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  1. InventedThought

    Bonus Code 04 Oct 2018

  2. InventedThought

    Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Where is me Rum... Why is the Rum always gone AAARRRRGGGGHHH.
  3. InventedThought

    Fabulous Friday - The Coolest Camouflage

    The Permanent Atago in blue.
  4. InventedThought

    (another) Carrier Rework Video - Make AA Great Again!

    Nice video and commentary. It looks FUN, and that is what will get me to play carriers. Hopefully that is the impact it will have. The breaking of the NDA is a shame however
  5. InventedThought

    CV Rework Feedback

    Probably will get me to play carriers more. Looks like it is a lot of fun and when all sorted out will be a fine addition. YAY!!!!!!!
  6. InventedThought

    Thanks Captains

    Good luck. went to play a couple matches after that, bottom tier every time :( that must be how they get you to make the jump from t8 to the IX and X.
  7. InventedThought

    Thanks Captains

    Just a shout out thank you to all that were (unlucky) enough to have me on their teams this ranked season for helping me to get my commemorative and second league flags. Glad I don't have any X's (good thing cause I am not to interested in going past 8s cause I am a bad POTATO) Good luck to you all in your rank out journey. Again thanks.
  8. InventedThought


    I have this same problem probably worse. I have watched video after video by youtuber after twitcher. I read and look on the forums article after article. Yea I stink at the game. So what. Insulting and down grading your self is unhealthy. There is no possible way that you can single handedly lose a game NO WAY. Besides what would all the better players have to shoot at... each other then half of them would be bad. I try not to get bogged down in the stats (I do any way though). Point is that because one is not good at something does not make them stupid. Remember if there were no targets everyone would miss. Chin up man play and have fun.
  9. InventedThought

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    The useful for the ship type information was cool on both the signals and the Captain skill tree. Maybe make the do not use symbol red or something.
  10. InventedThought

    Why are the best BBs T8 and below premium?

    Did I miss something. You 're posts text and the subsequent evidence are not even the same ship. Any ship can have a decent match (except the ones I operate) whether it be TT or Prem. Like some one earlier posted in the thread you are buying increased rewards not ship performance. I personally like the bonus 100% xp from the Anshan.
  11. InventedThought

    PT premium reward on the live server.

    thanks iduckman, I should have done more research before I started a new topic.
  12. InventedThought

    PT premium reward on the live server.

    three words... I'm just terrible.
  13. InventedThought

    PT premium reward on the live server.

    Thanks BrushWolf it doesn't explain only having 12 hours of premium though ( I do know that it is rewarded later though). oh well it got me to get 30 more days anyhow.
  14. So was playing the PT last night when I got the 1 day of premium time on the live server thought cool I can use that and signed off for the night. It went into effect immediately so I missed out on 12 hours of it. I thought that the PT rewards were credited after the launch of the update. still it was free stuff just to play thanks WG. +1