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  1. Tieberion

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Hi all, gonna sound naive here, been out of game about a year and a half with some nasty cancer, What did they do to my beloved Missouri? Did they change the base one we got years ago, and is just another T9 Iowa with a name, or us there a new version out? Thanks to anyone who can help me with a TL;DR
  2. From what I saw, at least 7 for sure, but that's up to Wargaming to investigate.
  3. Tieberion

    Sell me midway

    Yeah Midway is one that needs another look this year. At tier 10 she should be difficult, yet fun and rewarding to play. Currently she loses planes too fast do to the immense amount of introduced tier 9/10 ships with heavy anti air.
  4. Tieberion

    CV's suck so bad now

    The one thing I'd like to see changed do to all the new Cruisers and DDs with heavy anti air is a larger spacing of the flak clouds, as they stand now even tiers 8-10 you can lose your whole squad through a second of lag or a loss of speed, etc. Other than that it's getting used to the new system.
  5. Tieberion

    USS Missouri - Most people's favorite battleship

    Would love to see New Jersey and Wisconsin worked in, having a mix of Mass secondaries and???
  6. Tieberion

    Georgia just an inferior MASS?

    GA is one of the few BBs a DD with 10km or less torpedo range will really, really think twice about going after. She's also excellent if she hits anything broadside, and she can do this while staying head on as the 18" forward guns can keep her from giving her broadside when played strategically.
  7. Tieberion

    Alaska in premium shop now.

    Time to have a limited run of MissourI in the Premium Shop.
  8. Tieberion

    This is not fun anymore

    I noticed that this weekend for the first time. There were no close matches, it was a slaughter either 1 side or the other.
  9. Tieberion

    How many is your losing streak?

    Only had time for 2 today, so added to 12 from yesterday including loss from the jaws of victory, I'm down 14 in a row right now. Hopefully tommorrow will change that.
  10. The rework was to help put the CV back in the field, and even it out with most other ships. Say 60k in a bad game to 120k in one of your better games.
  11. Tieberion

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Overpen Overpen Overpen Penetration Overpen.......
  12. Tieberion

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    After testing it, I agree slightly with OP, the CV nerf/AA buff has swung the pendulum way to far in favor of the AA, so hopefully WG will look at these numbers and dial it back some.
  13. Tieberion

    Matchmaking - was this a fair match?

    Wow, the opposing team really took ownership of the air, so that gave them a huge advantage.