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  1. PepperMill

    80% doubloon discount on commander training

    Yes as commented above, this refers to recruiting a new 3 point Commander and the discounted cost is 5 Doubloons. No discounts on re-spec'ing a Commander
  2. There are discounts this weekend. Two of them make perfect sense to me. I don't know how to train a commander using Doubloons. Would someone explain please? Thanks During the weekend of October 5 to October 8, you will be able to use special discounts in the game client! –50% to the cost of a place in the Reserve in Doubloons –80% to the cost of commander training in Doubloons –50% to the cost of commander retraining in Doubloons
  3. PepperMill

    Server Overloaded???

    NA server 1500 users. same problem
  4. PepperMill

    Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Thanks for the review. They're always the measure of quality. Hope you are enjoying the great outdoors. On the Durability part of the review. For HP the T-61 is 3rd from the top and right at the top of the second tier. Yet you give it a Fair rating. Is that because it's being measured against the durability of all tier VI ships of all types not just DDs?