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  1. Simers72

    What is the median W/R?

    High Solo win rate in all tiers is what defines a good player. This weeds out the ones who only 3 man div or stat pad at t5.
  2. Controlled aggression when time/score and risk/reward is correctly evaluated is what separates bad to good players. Explaining when and why in a forum post is impossible as every match is different. At the most basic level, often times the first few minutes dictates how strong/weak a flank is. If a flank becomes strong vs the enemy in number and/or type of ships and vision.. this flank should generally be more aggressive. If a flank is weak or outnumbered and less vision, then this flank should be more passive and learn to defend / kite. Bad players incorrectly evaluate a situation or simply don't care about helping their team win. They push on a weak flank or play too passive on a strong flank. Finding the correct balance is the key and is more pronounced in higher tier due to ship capabilities to punish poor decisions. Stating you don't enjoy high tier because of players hiding behind islands is too basic of a statement without context of the battle. Sometimes this is true and is the right play and sometimes this is not the right play.
  3. Simers72

    Des Moines captain skills - Expert Loader

    Expert Loader on DM is a definite yes. If your not using EL than you are missing out on damage. Special captain improves this further. I actually find it odd that you have grinded the legendary mod yet just got to 19 pt captain. Wow.
  4. Simers72

    Update 0.8.11 - Ringing in the New Year!

    that's the whole point. They only want people who are going to pay $250 to have the ship.. or the 5-10 people that play warships everyday just about all day over the next month.
  5. Simers72

    being logged off server after every battle

    Can conur this is happening just about every battle I have played after update.
  6. Simers72

    Main Guns Muted

    what ship are you playing? the massachusetts B?
  7. Why is this still in the game.. 4 days later..? Literally takes 5 minutes to test. Not only do I get to enjoy this sh-itty cv experience.. but then I also get to hear main gun batteries of my friendly massachusetts go off every 30 seconds while flying infinite planes around. Oh and my keybindings no longer stick.. changed aa reinforcement 7 times and saved, never saves. QA team must have been on vacation for this patch.
  8. Simers72

    BB gunfire audio bug

    Can confirm.. 3rd game after downloading the patch and the issue occurred. Massachusetts was in the game, but no where near my ship (playing t61).
  9. Simers72

    Thinking of buying the Kidd...

    I am going to go out on a limb and say the lightning and other royal navy dd's stealth will be adjusted at some point. Right now.. it's disgusting with 5.5. You can easily bully enemy dd's out of the cap without firing a shot.
  10. Simers72

    Ranked Sprint finish

    17 games in both.. didn't matter. The level of play in sprint ranked is just as bad as randoms.
  11. Simers72

    Your outlook on stats?

    Stats generally don't matter because most of the playerbase is somewhere between below or above average. Stats monitor helps you identify the outliers.. the below 30%er and the above 60 %ers. The 30%ers on your team are the people you can't trust and inevitably they prove their uselessness. Generally these are the people you ask why or what they were doing and/or thinking and they tell you they are playing their way. Like the 5k avg damage Lo Yang player I ran into this weekend. I told him to learn the game first before playing high tier.. he said he was learning the game but didnt want to play the little ships.. while hiding behind an island most of the match. The 60%+ers on enemy team you should pay attention to generally speaking. Having said that.. solo win rate is the best individual indicator of skill. For what it's worth.. there was a player who purposely lost a game this weekend because he was annoyed people were telling him to run away to win. I reminded him that it's a team game. Purposely losing hurts 11 players on your team. Also, shima players.. they are generally the worst dd players. Had 3 in a game this weekend. 1 went to the 1 line, 1 went to the 10 line.. both avoiding the caps.. both not scouting, both died in the first 4 minutes being useless. When asked why they were useless.. they replied with we aren't gun boats so what do you expect. Check their stats playing shima.. yes bad. Generally bad play results in checking stats and in almost every occassion, the stats correlate. The terrabad play for fun crowd should remind themselves that while you are having fun suiciding you are in many cases making that match potentially less fun for your teammates who have to fight an uphill battle, and in a loss receive less rewards for their time.
  12. Simers72

    A fork in the road. Any advice?

    Wouldn't suggest just going up 1 line the whole way.. this leads to poor gameplay as you will not be familiar with the ships you are facing. I would instead suggest grinding up multiple lines at the same time, including different classes. Out of these 2 though, would suggest the gun boat line first probably.. its probably the easier type of playstyle to learn and also have a positive impact on your team. There is enough useless shima players out there already.
  13. 17 13-4.. kept star in each loss 4-0 divisioned. 9-4 solo. 11-3 in Nicholas 2-1 in Okt Rev