased repair signals you get maximum Zombie Bayern effect.
  12. How many times Perth was on sale?

    At least twice - I missed it the first time and then snagged it ASAP the second time. Fun ship.
  13. At least 10 pointers are basically a usable captain. Good for assigning to all the random tech tree ships you might save and want to use later on rare occasions.
  14. NO really needs another buff.

    Seems fine. 9.1km concealment and 9km radar range, 16km+ range, she works fine.
  15. Tier Salt

    As for the topic, I have to agree. "New Orleans is garbage! Buff!" "Edinburgh is trash waaaah" "T8 cruisers all NEED a heal" etc etc etc A lot of players just want to keep on derping the same way they've been doing so, but just want the damage to magically rack up while being invincible. I mean, yeah, I'd love to magically lose weight and put on some muscle, maybe a nice no-cancer tan on top. But that isn't happening either.