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  1. Hey all! It took me almost two months, but I have finally finished uploading every game I cast of EU and NA King of the Sea to Youtube! Here is the overall playlist: Link for those who need it And here are the links to the NA Finals! Game 1 NA Finals Game 2 NA Finals Game 3 NA Finals Game 4 NA Finals Hope you enjoy!
  2. MiniHannibal65

    Who have you seen in game

    Hey! I thought you played that as well as you could, your team just gave you no support to push in and your gearing wasn't capping for some reason! Hope we are on the same team soon!
  3. Week 2 of NA King of the Sea starts! Today I'll be (tentatively) casting! 3:00 RNDMS vs VAH 3:30 NGA vs BONKY 3:55 - NOCAP vs RBMK 4:15 - DOWN vs -K- 4:35 HOPAS vs NOKAP 4:55 - TSIOF vs AAA 5:10 - GGWP vs OGF 5:35 - 386LV vs AND3S" (All times in EDT) Giveaways, drops and more! Come hang out! Link to Twitch
  4. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    Thanks for all you guys do!
  5. MiniHannibal65

    Who have you seen in game

    Was a fun game, just didnt have a team that could win it. Oh well, it happens sometimes!
  6. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    I'm looking for exact time but its on the fast side, slower then Germans, but faster then US and IJN Carriers.
  7. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    Well as a CC, I hope so to!
  8. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    It comes out tomorrow, as much as we meme WG, they would absolutely hose their relationship with CCs if a ship we reviewed was changed less than 24 hours before it's available in the armory
  9. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    Well. Official final version for release. I obviously can't guarantee that WG won't consider nerfs in the future.
  10. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    Nope! It's out tomorrow. This is the official final version!
  11. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    I don't know off the top of my head what full range is, but base is 5 KM according to the wiki.
  12. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    I wouldn't recommend that. It's secondaries are decent, but it's really a waste with this ship
  13. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    It's ridiculous and I love it.
  14. MiniHannibal65

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    Hey guys! A day late due to work but here's my review for the Malta as well as the build I use. Malta will be available from tomorrow through the 28th for 34950 doubloons, and then from the 28th on for 268000 coal. Don't forget to like and subscribe! I'm also always happy to answer questions! Malta Review Malta Build
  15. MiniHannibal65

    King of the Sea XIV: NA Qualifiers

    Sorry for the very late response, but yes! I will be back next weekend with more games from NA (and possibly EU!)